6 months ago Get PDF Plans . Now that the deck … Deck wood is pressure treated, but you'd likely need to buy some water-proofer or deck stain or something. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". Take the guess work out of purchasing the materials to build a deck and save time and money. Square designs are the most common floating deck shape, and they lend themselves well to a variety of spaces. Thanks for reading. We can't keep any wooden patio furniture outside. For best results, refer to our wood and composite deck … Treated vs. untreated, or something.) on Step 1, Why would you use one size over the other? All information is provided "AS IS." My concern is the opportunity for frost heaving the deck blocks over time. I will probably use more bricks and boards for the inside frame to support a 2,500 pound hot tub. Hi I am going back and forth between building a deck or a patio. Using the level string line, cut the vertical supports to the same even level. Going to build a deck with a patio door entry from the living room. Spray or roll on a good seasonal wood finish. My stepfather needed a deck at his duplex that wasn't permanent, and was relatively cheap. our backyard has a slope and this seems easier than trying to level the ground where we do not plan to permanently reside. dycr107_deck_level-check. Deck Beams and Post Spacing – How to Determine Deck Framing Lumber Sizes. I am tearing it u... Half Hexagon Steps for deck--instructions or step by step?? near Gulf of Mexico) and there's a lot of rainfall. Curious how it turned out! These were good starters, but hardly instructable to be honest. Note: The following post is by no means the only way to build a deck… If the deck is high enough to walk under, it also increases the open space beneath the deck … Every backyard deserves a proper deck and when you’re ready to build one, Mr. Handyman can help. We built a floating deck! A reliable, roofing approved waterproof membrane may be the most essential component to extend the lifetime performance for flat roof deck assemblies designed as floating … on Introduction, Could something like this be built to place an above ground pool on? Floating decks are also called ground-level decks because they typically hug the ground. We wanted to keep the design simple and clean, so with the help of our friends over at Kreg Tool Company, we used the deck jig and let the wood do all the talking. … Instead of having to dig out footings and attach the deck directly to the home, you can easily install a beautiful deck that is separate from the main structure. If your deck … Build a Floating Deck: Here is how I built a deck in my backyard.It's a "floating deck," which means it simply rests on blocks at ground level, and is not anchored deeply in the ground. I'm going to make it 8 foot x 8 foot like the specs. Copyright© Depending on how high your deck is off th… Place other supports at least every six feet, making sure that the location of the uprights will not conflict with the frame and its support stringers. I am a first timer making decks. Initially, I thought about building this floating deck all by myself, but after looking at all the lumber in our front yard, I knew that handling those 2 x 10 x 16’s and 4 x 4 x 8’s was way more than what my petite 5 … Seems very efficient on time and money.. 2 years ago on Step 2. To avoid this we decided a floating deck would be the best option. Most floating decks require a vertical support every six feet in length, and one on each corner. Floating … You will need to figure out the design of your floating deck before you can start building it. The Titan Deck Foot Anchor is a fast and easy solution for supporting any light weight structure that is floating or free standing from a house.You just screw the auger portion into the ground using a lightweight hand-held impact wrench and never experience any kick back. Since it doesn't need … on Introduction. That's about it, it works well, and is quick and fairly inexpensive. I am likely going to do something similar, not sure if i'm going to stick with 2x4's tho unless they are really cheap. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. A ground-level floating deck (or detached deck) is a great way to add entertaining space to your backyard. I just bought a house within the past year and wanting to do a 12x12 foot "ground level" deck in the back yard away from the house. Because the deck is floating at ground level, the rim joists and outside joists will hide the concrete piers so they don't show at all. