This way it will be easy for a blind person to relate certain materials or feelings to a color. As with any other thread, please be respectful to other users and note that ableism is not tolerated in r/AskReddit.. How to describe the ocean to a blind person? That revenue could help offset the cost of audio description, which she says is about $1,500 per broadcast hour. “We deserve access to the full scope of what’s available to everyone else,” Rae says. And he is particularly pleased Ryerson will also be teaching audio description for sensitive material. Here are my tips for how to describe flowers for the blind and visually impaired, whether they are flowers in the garden, at the store, or floral patterns on clothing. “But I was determined to find out where I could take some courses and learn more about it.”. While I would likely use warmth as a way to describe the colour yellow to provide an emotional link; the concept of colour is fairly simple to explain to a blind person … Legally Blind: A person may be able to see large objects and people, but they are out of focus. He is frequently asked how blind people see and imagine their immediate surroundings and the world in general and how sighted people should describe visual impressions to them. Someone on Twitter recently pondered the question of how would one would describe colors to a blind person and after a bit of digging, found some interesting descriptions shared by a woman named Ashley. :[��V���lD*�K,�����C��'w �]�;lC����o�㕫d�T3�+MgwE�5�Z�:I ?=���Ջ������5��ˑKW�"��ӏ�di�M����#W/�+_� Some guidelines for describing images for visually impaired people. Yeah, some yahoo actually said that to me. But I would need a picture for that, and you won't be able to see it. Fels is also involved in developing international standards for audio description and is helping the Americans design a certification process for which Ryerson students will be trained. Erich Schmid is an art historian who is completely blind since birth. Yellow is buttery and rich, like sunshine on your face. Many people assume that blind people have other medical conditions, this may be so but is not always the case. In some movies it’s an integral part and that’s where we definitely lose out. I thought I might share and see if anybody else could come up with some good examples for other colors. In other cases, color acuity may be lost or all vision is hazy. Genre describing fireworks. Rae says the blind and those with low vision are anxious for McKenzie and others to learn the skill so they can get more access to films, television and theatre. A blind person cannot see, but he can hear, smell, taste, touch and feel emotions. All Here is one: Red - The feeling of heat from the sun. How do you describe a sunset, or fireworks to someone who is blind? He hopes graduates will help spread the word. Although this is Ryerson’s first education program in audio description and closed captioning, the university has been conducting research on inclusive media and design since 2006, led by Deborah Fels, who holds a PhD in Human Factors Engineering. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. We have five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. YouTube video clip of student James McKenzie practising audio description on “Sintel” an animated short video from the Netherlands by director Colin Levy. We find that good descriptions are quite long, sometimes between 50 and 100 words. Don’t be offended if a blind or visually impaired person doesn’t accept your help. The sighted person uses their hands and fingers to trace the fireworks on the blind person’s back, using the waist as the barge, the shoulders as mid-sky and the head for “really high-up sky.” Using fingers lets them express things such as the firework’s trajectory and speed, pattern and movement. Blind does not mean that they cannot do anything, nor does it mean that they have lower-than-average common sense. Real-time closed captioning, which has been mandatory for all Canadian broadcast material since 2007, is also part of the Ryerson program. I would describe red as the sun=hot orange=fruit, smell would be strong to them yellow=a lemon. Audio description for broadcast is tricky, because it involves listening for often very small breaks in dialogue and choosing just the right nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe everything from physical action and facial expressions to costumes, settings and scene changes, says Whitfield who taught McKenzie the introductory course this fall. Not as an afterthought,” adds Rae, who gave a guest lecture to McKenzie’s first term class on how audio description has enriched his life. Describing the fireworks themselves means giving an idea of their movement – some shoot straight up before exploding, others whirl in a spiral, some shatter into thousands of sparks, others tumble like a scarlet waterfall or float in a glittering silver shower. The new Inclusive Media program, offered on weekends through Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education, is aimed at training professionals to help the broadcast industry comply with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications regulations introduced this year that require all prime-time television to include described video — also known as audio description — for people who are blind, have low vision, or developmental disabilities that make it difficult to follow plot lines or read facial cues. V������jwXK8NwH�B:�Ѓ5�†��a�{!7�Iv3/@3�V�g�/,�v��|Y�a ��t�4�4�U8�0� When it comes to a particular position on a given subject, I use two tests to measure the thoughtfulness and what I call the opinion-directionality of the people … %��������� So we miss out on the eye candy whether male or female. expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto You know, there were some really interesting answers there, although there were some contradictions, too. Kaleidoscopic describe fireworks. How do you describe a sunset, or fireworks to someone who is blind? “I like the creative aspect,” says McKenzie, 36, as he works with instructor Margo Whitfield on audio description for an animated short film about a girl who befriends a baby dragon. 1. The sky gently blends the flame with nothingness. “We would like the opportunity to enjoy or to not enjoy these scenes like everybody else does. Without making it … You need to use things that usually have the similar color at one time. That’s where the real challenge comes. I have a cousin that is 9, she was born blind and she likes to go to the beach. In a letter to a blind person, describing what green is, I would write… "Green is one of the three primary colours of light (along with red and blue). permissions/licensing, please go to: There are many different deep words that can be used to describe a person. fx��K @��z�i���E,��� C�������z���R~��F�P�G. I loved listening to my friend describe the beautiful plants as we walked through the store, and I was able to figure out the most popular parts of a flower that they would mention. Along with three other blind people, some of whom were born blind, others who became blind later, the man explains what beauty means to him in a video for Toronto Star articles, please go to: But really, that’s okay. %PDF-1.3 McKenzie, who came to Canada from Trinidad about six years ago and works full-time in Toronto’s financial district, discovered audio description “by pure accident” several years ago when he was searching online for freelance writing jobs. The guy that talks about red in the piece said it’s built to get your attention. Describing a Picture in Three Steps. Saw this pretty cool post on the Internet. Because this takes skill,” he says. Unlike traditional audio description, which began as neutral “objective” narration of news broadcasts more than a generation ago, Ryerson students learn to use their voice in a more dynamic way that compliments the action and tone of each scene. And since time is often short, audio describers have to choose the most important aspect to highlight. He was intrigued and even took an online test for several jobs through a company in Japan. You can say they are sentimental for example. “We want full access to entertainment and information. Joey, who has 20/400 vision, tells ThoughtCo that he "constantly sees neon speckles … 9/22/2012 3 Comments I don't know how to begin my description. That way he doesn’t have to squeeze in the word “suddenly.” And the drama in his voice more closely matches the action. Users who like Describing Fireworks for the Blind on Kid Carson Show KiSS FM; So how can I describe it more simple? “Right now it is just a hobby, but my goal is to one day do this full-time.”. Red is hot and spicy, like standing too close to the fire. I found a way to describe it, but she doesn't get it. If I had to describe colors to a blind person, I would describe all those other characteristics that I experience, though I suspect they'd think I was a nutter. 4 0 obj But we should be included too.”, Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. To order One Twitter user recently became curious about how colors are explained to blind people and came across an article in The Cut called, "How to Explain Color to Someone Who Can't See. stream With the rise of subscription podcasts and audio books, Fels believes there is a business opportunity to market audio described films, videos and TV shows to a broader audience. Let blind people touch something that is related with a certain color. These are just a couple of the challenges facing James McKenzie, who is enrolled in Canada’s first research-based post-secondary program in real-time described video at Ryerson University. Green is earthy and… Can people describe colors to a blind person?