When you purchase a radon test kit, make sure it is a long-term test kit (3 + months) that has been approved by C-NRPP*. When buying or selling a home, it is recommended that you take two tests within a short space of time, in a specific location in the house, and then average the two readings. Many radon test kits can be found online or in home improvement stores. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Family Safety Products, Inc. offers the Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector, which will continuously monitor gas levels. Family Safety Products, Inc. offers the, , which will continuously monitor gas levels. Yes, you should if you fear that you might have elevated radon levels. Our Radon Test Kit Buying Guide Radon gas is dangerous because it’s colorless, odorless and tasteless. You should plan on retesting your home for radon after any significant remodeling jobs and even after nearby construction. One reviewer says it took less than three minutes to set up and it was so simple, they bought a second one for their bedroom. Like other contractors you would hire for your home, these are highly trained and state-certified professionals who can help you reduce your radon level by up to 99%. $40 lab fee required. Radon test kit prices The majority of the short-term radon testing kits are moderately priced, usually falling in the $10 to $20 range. Short-term radon test kits must sit out for anywhere from 24 hours to a week to build up a radon reading. AccuStar Activated Charcoal Radon Test Kit / Short Term 48-96 Hour Test 4.3 out of 5 stars 212 CDN$ 34.10 CDN$ 34. Easy-to-follow instructions are included. We recommend that you test your home for 3 to 12 months (ideally including a heating season). It features a numeric LED display screen and carries out a self-test after every 24 hours. Finally, Air Ae Steward’s Portable Radon Monitor not only provides you with radon level updates every hour, but it will also help to interpret the reading. Easy and quick to set up for home testing in a single sitting. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. While the EPA-recommended test is affordable and reliable, it does need to be sent into a lab for analysis. A mailing label and lab costs are included in the price of the kit. A standard kit should include the testing device, a mailer, and cover the lab testing fees. Run the test for 48 hours. Measure radon levels with our easy-to-use radon test kit Oh, and it’s easy to test for. One test measures up to 2,000 square feet of open floor space. Radon Test Kit Challenge Thanks for your participation in the Radon Test Kit Challenge. The EPA, again, recommends that you test the lowest level of the building that you live in. Once you receive your kit, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. When running a radon test, avoid using any fans or other air intake devices that bring in air from outside. Simply place or hang the sampler test in the area you are checking out for three to seven days, then mail the kit back in (a prepaid mailer is included in your purchase). Airthings’ Corentium Home Radon Detector is one of the priciest of these, but it can provide you with results within 24 hours. Otherwise, you’ll need to add a lab fee and shipping costs to the price of the test kit. Go through your documentation carefully so you will know long to leave the kit to receive an accurate result. The home kit comes with a detailed set of instructions to set up the test properly and quickly. Kansas State University offers low cost radon testing kits—a short term, passive kit (two to four days) and a long term, passive one (3 to 12 months)—so folks at any budget can test for the deadly gas. You can't see, taste, or smell radon. For a limited time, Virginia residents can order a $3 Radon Home Test Kit. Can produce inaccurate results if used in high humidity or damp climates and homes. Set these open-face charcoal canisters in a large space or in two rooms, or use one on the floor and one on a shelf for a “stack effect” to get a variety of readings. The A standard kit should include the testing device, a mailer, and cover the lab testing fees. A 72-hour turnaround is generally a decent average for lab work. If your test arrives at the laboratory facilities on a business day (Monday through Friday), it will be tested and your results will appear online that day. Because cracks and holes in your home’s foundation can happen at any time, radon isn’t only a risk when you first move in. You will receive a more accurate reading of you suspend the test kit three to five feet above the floor of your basement. The results are displayed as short-term and long-term radon levels—it stores up to five years of results. not only provides you with radon level updates every hour, but it will also help to interpret the reading. The only way to know if radon gas is present in your home is to test for it. The lab then processes the kit and sends the results back to you. "This monitor begins working within 48 hours and continuously samples the air and displays hourly updates. A budget-friendly and user-friendly option for a DIY home radon test kit. If you’re planning on building a new home, be sure that your contractor will be using techniques and materials to keep your new home as radon-resistant as possible. The EPA recommends that you do two tests in a row, so if you want to follow their recommendation, you should plan on either buying two kits or a bundle that includes two kits. ", "With this test, you can get results back in just five to seven days, though you'll have to pay extra for postage. It is odorless, colorless, and you can’t taste it, yet it could be slowly killing you. However, although these tests are more ", "This smart detector continuously tracks radon levels and detects trends, which you can access on a corresponding app. Short term is a good choice if you are in a hurry to move and want to make sure your future new home is safe, but long term tests give you a better sense of your home's levels, which may change over time. Number of Test Kits* × $65 All-inclusive price includes: Radon Test Kit, shipping to and from the lab within Canada, and the analysis. Kidde 442020 Radon Gas Detection Test Kit by Kidde £30.49 £ 30. With ultra-high accuracy over a prolonged period of time, you will gain a full and clear perspective on the risk of Radon exposure in your location. The only way to know how much radon is in your home is to test for it. The Safety Siren Pro4 Electronic Radon Gas Detector with digital LCD display continuously monitors Radon Gas with 3 audible As mentioned, the EPA also recommends that every time you test you do two back-to-back tests in order to produce a decent average.