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. The most common and simple designs are obviously rectangles with dimensions customized to suit the space. All these joists will be made from 2 x 6 pressure-treated … I can't build stuff but I could get some lawn guy types around here, who come cheaper than real carpenters, to build one. It's held up just fine. You will need to figure out the design of your floating deckbefore you can start building it. Lastly, decide how you're likely to hold the deck away from the floor. Garden Floating Deck. I want to try this today! This is exactly the deck I want to build. Built 8x8' Floating Dock in Barn - Now Need to Transport It to Site! Thanks for the tutorial, I will take photos tomorrow, it's too dark now. If you're building a square deck… All rights reserved. Show the dimensions of the outside edges of the level(s). Obviously, the more complicated you make your structure, the more experience you will have to have to build it. If the deck boards are close to the same price, I'd go with those. Do not use drywall screws. Lay the frame onto the area where you want the deck to go, put the pre-cast supports down at the four corners, and then mark them. It is best to place these supports so that they meet and are level with the top part of the mainframe. home improvement and repair website. Then, go to each of the other three corners, checking the level at each post prior to screwing the frame to the upright. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Set the four corners for the deck. Pretty basic, a square frame with 2x6s, this one is 8x8. You can then top the uprights with more 2x6 material. Simple Floating Deck: My stepfather needed a deck at his duplex that wasn't permanent, and was relatively cheap. Follow this step if you want to have a railing. Build the main deck frame by using the 2x6 lumber for the outside, and 2x4 lumber for the interior supports. I put this together in a couple of hours for about a hundred dollars. Floating Deck Plan. Corner Floating Deck. Use something to space the boards evenly, I used the flat end of a carpenters pencil. This is designed to work as a ground level deck, that is why the frame is built from 2x4s. Built it to my specifications and a lot stronger then TimBTodd did since a hot tub is going on top. We’re happy to announce our deck material calculator to help you build your next deck. Both tutorials on floating decks are quite short and uninformative for the first timer. We welcome your comments and 1 year ago. You may freely link Pressure-treated lumber is the least expensive and most durable option for the deck frame and decking boards. Reply the size of the pool is 16x48, 10 years ago 5 years ago 8' x 8' complete deck kit - railing and decking - Great Railing provides Quality Decking & Fencing plus a whole lot more. Everything other thing I've read seems to make it super complicated by digging to level, etc. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper coating and drying time. Share it with us! The plans seemed straight forward to me. Reply Floating or pedestal roof deck assemblies can be an ideal low-maintenance deck surface on high traffic areas when properly installed. Set and Level Four Corners of Blocking. Materials may need to be … If you are going to have a railing, you may need to make cut-outs in the decking to allow the uprights to be higher than the deck itself. This deck is sturdy, easy to build and you can get the job done with a small budget. The Hot Tub is 34"H x 78" W x 78" D. The Hot Tub weighs 425 pounds empty and with 242 Gallons of water it will weight 2,500 pounds. DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Obviously, the more complicated you make your structure, the more experience you will have to have to build it. This type of deck can … I put this together in a couple of hours for about a hundred dollars. This way, the deck would be nice and square and the back edge would be perfectly straight. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. Building a Deck Just Got Easier. Hey Tim, so now that its been about a year, how is this thing holding up? Tips for Building a Floating Deck . Im building a 12'×20' floating deck on deck blocks. The upright 4x4 lumber should fit just barely inside the perimeter of the mainframe. Did you ever post a picture of this? (I forgot what they call that kind of wood. 8x8 deck with benches Treated lumber and screws plus 10 metal brackets to hold up bench came out to about $180 4 years ago. When making the frame does any wood need to be in the center or just the four corners ? Note the width of stairs or ramps and determine the locations of railings and handrails. It should just make sure you use treated lumber and that it is rated for ground touch. 3 years ago. I built this today-after working all day and making dinner! 7 months ago. 8x8 Floating Deck Plans - Should you design your deck properly, it may develop into the center of your family and entertaining life when the weather is nice. Tucked into the corner of a yard, this light colored deck meshes with the fence design well. i'd like to put in a small 10'x10' de... Hello! I used flat garden stones under each corner to make it level. There are many ways to build a deck. 16' x 16' deck is shown; AC2® #2 and better pine green pressure treated decking; It is recommended to consult with your local building official prior to purchasing any material list. Caitlin Ketcham of the blog Desert Domicile included a beautiful floating deck … Here's a free plan for a floating deck from Rogue Engineer. on Step 1. On a large deck, using the 4-by-12 beam will save you the labor and cost of pouring additional footings and installing additional posts. Build An Above-Ground Pool Deck Step-By-Step. Also you can