Delicious! So easy and delicious! Your email address will not be published. So happy to hear that! They don’t really bubble up and cook like regular pancakes. Add a spoonful of peanut butter and a … I’ve been making these banana oatmeal pancakes in the morning. EASY, kid-friendly and perfect for using up bananas. It depends on how large you make them but I usually get around 6-8 pancakes per batch. , Does this recipe serve one or two? I topped mine with a peach compote and some peanut butter. Yummy! The banana adds a lot of flavor to make up for the lack. It took about 3 minutes per side and you have to lift the edges up carefully. Hope your teeth are better! Made these alongside regular ‘American fluffy style’ and crepes and these were the most popular! Made them this morning with banana slices and drizzled with honey. Throw them in the microwave for a few seconds and you’ve got a super fast healthy and tasty treat. Not my idea of pleasant. The perfect breakfast! I also put milk choc chips in mine and it was super! We added about 1/4 cup chopped walnuts after blending, and sprinkled raisins on the top while the first side was cooking. Hi, Plus they’re SO yummy!!! Before blending, I added a dusting of cinnamon. Can’t wait to make then soon! Whisk the dry ingredients until combined in a medium bowl. I’ve tried theses twice now and they were delicious both times. This batter needs to sit! These healthy blender pancakes also get a good boost of protein from the eggs (be sure to use free-range/organic eggs) and of course the bananas are little health bombs themselves. Easy and delicious!!! Healthy Banana Oat Pancake Recipe. I’ve had to go dairy free because it might be the cause of baby’s eczema. Came out beautiful! I’d recommend trying this oatmeal cup recipe or these muffins instead! And so did my kiddos. i didn’t know oat pancakes could be this good, i literally have them for breakfast everyday, i make them on sunday and freeze them!! I’m so glad! This are awesome pancakes. This will definitely become a staple for me The honey probably allows the batter to caramelize and therefore the result will be a darker colour. The ingredients are simple, just how I like all my recipes — bananas, oats, egg. These healthy swaps bring beneficial potassium, fiber, and protein to the pancakes. Be right back and continue my review. We have made them every weekend since trying them! Delicious pancakes! I added in a few chocolate chips on top…as we dont use maple syrup. I love that they are high in protein (with the addition of the cottage cheese) and have no added flour or sugar. A beater would simply just mix the egg and oats and banana together and you will have a very lump batter. I’ve made them twice this week. Flip, then cook for a further minute until golden. So happy you loved these! The pancakes have more texture (I assume than the blended recipe) but the kids love it. The recipe made 9 pancakes just as stated. I LOVED your recipe! A thought occurred to me after I’d already placed the batter on the griddle, “I be these would taste good with some cinnamon in them.” So I sprinkled some cinnamon on a couple of the pancakes while they were cooking to try it out. I only needed a serving for one person so I halved the ingredients. These pancakes were super delicious and easy to make. And yes feel free to sweeten these if you like. Cook Time 5 minutes. Luckily, Google got it right and quick! I love this recipe sooo much!! and follow the rest recipe..i took a bit, it wasn’t so bad. You are amazing! Delicious. Thanks for sharing . I made them the first time and they came out fantastic!! I haven’t tried it but I think it might be too thin. OMG I LOVE this!! I’m not much of a cook, but we had some extra ripe bananas and plenty of them already in the freezer, so I decided to try this recipe. Allow the batter to stand for 10-20 minutes until thickened slightly. I also blend the oats first to get a more consistent powder before adding the bananas and eggs. Love these so much! thank you for this recipe!! These were extremely delicious and my husband LOVED them. That helped build up the structure and made them puff up, which makes it easier to flip them. feel free to reduce to 1 teaspoon but typically pancakes need a little extra to rise. Add the oats and the baking soda. I thought these were pretty good! Have tried other ‘banana oat pancake’ recipes before and was disappointed. If you find that pancakes are browning too quickly then you need to lower the heat. These pancakes taste amazing! I found that it helped if you cook them on a lower temp for longer. These were delicious! 3-Ingredient Oat Flour Pancakes. 