Both are suitable for a group of 4 to 6 people and come with side dishes like mashed potatoes, large coleslaw, gravy, and 4 biscuits. As it came out from the old testimonies of Colonel Sanders, it is to break down the monotony in street food scenes during the time of great depression and present the society with something new and fresh. So go,dig into some “Finger Licking Good” snacks. A large bucket of KFC patented popcorn chicken nuggets is priced at $3.99. KFC Bucket of Chicken price is varying from $14.99 to $36.99, depending on the number of chicken pieces the bucket contains. View the latest KFC menu and price information on, and find your favorite food. Family Meals; 8 Pc. KFC is straightaway known for their southern-style fried Chicken all over the world. 8 pieces of our freshly prepared chicken, available in Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy™, or Kentucky Grilled®, 2 … You will get the KFC nutritional information like calories, carbs, fats and sodium content of each serving. It’s an extra-large serving of Popcorn Chicken. The southern style fried Chicken was a new feast to binge on. Regular Popcorn Chicken. The average price point for this particular section varies from $14.99 to $29.99, depending on the size and quantity of the family box. And after 90 years, the KFC menu also depicts the same. Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo. Moreover, all the KFC Big Box meals are priced at $7.99. As the KFC menu does not have any separate appetizer menu whatsoever, yet these small chicken nuggets can act as one and set the mood for your next big chicken meal. So, an average chicken fries and combos at this particular restaurant may cost around $1.69 to $36.99, depending on the food and dishes you have chosen. Menu Item Price; Chicken Meals For One: Popcorn Chicken Combo: RM 14.50: Popcorn Chicken Box Meal: RM 18.90: Popcorn Chicken A La Carte: RM 9.90: Parmesan Truffle Crunch 2-pc Combo If you are searching for KFC Prices, KFC Menu Prices, KFC Menu UK, KFC Prices 2020 and/or KFC Price List you have come to the right place. Original Recipe – $20.99; Extra Crispy – $14.99; KFC Grilled Chicken … Only the salads in the KFC menu can be considered as quite healthy, but that too without all the dressings. The average price range of the fried chicken menu is varying from $5.49 to $29.99, depending on the size of the bucket the customer has chosen. In US, it costs around $12.99. KFC is a global fast food chain that began operating in 1930 and currently has over 19,000 locations. But with time, KFC modifies their cooking techniques and brings to the table some newer variations of the fried Chicken along with their regular ones. The average price point for this particular section is $3.99 to $12.99, depending on the size of the chicken bucket the customer orders. Pretty cheap, isn’t it? . Choose from a variety of our classic chicken-on-the-bone favorites. Terms apply at Moreover, along with the overall calorie, the Sodium(salt) content in each of the fried chicken dishes are on the higher side as well. Chicken, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits), 1 Pc. Dishes like potato wedges mash potatoes, green beans, or kid’s favorite Mac and cheese, it makes their place on the menu as well. Chicken popcorns are bite-sized chicken tenders cooked and fried in the same southern style. In simple words, the KFC menu is simple and free from any type of complications by all means. Want to taste some Fresh Farm Veggies…, Taking too long to decide what to order because the menu seemed out of sight…, Your email address will not be published. What we have mentioned a zillion times already is that KFC is affordable. KFC menu includes their famous Fried Chicken seasoned with Colonel Sanders secret recipe. KFC Delivery. Meal with 2 Large Sides & 4 Biscuits, Drumstick, 1 Chicken Little, 1 Tender, or Popcorn Nuggets, and Individual Side, and Applesauce, or Small Drink, Family Meal – 8 Pc. The history of KFC dates back to 1930, when after trying out several career options and job opportunities, the infamous Colonel Sanders, decided to open his own casual diner in Corbin, Kentucky. First and foremost, the original fried chicken recipe in KFC is what people mostly love to eat in the restaurant. $30 FILL UP. $20 Fill Up®. Yum brands is now the present owner of KFC. The regular KFC combo includes several options like 2 pc chicken or a double sandwich, which comes with individual side dishes and a medium-size drink as well. But the most interesting part about the kid’s meal is that one can get all of these dishes under $4 as well. • Tenders, 2 Large Sides, 4 Biscuits & 6 Sauces), 8 Pc. Family Fill Up + 12 Extra Crispy™ Tenders Bucket Order a meal for today & tomorrow! Your IP: During that time, if you visit your nearest KFC restaurant, you will get all your favorite dishes on the menu for only $1. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. No, none of the KFC special menus are assured as 100% gluten-free. On that page, you will find the state-wise list of all the KFC stores in your state, from where you can find the detailed address of your desired locations. Believe it or not, they invented that “secret Fries” literally some 100 years ago. On the other hand, the dessert menu has only two options, one is chocolate chip cake, and the other is cookies in different quantities. From the day of its inceptions, Colonel Sanders was clear about one thing that Chicken is going to be the backbone of the brand he is going to create. Extra Crispy Tenders – $10 to $20 along with some other sides, KFC Chicken Sandwich (Crispy Colonel Sandwich) – $3.99, Choose from: Cole slaw, Mashed potatoes & gravy, Whole kernel corn, Mac & cheese – $12.99 (Medium), $19.99 (Large), Instagram: $10.95 | 4196kJ Maxi Popcorn, 1 Regular Chips and 1 Regular Drink. Chicken littles costs at somewhere $1.39 in KFC. the average price of any KFC combo falls somewhere between $1.50 to $5.99, depending on the combo chosen. Along with the regular combo items, customers can also select a homestyle side dish to go with the family boxes. As all the KFC chicken dishes are deep-fried, they are not at all healthy. Actual product may differ from the images shown in this website. The 8-Piece Regular Bucket Meal on the KFC menu, the most popular choice, comes with a generous amount of chicken, rice, soft drinks, and fixins such as mashed potato, mushroom soup, coleslaw, and crispy fries. The 10-piece bargain bucket is only present in the KFC UK menu, and its costs at £18.99. This KFC is a familiar name in almost every country in the world. $10 Popcorn Nuggets. So, a restaurant which took around 15 years just to open its second branch, became one of the fastest-growing companies not only in the USA but in the entire world in the next 50 years. Meal with 3 Large Sides & 6 Biscuits, Tenders Meal (12 Pc. Similar to Arby’s, the KFC menu prices are very reasonable you can get a decent meal here for around $10 and you can feed your whole family for around $30… The Family Meals also consisted of several combo options, such as 12 pc chicken meal with 3 large sides and 6 biscuits, or 16 pc. KFC Cheetos Sandwich price is around $4.49. And if you are allergic to gluten or have decided to avoid consuming it, then you will be thoroughly heartbroken, as none of the chicken dishes served in the KFC is gluten-free. This particular section is extremely versatile and curated, keeping in mind the food taste of every average American. KFC Delivery. KFC, as such, doesn’t have any gluten-free option in the menus. An 8-piece chicken meal in KFC is a cost of $21.99. The contact details can come handy if you have some queries and feedback to the higher authorities of the company. Chicken, 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits, KFC Famous Bowl, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie, 3 Pc. Meal with 4 Large Sides & 8 Biscuits, 12 Pc. As we have mentioned earlier, KFC has several franchise stores not only across the United States of America but around the globe as well. They either deep fry them or grill them to make their iconic chicken dishes. Our 100% chicken breast Popcorn Chicken pieces with regular fries and a drink. Who doesn’t know KFC-the famous and prodigal Kentucky Fried chicken? Apart from having thousands of different casual eating joints all over the world, why is KFC still considered as one of the leaders in the field? Find a Colonel Near you. KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket. The excellent quality of the food and extremely clean premises also makes this place the top among the best ones. Food Lovers can enjoy…, Bored of all pre-planned meals and signatures dishes? Though the first KFC was started in 1930, it takes Colonel Sanders around 15 years to understand the potential of the brand he has created. You will find these super saver combo options under the $5 fill-up and the Colonel’s value segment. KFC Kids' Meals: Popcorn Meal: 2.99: Mini Fillet Meal: 2.99: KFC Individual Items: Chicken Pieces (One) 1.99: Chicken Pieces (Two) 3.49: Chicken Pieces (Three) 4.19: Large Popcorn Chicken: … Set your KFC store to see local menu and pricing. Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with gravy, 1 medium drink, biscuit, and 1 chocolate chip cookie, or pot pie, a medium drink, and a Choco chip cookie, and many more other options. Add a large side to make a complete meal. That’s enough for dinner tonight—and maybe even lunch tomorrow. Available at participating KFC restaurants. Some of the gluten-free food items in KFC are: There is no KFC vegan chicken and the restaurant won’t assure any of its items as 100% vegan. • Yes, KFC does deliver within a 5km radius from a specific outlet. The KFC special Big Box meals are also another great way to save some extra money from your every visit at KFC. Small Popcorn Chicken: $6.99: Hot Wings 2 Pcs: $2.79: Hot Wings 5 Pcs: $6.39: Hot Wings 20 Pcs: $19.99: 3 Lay's Bar-B-Q Tenders: $7.14: Go Bucket: Go Bucket- Popcorn Chicken: $3.49: Go Bucket- 2 … Bite sized pieces of chicken breast coated in our signature marinade and cooked in a crunchy coating. Services and small order delivery fees will apply. The Nashville style chicken is regular fried chicken tossed in extremely hot and spicy sauce. Snack Popcorn Chicken with 1 Portion of Chips and 1 Bottle of Water Snack Popcorn Chicken w... customise Add Add. Though initially, the business concentrated on KFC special fried chicken only, with time, they started doing