add braces between the runners that will add support. The 8 x 8′ Wood Floating Dock Kit includes: 6 – 2×4′ x 12″ dock floats; 6 Angles; 4 Inside Corners; 92 SS Lag Bolt w/washer sets; Material List for all lumber required by customer (to be purchased by customer locally) and Instructions & Diagrams. In typical deck construction, with a ledger on one side of the joist and beam on the other, the size of the joists is driven by the size of the deck and based on the general maximum spans mentioned above. I have an existing 30x15ft deck off the back of my house. Attach the uprights to the pre-cast, level pylons using lag bolts or deck screws. It is a good idea to put down the measured plans on paper and take that paper with you when you go to purchase your materials. A ground-level deck, sometimes referred to as a floating deck or platform deck, is so-called because, unlike conventional decks, a ground-level deck is not attached to a home or building. Reply suggestions. Has anyone experienced this issue? Now you can lower the frame over the uprights. Often, the posts supporting them are not visible, … Trying to build a deck so there is only one step down to ground level. Did you use a nail gun?Thanks, Question How much space do you give between each board on top? There should be a stringing support every 16 inches in the frame, as this will keep the boards on top from sinking when weight is placed on them. Install the decking itself by cutting and screwing the 2x6 lumber on top of the frame, both to the stringers and the mainframe deck screws. Question: Is the wood treated for rot-proofing? Depending on how high your deck is off the ground, local building codes might require both. For just a simple square 12x12 foot deck, would it be okay to build it the way you do? Thank you for reading our article about how to build a simple 8×8 deck … If you hit an obstacle like a rock, you can easily reverse the deck … Use 16d nails, deck screws, or bolts. is it still holding up? You may need to dig out some of the placements to make sure that the frame will sit level when you are finished. View our Privacy Policy here. Most pre-cast footings have a metal bracket made for the 4x4 lumber built into them. Wow! Reply Start with the shortest vertical support, and mark off the others to the desired height. 5 months ago Will this deck hold a 2,500 pound Hot Tub? GreatRailing@hotmail.com Phone: 856-875-0050 I cannot find anything consistent online on how to place deck blocks for a ... my back door is about 8" above grade. This sleek and subtle floating deck … If you are renting or plan to add to your existing structure, a floating deck may be the solution to creating a non-permanent backyard space. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be on Introduction. 2. Hi folks, I might get the prize for stupidity on this one, but rather than construct my 8x8' floating dock on site, I elected to build … While a floating deck might be next to a building, it may also be a standalone structure in the middle of your yard. Reply Wood's not rotten. We did this for the front end of the deck as well. An 8-by-10-foot deck can be a great place to relax, grill and entertain in your back yard, without having your guests walk all over your lawn. It measures about 14 feet x 16 feet. He's ready to start bui... Wood Work Bench: Which Type of Wood to Use? Decide if you want to have a railing around the deck or steps. We used 2x4s to cover it just because they were cheaper, but generally one would use 5/4 x 6s. The easiest way to check the even height of the pylons is to use a string level. Pretty basic, a square frame with 2x6s, this one is 8x8… I live on the 3rd coast (i.e. Looks easy to build to me. How to Solve an Uneven Surface Deck Installation. My wife and I are looking at options for a ground level (floating) deck. My husband just finished our 12'x36' deck and roof. 3. My husband brought the supplies home (I preordered from Home Depot, he just had to pick up my order) and I used corner braces and 2x4s for the frame as it is right up against the patio doors so 2x6s would have made it higher than the door frame. Also, consider purchasing lumber that has been sealed or treated to prevent warping over time. For a modest upgrade, you can opt for Southern yellow pine … Did you make this project? and how will it withstand rain generally--would you use deck-stain on it? Holy moly, you guys. Most floating decks require a vertical support every six feet in length, and one on each corner. A floating deck, or freestanding deck, can add visual appeal to your backyard as well as increasing the space available for outdoor dining, entertaining or just relaxing outside. Website operating 10 years ago If you have a little experience with a hammer, saw and drill, building a deck … Decide if you want to have a railing around the deck or steps. The most common and simple designs are obviously rectangles with dimensions customized to suit the space. Does instructables only allow a few steps? Super proud of myself, it went together very easily. Attach it to the first pylon with screws. Indicate the height from the ground to the top of the finished deck floor.