7 Ingredients needed to make these oatmeal pancakes: rolled oats* nutmeg; cinnamon; baking powder; salt; almond milk (or milk of your choice) eggs *If you are using store bought oat flour – approximately 1.75 cups of oat flour = 1 cup of rolled oats. delicious! Then no need to sit. These are a hit every single time with my kiddos! I’m funny with texture! Please check your inbox to receive your free download! Perfect breakfast (or breakfast for dinner!). Two thumbs up , So happy to hear that, Angela! These are the BEST healthy pancakes I have found, I crave them every day. So happy to hear that. Thank you so much! And super simple to make too…a deviation from my usual wheat pancakes..I used instant Quaker oats…and it came out just as nice. They turned out really fluffy and delicious. I did add a little more oats and let it sit for 20 min. We have these every Saturday morning and my kids go crazy for them! Thanks for sharing your easy healthy recipe. Perfect! These are fantastic. I can’t wait to hear how you like these healthy banana oatmeal pancakes. Did you use a non-stick pan? I love a delicious gluten-free recipe that actually works. It could also be because your bananas were larger and therefore the pancakes don’t have enough structure. I am not usually a fan of flourless, sugar free “healthy pancakes”. We added toppings of chopped macadamia nuts, flax seeds sprinkled into the batter with cacao nibs. These pancakes cakes came out great first try and they are delicious. Banana oatmeal pancakes made right in the blender! I had out off trying them as i thought to myself ‘really? Suggest your bananas weren’t ripe enough? Delicious! Loved this recipe! Yum! This one had a really good consistency and was very easy (and yummy of course… I love topping it with maple syrup, cinnamon and walnuts)… Thank you . I used a ladle to pour some batter onto a heated nonstick pan sprayed with a bit of coconut oil and flipped after about 4 minutes. Thanks. Just made these in my nutribullet! But just as a tip, perhaps consider describing these as “no sugar added”. Absolutely love these pancakes! Mine didn’t look as fabulous as the ones pictured, but they tasted great. These were so easy and so amazing. Thanks! Then, cook over … Oh wow! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Perfect, healthy pancake recipe. Delicious! How much chocolate chip should I use for the recipe? Perfect breakfast . They are! but they didn’t puff up like the Betty Crocker ones do. They’re not the fluffy sort of pancake that make you feel guilty since the pancake is made of blended bananas and eggs. They’re amazing . Best non white flour recipe I’ve had so far, and it was nice I didn’t need a combination of different flours! So happy to hear that! I hope your day goes good thank goodness for your pancakes Absolutely delicious and healthy, too! i make these on a very regular basis, and keep them in the freezer for a quick and delicious breakfast (for the whole family ). It will be my breakfast go to. Perfect! How to make these easy oatmeal pancakes: Add the rolled oats … They also burnt easily and you can taste bits of hard oats in it. I’m so glad you like these healthy pancakes so much. I halved the recipe to make it for 1 – perfect. These vegan oat flour pancakes are the perfect healthy breakfast. Do you think this would work with a flax egg substitute? I plan on freezing the rest for easy meal prep breakfasts! Just made these: AMAZING! Thank you. My son and I had a feast. I’m so glad that you’re finding recipes here that you love. I made these for my 15 month old baby girl .. she loved it and I did too actually .. i actually loved the consistency not dry at all. These came out perfectly! I found it was softer than a normal pancake, making it a little harder to flip, but it was still awesome! It worked really well but I definitely think there’s a knack to cooking these pancakes if you’re used to making normal ones. … The one modification I made (for s&g’s) was that instead of using the full 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal, I used 1 cup oatmeal and 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix that I happened to have, which does have flour in it. Second batch was perfect and fried up just like a standard pancake! You definitely could, if it’s a little thick the next morning, just add a splash of milk and blend again. I’d rate higher if I could! I made as written, next time I might try with the sweet potato or flax egg! These were delicious and so easy to make! They aren’t meant to bubble up like regular pancakes because they have no flour in them. So happy to hear that! I am going to try mixing this recipe with plain pancake batter to see how that turns out. Make sure to cook over medium heat, not high heat and I suggest making the entire recipe to ensure success next time! Subbed one banana for an unsweetened applesauce cup thank you!! Thanks would recommend ☺️☺️☺️. I added a few additions as others did which made my recipe come out as such: 1 banana; 1/3 cup steel cut oats; 1 large egg; 1/4 tsp. I’m glad that worked out well! But you perfected it. The rise was great. Next time should I put more baking powder? Tried with bluberries and cinnamon also, so yummy! I love how fluffy they get, how easy they are to make, and the clean ingredients! And you can’t beat using the blender!!! I halved the recipe because it was only me – and it halved perfectly … and I ate all of them! Great tasting, easy recipe! Pancakes were still edible but kind of gluey and weird in texture. Learn how your comment data is processed. Delicious and filling! I also added some vanilla extract and cinnamon and sprinkled blueberries on top. Scale 1x 2x 3x. Thank you. Thanks! Just place all ingredients into a blender and blend until the batter is nice and smooth, about 1 minute. My nephew loves pancakes and he would eat these up! Super good & so easy to make!! Oh, I am so chuffed! Made them for my 20mths toddler… he ate 6 pcs! They are cheap and easy to make and plant-based! Thanks for making a healthy recipe my whole family can enjoy. Had to make it into a scramble. 