experimentation as well. To know in detail about the KFC menu nutrition for each of the dishes served in the restaurant, visit the or and select your preferred dish. KFC Chicken and Waffles price is around $5.49. The food scenes in the USA during the great depression were dominated by Hamburgers. Donut Sandwich price at KFC is about $5.99 which comes with one crispy chicken filet in between 2 glazed doughnuts. However, there are some foods which vegans can have at KFC, they are. wdt_ID Name Size Price Details; 1: 8 Piece Chicken … X. Kentucky Fried Chicken1441 Gardiner LaneLouisvilleKentucky, Contact Us: Otherwise, the store locator tab also has an automatic store finder section, which shows all the KFC stores near you based on the device location. Read More. Else, you can search ‘KFC Near Me Menu’ in your Maps which locates the nearest one based on your current location. 2 Pc. No, KFC does not have $20 filled up in their menus. Drum & Thigh, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie, Moreover, along with the overall calorie, the Sodium(salt) content in each of the fried chicken dishes are on the higher side as well. The KFC menu prices for catering are, Extra Crispy Tenders / Buffet Style Meals, Sides (Serves 10 for Medium and 20 for Large). Hot & Spicy Popcorn Chicken À La Carte Order Now. Kids Meal with … Their slogan is finger lickin good and they have been providing juicy, delicious, finger lickin chicken in a variety of ways for generations. Drink Soft Drink. Though all of the chicken dishes included in the KFC menu are perfectly alright for kid’s consumption, yet they have a separate combo option, only meant for those little munchkins. Just like the 10-piece bargain bucket, the 14-piece party bucket is also a KFC special for the UK, and it is priced at £33.08. Else, you can search ‘KFC Near Me Menu’ in your Maps which locates the nearest one based on your current location. Only 16 KFC out of 4200 other locations serves halal Chicken in the USA. Fried Chicken only. There won’t guarantee any food as allergen free, so better confirm before making an order. The average price range for KFC side dishes is varying from $1.79 to $3.99, depending on the type and quantity of the dish. Your email address will not be published. KFC is fulfilling “the chicken” dream of not only Americans but over a million people across the globe. Though the average menu prices remain pretty the same for the longest time, they do change their combos and some special prices from time to time in several locations. KFC Kids’ Meals: Popcorn Meal ‎£2.99: Mini Fillet Meal ‎£2.99: KFC Individual Items: Chicken Pieces (One) ‎£1.99: Chicken Pieces (Two) ‎£3.19: Chicken Pieces (Three) ‎£4.19: Large Popcorn Chicken ‎£3.99: … Colonel Sanders- is the infamous mastermind behind the Kentucky fried Chicken. The Happy Hour called “the colonel’s happy hour,” timing in KFC restaurants is 2 PM TO 5 PM every day. At KFC, they believe in keeping their respective prices at such a level that every person from a family or a community can have some delicious options to indulge in. Other than chicken popcorn nuggets, this particular section also comprised regular chicken tenders as well in 3pc, 6pc, and 12 pc. Some popular side dishes included in the menu are potato wedges, baked beans, sweet kernel corn, green beans, and Mac and cheese. Below we have all the prices for everything from a Family Bucket to a Zinger Burger, Wraps, Rice Boxes and all the sides you would normally find at your local KFC. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; Colonel’s Club; Do Not Sell My Info. The colonels’ value segment is comprising of dishes like #pc hot wings, GO cups of popcorn nuggets and wedges, or Go cups of Chicken little sandwiches and wedges, etc., and the maximum price for this particular segment is $2.79. A 16-piece chicken meal at KFC comes with 4 large sides and 8 biscuits and its costs at $36.99. Here are the updated KFC menu prices for its classic meals that you need to try at least once. They'll have you craving more For catering at KFC, you can order online or make a call at 1-888-KFC-CATR. ... $10 Popcorn … The latest news from KFC. So, finding a KFC store near you can not be a big problem. Popcorn Meal: 2.99: Mini Fillet Meal: 2.99: KFC Individual Items: Chicken Pieces (One) 1.99: Chicken Pieces (Two) 3.49: Chicken Pieces (Three) 4.19: Large Popcorn Chicken: 4.29: Boneless Dips (Three) … There are so many other companies who tried their level best to recreate the fried chicken recipe, but they failed miserably, and the Secret recipe still keeps a secret. This particular section is dedicated to all those customers who love more to indulge in small yet extremely juicy chicken popcorns, rather than having a piece or two of full-sized chicken drums or thighs. The menu for drinks and sweet treats in KFC is pretty straightforward and consists of some regular drinks like water, some soft drinks of your choice, iced tea, and a few options in lemonades, etc. Another reason why KFC is so famous is because of their prices. Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 4 Biscuits (Feeds 4+) 12pc. KFC are the second largest restaurant chain in the world, serving a variable feast of their secret recipe Kentucky fried chicken. To find an answer to this question, we looked to the internet and also had a direct conversation with some of the customers to get a better insight into this subject. Yes, KFC still has Nashville hot chicken. Some of the popular $5 fill-ups are 3 pc. Our menu prices are now inclusive of GST. Chicken, 4 Large Sides, 8 Biscuits (Feeds 8+) Tenders Meal… According to recent data, KFC had around 23K stores around 118 countries in 2018. KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and … The original southern style fried chicken recipe was developed initially by Colonel Sanders, and it literally takes years to become perfect. These family boxes are so fulfilling on their own, that these can easily be consumed as lunch and dinners as well. KFC Chicken Menu. Kids are always way more attracted to deep-fried foods than adults. A 12-piece chicken meal with 3 large sides and 6 biscuits is a cost at $29.99 at KFC. No, KFC grilled chicken is not gluten-free. At participating locations only. The KFC outlets here also specialize in fried chicken, the item for which the chain is known for the world over. Meal (8 Pc. The bran… These $5 fill-ups are elaborate combo meals with dishes from all the segments of the famous KFC menu but costs only $5. TRY IT IN A VARIETY OF WAYS: 8pc. On generic terms, the ambiance of the KFC restaurant also has a theme of those classic retro diners, which also a big hit to the customers as well. We’re bringing back a family favorite: $10 Popcorn Chicken! Required fields are marked *. A brilliant bite-sized meal. Only the salads in the KFC menu can be considered as quite healthy, but that too without all the dressings. And along with the awesome quality of Chicken they used to offer to their customers, it is a brilliant business strategy to keep their price point at the affordable range is what helps them most to achieve their goals to set a footstep in almost every country across the globe. A fun, bite-sized sharing meal that deserved its own bucket. In Metro Manila, the KFC … … If you are planning to have something healthy from the KFC menu, then we assure you, everything in the KFC menu is far away from anything named healthy. Other than a huge selection of Nashville style Fried chicken and chicken nuggets and chicken tenders, the KFC menu also consisted of plenty of combos and different types of family meals, which we will discuss in detail in the coming paragraphs. Yes, KFC uses 100% real chicken for all their fried chicken recipes. Choose your favorite KFC meal. No, KFC does not roast Chicken. Add a large side to make a complete meal. All the Big Box meals listed under the KFC menu consist of Mashed potatoes on gravy, coleslaw, biscuits, and a medium drink, along with your choice of Chicken box or a combination of regular chicken tenders and popcorn boxes. KFC offers many classic chicken meals such as Colonel’s Classic, Chicken Littles, and Family Meals that include a mix variety of chicken … If you love Chicken but do not indulge in any KFC fried chicken, you have missed the best Chicken of your life. KFC Delivery Menu & Info. The original chicken crunchy sandwich is also a great inclusion in the kid’s menu for only $5 or so. The KFC Wings price and other snacks like Wedges, Biscuits, Chicken Little, Popcorn Nuggets price list is as follows. Fried chicken is available in several varieties and combos, such as original fried chicken, hot wings, boneless dips, and popcorn chicken… Let’s dig in to the latest KFC menu prices! Cloudflare Ray ID: 5fd39a690ce737ee Tenders, Large Wedges & 2 Sauces), 16 Pc. There are some salads and side dishes only, which can be considered as gluten-free in the menu, hence that is the only option one can get in the KFC gluten-free menu. KFC has expanded over 120 countries in the world, so you will find the respective contact details of the KFC of your country in their particular websites. Their menu includes Original Recipe Chicken, Extra Crispy Chicken, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Chicken … The KFC bucket prices and other chicken items price list is listed below. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Meal … Now, the Fried chicken menu also comprises two distinctive sections, i.e., regular Nashville Hot chicken, Nashville Hot tenders. Food shown are for illustration purpose only. Hot & Spicy Popcorn Chicken Combo Order Now *KFC Delivery prices and combo meal items shall differ from in-store. The contact details for KFC headquarters are as follows. Jollibee is one of the famous food chains in the Philippines. Hot & Spicy Popcorn Chicken Combo Order Now *Self Collect is only available at selected KFC stores. ... Maxi Popcorn Chicken Combo. But, yet every KFC official website for every country has a separate store locator tab on the page, which has a detailed list of all the total number of the KFC outlets in that particular country. Moreover, the price point is in the affordable range over the last 90 years which plays a major key role in the massive popularity of the brand itself. The average price range of the fried chicken menu is varying from $5.49 to $29.99, depending on the size of the bucket the customer has chosen. They will deliver or you can pick up the orders as per your choice.