902  Words | That's why many organizations are developing written policies stating which abbreviations should not be used and medical professionals are trained to write legible when using other abbreviations. Research of documentation errors in the health care profession is reviewed in this paper. Kids are especially at high risk for medication errors because they typically need different drug doses than adults. 2  Pages. Mount Olive College Engineering, Money, Marketing 554  Words | Research project 4090320 Case Study on Abbreviations Worksheet 1. Review each of the medical documents found in the textbook on pages 111-112. Identify those abbreviations that were used in the two different Progress Notes and History and physical. Premium Eliminating medical abbreviations would reduce errors because many abbreviations are Thus, to tackle medical errors effectively, healthcare executives should take a step back, and consider tactics that analyze and address medical errors at a system level. Accreditation agencies are now composing lists of terms that should not be abbreviated in order to reduce these errors. Critical information gets passed between doctors, nurses and pharmacists. How Can We Reduce the Incidents of Illegal Passing of Stopped School Buses? 5  Pages. Medical errors are the eighth leading cause of death in the United States and are estimated to account for somewhere between 44 000 and 98 000 deaths in the United States each year. if no, explain. They are: 1. patient information 2. drug information 3. adequate communication 4. drug packaging, labeling, and nomenclature 5. medication storage, stock, standardization, and distribution 6. drug device acquisition, use, and monitoring 7. environmental factor… Bringing this concept into perspective by answering the How can science be applied to reduce air pollution? Eliminating medical abbreviations would reduce errors because many abbreviations are very similar and therefore people get confused between them, however, if abbreviations were eliminated it would make it very difficult on medical professionals who would have to write out very lengthy medical terms. One way to reduce the use of medical abbreviations will be from continuous reporting and education of healthcare workers. Nurse, Drug, Nursing 625  Words | Unfortunately, simple abbreviations can also lead to medical errors. It is estimated that currently 5 percent of US physicians utilize these systems and write there prescriptions electronically. 2  Pages. When dealing with medical information and a person's life, accurate and understandable written or computerized documentation is of utmost importance. HOW CAN ELIMINATING ABBREVIATIONS REDUCE ERRORS? very similar and therefore people get confused between them, however, if abbreviations were Abbreviations are used in medical records and in medical language. 3  Pages, "How Can Eliminating Abbreviations Reduce Errors", in this paper. Communication breakdownsare the most common causes of medical errors. Medication errors are a patient safety and quality of care issue. However, these abbreviations are meant to be universally understood in the medical community, so they appear frequently on prescriptions, in medical records, and on charts. Abbreviations are usually used for convenience, to save space and to avoid the trouble of spelling out the word fully. We designed and developed a suite of … Medication errors can happen to anyone in any place, including your own home and at the doctor's office, hospital, pharmacy and senior living facility. Documentation Errors Related to Abbreviations. 2.1 Explain how electronic transactions can reduce Medical terms, Human, Medicine 382  Words |