100% making these again. So happy to hear that. So glad you and your family liked them! Amazing pancakes I topped them with almond butter and blueberries so delicious! I will be making these pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. THESE ARE SO GOOD AND EASY!!! They’re super easy to make! ☺️. So happy you found these ones! I heated them up in the microwave for about 1 minute and ate them. Subbed coconut milk for almond milk and it worked very well :)! i usually don’t like sweet breakfast, but then I see this post, and i think “it’s pancake time” . Yummy! They were super soft (probably due to the bananas) so patience is key when baking and flipping these bad boys. eh they’re fine. Serves 3, 3 pancakes each. Mash the bananas until fine … So glad you liked them. I’ll try more oats next time, but I suspect without gluten they’re always going to have a different texture. And that sounds delicious. Thank you!!! No, no milk added as there is nothing to bind it. Moist and delicious. Topped with fresh walnuts and maple syrup and even let the kids put a bit of chocolate syrup on top. Made it exactly as recipe called for and the pancakes were delish! And the smell and it’s looking really fluffy and beautiful. These easy, healthy and delicious pancakes won their hearts and my older kid went for 3 servings! The best post-workout breakfast . I love this recipe. Sorry to hear that you had trouble, Rachel! Thanks for the recipe! I’m all about breakfast for dinner (or dessert!) I doubled the recipe in this way and use weight for most since I track macros: * 359g banana – 3 VERY ripe bananas (another day they’d probably be trash lol) Love the simplicity and the delicious end result. It’s ideal for times when you crave a classic, homey pancake with oatmeal but don’t have bananas on hand. OMG they turned out delicious! I love recipes that are healthy, simple and good!! If you have Instagram, please post a pic and tag me. YASSS. Flavor wise these are great and I love the oat alternative to wheat flour. I LOVE this recipe!! Hi Christine! I think they’ll be perfect to make ahead when I start baby led weaning soon, too. Pancake batter is generally much thinner than muffin or bread batter. Love these with blueberries or chocolate chips! I’ve used a nutribullet blender & let the batter sit for 10mins to get to the consistency that works for me. The only difference is I seared the pan with butter instead of olive oil (only a little bit) because I wanted it to taste more like a dessert. Even easier than a box mix. Love these so much! Perfect breakfast . Slice the remaining banana. Such a great, nutritious breakfast . Used two frozen bananas, followed the rest of the recipe as written. Oat flour is a great substitute and the vanilla sounds delicious! Curious why you don’t include the sodium content in the nutritional information? One of my all time favs for breakfast . If you have no idea what any of that is referring to, then let’s just move along. I font all your stuff to be excellent so healthy and easy to follow. Fluffy, healthy banana oatmeal pancakes with walnuts are the perfect nutritious weekend breakfast that’s naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, and naturally sweetened, so they’re great for babies … It sounds like your pan may have been too hot! The next day I made them I added about 2-3 small blueberries to each pancake while they were cooking and it turned out even better! I normally start on medium heat, then decrease to medium low later so that my pancakes don't burn. Thank you . Sounds like the perfect brunch . Very delicious, thank you!! Would something like applesauce work? Ingredients in Banana Oatmeal Pancakes These healthy pancakes are made with bananas, eggs, almond milk (or any milk), vanilla extract, gluten free old-fashioned rolled oats, baking powder, cinnamon and … I used unsweetened soy milk and I had some quinoa leftover so I replaced 1\2 cup of oats with quinoa. Had a couple of left over pancakes so I froze them to see how they turned out in toaster next day and it worked a treat. I recommend drizzling them with peanut butter and a little pure maple syrup. They are not worth it unfortunately. At first I thought the pancakes might be weird because of the banana, but was pleasantly surprised. This topped with a mango puree will be