A Map  |  Honestly, all the trails in Cradle Mountain National Park are very well marked so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way, but in case of bad weather where you’re counting down the kilometres until you’re back under shelter, all the trails mentioned in this post are also marked on Maps.Me. The Enchanted Walk meanders through clumps of buttongrass and bearded trees, where cascades gurgle gently between the undergrowth and a lick layer of spongey moss blankets the forest floor. All Please remember, the estimated number of Calories is just a guide and the actual number of Calories burned may vary depending on other factors such as weather and terrain. Mountain weather is very unpredictable and can change very quickly Throughout The day. Unfortunately, wild weather meant this wasn’t on the cards for us, but the views are undoubtedly spectacular. With two full days of hiking and highly variable weather (read: wild winds, torrential rain, thick fogs, sunshine and blue skies), this was how we chose to spend our time. Cradle Mountain is located in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania. Legend Animal Spotting. Not registered? I mean, there are worse ways to end the day, right, Travel doesn’t always have to be about the big e, Sunsets in Komodo National Park are something of a, For the love of tea! Check rates and availability here and here. Cradle Mountain in Tasmania's World Heritage Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, features Craggy Peaks, Wilderness Walks, Luxury Accommodation "Cradle Mountain is a unique experience". From Sheffield, take the C136 and C132 to the park entrance. I’m in the very early stages of over-planning my 2021 Tasmania trip, and I have struggled to find any other resources as thorough and helpful as your site. Below you can find a list of the other walks in Cradle Mountain, together with … *, Distance: 1.2 km   |   Time: 30 minutes   |   Start: Interpretation Centre. When taking long walks in exposed areas, always be sure to register with the Visitors Centre. Walk Itinerary; Day One Waldheim to Barn Bluff Hut Walk through ancient rainforest, enjoy spectacular views of Cradle Mountain, walk along the edge of a spectacular glacial cirque, and drop into Waterfall Valley before arriving at Barn Bluff. A day walk that takes in Cradle Mountain can be found at the northern end of the majestic Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Importantly on this 5-day journey, we remain immersed in the quiet wilderness as the accommodations are located right on the edge of these majestic parks. A lap around Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain on the classic day walk, Dove Lake Circut. Whether you plan to walk through magnificent Lake St Clair, Cradle Mountain, the Freycinet National Park or South East Coast of Tasmania, we have many walks … It is 1.5 hours drive from Devonport and 2.5 hours drive from Launceston via Sheffield. Blustery winds, persistent rain and a low, unwavering fog meant we weren’t able to enjoy the views we knew were there, but through the gloom we could just make out the shimmering forms of the many lakes scattered amongst the valleys below. OVERVIEW OVERVIEW Walk into Luxury in Tasmania’s Wilderness. Track Notes. Cradle Mountain Day Walks Map. Warm Clothing  |  Even in mid-summer, temperatures can plummet to nearly zero degrees so it’s best to come with a few warm layers just in case. Discovery Parks  | This Australia-wide chain of holiday parks is the only ‘budget-friendly’ option in the area, offering powered and unpowered campsites, dormitories and basic cottages for larger groups. But be warned, it gets incredibly windy up here and can become quickly shrouded in low cloud if the weather decides to turn. Expert guides take the lead across this At their longest, these walks combine to form a 4.7km figure-of-eight loop. With the stark chiselled twin peaks rising up sharply overhead and the glimmering surface of Dove Lake stretching out below your feet, it’s a great place to sit and take it all in. Facilities include a shared guest kitchen, barbeque and laundry. This luxury property boasts spacious rooms each with a fireplace, a buffet breakfast, comprehensive spa and top-notch in-house restaurant. Check rates and availability here. A four-day, fully guided walk starting at Waldheim in Cradle Valley, walking south along the Overland Track, then west along the Innes Track to Arm River, near Lake Rowallan - all located within Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and Tasmania's World Heritage Area. Winding through the remote and pristine wilderness of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, this bucket-list-worthy trek is one of Australia’s great adventures and something that should not be taken lightly. A beanie, gloves and scarf are also a good idea at this time of year. Please be careful to observe all signs for rights of way when following other people's routes, as we cannot guarantee that they do not cross private or hazardous land. Our photos are definitely not in the same ball park as yours… All we could see was white haha. Cradle Mountain is arguably the jewel in Tasmania’s crown, attracting tens of thousands of visitors a year to this park to marvel at its beauty, and constantly changing landscape. Of course, I can’t talk about hiking in Cradle Mountain National Park without mentioning the famous Overland Track. Distance: 65 km   |   Time: 6 days   |   Start: Ronny’s Creek. Cradle Mountain National Park is a veritable hiking paradise, whether you’re after a short afternoon stroll or a challenging all day adventure. What a wonderful comment to wake up to! function() { Please reload CAPTCHA. I can’t wait to make it back to climb the peak for myself. On a clear day, the views must be truly fantastic. You’ll find a handful of lovely but fairly pricy mountain lodges set near the park entrance, as well as a holiday park for the more budget-conscious travellers. Over 6 days, the rare beauty and diversity of Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park is yours to discover. So declared Gustav Weindorfer from the summit of Cradle Mountain in 1910. This is no different at Cradle Mountain. Cradle Mountain Lodge is set on the northern edge of the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park in the pristine north western wilderness of Tasmania. Climbing Cradle Mountain will give you a huge sense of personal satisfaction while also questioning the art of decision making. })(120000); Time limit is exhausted. sightseers flock to the area year-round to undertake multiple-day treks that wind their way through the mountain’s peaks and valleys If you are lucky you might even spot a Wombat on your Walk, or a Platypus on the Cradle … }, Beaneath a light dusting of glimmering raindrops, this forest boardwalk was like stepping into a fairytale. We have lots of detailed guides to help you get the most out of plotaroute.com. Many of the hikes on this list will only take up about half a day or less, but if you’re really keen to explore, you can certainly combine a few for a full day of wandering through Cradle Mountain’s stunning landscapes, or simply stick to one walk and use the extra time to kick back and relax. If you’re feeling adventurous (which you really should be!) Cradle Mountain walk A guided 3 day Pack Free walk. There is some lovely scenery in Cradle Valley that doesn’t require a trip to Cradle Mountain. It’s short enough that you can comfortably complete it if you’re just visiting on a day trip, it takes you all the way around the lake offering up a perfect backdrop of Cradle Mountain and wonderful views over the surrounding countryside, it can be done as a lazy afternoon stroll for those who arrive later in the day and it offers the optional detour up to Marion’s Lookout for those after epic views and a bit more of a challenge. Start this easy walk by crossing the road from the car park and walking through a patch of open heathland then descending into rainforest to a track junction beside Pencil Pine River. Cradle Mountain was my favourite place in Tasmania, despite the at times dreary weather, and these were my absolute favourite walks in Cradle Mountain. It’s a short walk but there is perhaps no more perfect name imaginable for this place. Along with the Enchanted Walk, it’s also listed among Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks. Great post. setTimeout( Hanson’s Peak can also be done as a short one-way hike (45 minutes each way) to enjoy the view, or you can complete this full circuit with the option to tackle the Cradle Mountain summit or Marion’s Lookout along the way. Few places in the world offer such pristine scenery and diverse hiking options. Just be sure to glance back every now and again to take in the views of Cradle Mountain as you move further from the lake. We then combine this with your weight and the estimated duration of the activity, taking into account the length of the route and the hills involved, to estimate the total Calories burned. My Absolute Favourite Walks In Cradle Mountain National Park, 10 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING CRADLE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, THE PERFECT 10-DAY TASMANIA ROAD TRIP ITINERARY, HIKING MT AMOS FOR THE BEST VIEWS IN FREYCINET NATIONAL PARK. Scale 250m 500m. Despite the chilly outside temperatures, it was incredibly cosy indoors with a lounge area to relax after a day of hiking and a small kitchenette. This route can be downloaded in the following formats (click to download): Whole walk takes about 6 hrs. timeout * This post includes affiliate links and any purchases made through these links will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. 1000m This map is provided for free by cradlemountain.net . Cradle Mountain Platypus have been sighted here Beautiful alpine tarns. Absolutely love how in depth you have gone into these trails and as a stand out we loved looking at your photos! 6 day guided Overland Track walk with private huts. For more information, check here. Thanks for your kind words guys! Be sure to keep an eye on the weather, wear proper footwear and turn back if things begin to get dicey. Hanson’s Peak – Face Track – Horse Track – Ronny’s Creek – shuttle to accommodation for lunch – Dove Canyon Walk. There are three short walks at Lake St Clair. Well worth the effort. A spectacularly beautiful area in the heart of the island which is ideal for bushwalking. Time limit is exhausted. Dove Lake Circuit in a clockwise direction – Marion’s Lookout – Ronny’s Creek via Crater Falls – Cradle Valley Boardwalk – Rainforest Walk. The World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is a paradise for photographers, wildlife and outdoors enthusiasts, but, most of all, it’s a haven for walkers. Roughly 2 hours walk One Way from the Interpretations Centre/Ranger Station to Ronny Creek, and an extra hour to Dove Lake. The Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair National Park is home to the famous Overland Track, a multi-day challenging walk that takes walkers app. Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. The best way to appreciate the World Heritage Listed environment at Cradle Mountain is by taking a scenic walk. Distance: 6 km   |   Time: 2 to 3 hours   |   Start: Ronny’s Creek, Interpretation Centre or Snake Hill for halfway. Longer walks are available inside the National Park. Thank you for your quality content! In spring, autumn and most certainly winter, be prepared with even more layers to keep you warm. It’s best to start at the Interpretation Centre which will mean virtually the entire walk is downhill, but it’s just as beautiful when done in the other direction. A thin, cosy merino wool base layer is a good idea (like this one) topped with a fleece or puffer jacket and a weatherproof jacket over the top. Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village  |  We stayed in an amazing self-catering cabin at this property with a balcony looking straight out across the eucalypts. Along with waterproof footwear, a decent rain jacket will definitely come in handy. A walk to suit all age groups. Other Cradle Mountain walks: As our weather was really inconsistent, we only completed the Enchanted and Dove Lake Circuit walks (two of the best Cradle Mountain walks). The shortest is 2.4 km return and this can be extended by combining it with either one or two additional walks. Cradle Mountain Hotel  |  The remaining hotel in the area is set a short way further from the park with modern rooms overlooking the landscapes. Check rates and availability here. Your email address will not be published. During our visit we decided to tackle the Cradle Mountain Summit hike which is one of the nicest … Register for free. We had hoped to reach the summit on this day but given the weather, this was completely out of the question. In fact, it’s far too easy to lose hours moseying from one spectacular boardwalk to the next, tracing the curves of this pristine bushland, clambering up to jaw-dropping viewpoints and wandering between ancient forests and blushing meadows where Australian fauna are abundant and a touch of magic hangs in the air. The Shuttle bus Itinerary includes regular stops at Snake Hill and Ronny Creek which can shorten walking time if required. Distance: 10 km (one way)   |   Time: 3 hours   |   Start: Dove Lake. Bookings are essential. The notes on the reverse side introduce visitors to the vegetation, land forms, animals, history of … No need To say That good hiking shoes are an absolute must, also for children are closed walking shoes recommended at all Times. We just made it down from Cradle summit after 5 hours in the rain, luckily we didn’t slip as the rocks were quite moist and difficult to scramble over. The park has many attractions such as wildlife spotting, lots of walks and hikes, helicopter rides, fishing, mountain biking and more. Discover the rare beauty of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St … Cradle is the starting point for the world-famous Overland Track, along with a variety of fantastic day and half-day walks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cradle Mountain Huts Signature Walk Join us on the iconic Overland Track, retreating each evening to the only private accommodation along the trail. It is now one of Australia's most famous national parks, protecting a grand glaciated landscape and the … To combine this hike with the Dove Lake Circuit, best is to head left from the Dove Lake Carpark and travel clockwise almost the whole way around the lake before taking the steep rocky scramble directly to the lookout, or for the much shorter version follow the trail anti-clockwise around Dove Lake and take the same trail up. if ( notice ) This sleepy fis, Want to hear tales from far flung corners of the globe, enjoy stunning photography or receive the best travel inspiration straight to your inbox?Â, The Perfect 10-Day Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary, Hiking Mt Amos For The Best Views Over Freycinet National Park, 10 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Cradle Mountain National Park. Please Sign In to leave a comment. Proper Shoes  |  Cradle Mountain’s network of amazingly well-maintained boardwalks and bush trails means solid hiking boots are not strictly necessary depending on which trails you choose to do. It’s the big one – the rocky, vertigo-inducing scramble to the Cradle Mountain Summit. If you’re heading out for a hike, always apply sunscreen of at least 30SPF, even if it’s cloudy, and be sure to reapply throughout the day.  A hat, sunglasses and t-shirt or long sleeves are also a good idea. Start/Finish: Opposite Cradle Mountain Lodge shop. The Rainforest Walk is an easy 10-minute trail that leads to a viewpoint overlooking Pencil Pine Falls and is a nice addition to the Cradle Valley Boardwalk from the Interpretation Centre. As far as Cradle Mountain walks go, the Dove Lake Circuit is considered the thing to do.