perfect!!! I used coconut milk because I had no almond milk on hand. Thanks for posting my new go-to!!! These are sensational and sooo easy, thank you! Kelly, I would imagine the banana would discolor if you made them the night before and would result in a dark brown batter which might be a little unappetizing. Perfect timing!! Thanks so much for the recipe! Excellent combination of ingredients which are making my mouth watering! My husband will love these – he loves bananas so much!!! Also, I believe I used a tad more baking powder. i found a tip myself, if you are into calorie counting and want to have an exact portion of 3 pancakes, put the pancake batter in a 1/3 cup measurement and fill it a little bit less, scrape A lot in your blender and tara!, Yum! I followed the recipe to a tee and cooked each pancake for what seemed like 20 minutes each. Amazing! I can’t wait to try the waffle recipe next! Was wondering if steel cut oats would work in this recipe? Bananas, milk, oats, honey and egg are blended together to create a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast your whole family will love! Could it have been the frying ‘non stick’ pan that I used? These are my favorite oatmeal pancakes ever! So good. they turn so soft and fluffy every time ! These are great, tasty, light and fluffy, just made them and I will definitely make them again. Would you have to adjust batter for waffles? The perfect breakfast. After blending, I added some blueberries (either stirred into the already-set batter, or plopped into the batter when it’s on the pan). i was looking for a tasty healthy recipe for me that was also baby friendly and this is it! I devoured the lot. Can you tell me what the macros were on these? I’ll be making these again! my son loved them. Hello! These were so amazing and SO EASY!!! Otherwise it’s . Made these this morning for my housemates birthday, she absolutely loved them (and so did I). Yay! I’ve tried cooking on medium for less time and on low for more time and either way the outside Browns fast but the inside never seems to fully cook. The serving size says 2…does the reipe only make 2 cakes and each cake is 245 caloriea….I only ask because I am on a calorie strict diet so I need to be clear how many I am intaking and this recipe sounds delicious. I made a pear and apple compote to go with it and drizzles some organic honey o the pancakes. These are really delicious and extremely easy to make! I’m really into healthy foods and I made my skeptical sister try them and she loved them as well (: I will also try the one with chocolate soon! They are super easy, fluffy and yummyy!!!!!! You can try to double everything! I use whatever kind of milk I have, plain unsweetened cocoa powder, a frozen banana, 1/2 an avocado which you can’t see or taste but makes it super creamy. Love that! Thanks. I’m not sure what I did wrong but my pancake had no form lol flipping was so difficult because it was floppy and the bottom was burnt. Do you freeze your batter after its blended, or make the pancakes and then freeze those? My son ate five. I made half of the portion and it still turned out amazing! Thank you . I added maple syrup as my topper and must say: Delicious! Very tasty and healthy too, thanks for sharing. I didn’t have any vanilla extract when I made, and they still turned out delicious. They were complete mush. So simple also. I normally never leave comments/ratings on recipes but I’ve been loving this one so much and have made it so many times that I just had to! They were a bit chewier the next day but still delicious. 100% will be making them again, This is my favorite go-to pancake recipe! Can the batter mix be store over night do you know? The pancakes are so delicious and light! They’re very fluffy, naturally sweet thanks to the ripe bananas. I love healthy pancakes for supper. I loved the flavor and simple clean ingredients of this recipe however I’ve made them a handful of times now and can’t ever seem to get them to cook right. My one recommendation would be if you plan to halve the recipe, use 1/3 cup oats instead of 1/4 cup. All the best! Made these this morning for breakfast and it was a great success!! .. Thank you for the no bake receipe as I have no oven at present and like the easy recipes. I don’t usually eat pancakes but these I would eat all the time, These take waaaay too long to cook.. they are so raw in the middle. Really appreciate the healthy and simple ingredients. I usually top them with a little maple syrup and some fresh blueberries but they really don’t need much. I’ve made this recipe many times now, delicious! Soon to be on our breakfast menu! Added extra cinnamon and used very over ripe bananas so I thought they would turn out quite flavourful and sweet. Worked great. These are amazing!! As long as they are not liquid within, the eggs would have cooked through. But seeing as I love pancakes, I wanted a quick single serving recipe that I could whip up during the week, so that I don’t have to wait until the weekend.