Well that is just the loveliest compliment. Use samples and swatches of interesting fabrics as linens. The latest visual content marketing advice for brands, case studies and webinar events your inbox monthly. Food styling truly has become an integral part of any food-related operation. They are very useful and I’m hoping to utilize some of them. I also really love working with vintage silverware, baking tins and glasses. I find it very helpful everything you wrote . This classic popcorn poster is a typical example of how advertising influences your food choices. I start low and move higher and higher until I’m looking straight down. This article is the first in an exclusive series for FBC by professional Canadian food stylist Adele Hagan (pictured above). Often a dull-looking stew, curry or soup can be transformed with a sprinkle of fresh coriander or some chopped chillies. It gives the glass that condensation-look which adds lovely texture and that “ooh-yum” factor to your photo. First up – The Burger. One needs to have a knack for designing as well as aesthetics in order to become skilled in this field. But mostly I love that I get to tell a story through the props and styling of a recipe. Keep practicing, it’s amazing how quickly your photos improve when you practice a lot. Add layers to your photo for added depth. 
Inclusive and supportive, all experience levels welcome! When it comes to crafting compelling food stories, Christall Lowe from The Style Tales knows a thing or two about scene building. Creating flavor bites is the perfect accompaniment to creative plating as it pleases both the eye and the taste buds. Food images can often look very cluttered and that’s where I like to follow the “less is more” rule. I know how desperate I was for tips and tricks when I was just starting out so if I can do that for someone else, I’m happy to. It might not work but who cares? I hope they are helpful! There are certain dishes, however, that just beg for a certain angle. Glad you found it useful Kath! One of the most difficult things about food photography is the food styling. Top Tip: working on the floor when it comes to overhead shots especially is quite advantageous, as you get a full view of the scene without having to clamber up ladders, or stand on chairs. All I will definitely try and use in my photography. Don’t be afraid to let them be scrunched or wrinkled as the shadows created in the wrinkles add more depth to your scene.‍. When I first started my blog, my photographs and styling were horrendous. In the last several years, food waste has become an issue of growing interest among activists, scientists, and consumers alike. Food styling and photography is an art and when you create art, you need to know the basics. Thank you! Thanks so much Savanna. You want it soft looking, and with some movement - and even better if it cleverly draws the eye to the main focus dish. As a brand new blogger I could not have stumbled over this post any later! Thanks! Imagine how your room looks when it’s messy and how it looks when you clean it up, the same ingredients, different results. I aspire to get better and your post gave me so many great pieces of advice. Brushing the meat with a little of its own cooking juices does wonders. The same goes with bowls. This is very useful for those of us who struggle with this…thanks for sharing such great information! I do the same, always looking to improve. Getting a bit messy really helps to add movement and life to your … To learn how to get this amazing effect and more see our blog 5 creative ways to add interesting shadow effects to your images. Advertisements often exaggerate attractiveness, and sometimes size, perhaps most famously in the case of fast food. Your email address will not be published. This post is fabulous – thank you. So very helpful and inspiring blog! Thanks for your lovely comment Jamala! Lighting is incredibly important in all photography but with food it is absolutely vital. This makes them easier to store as well. It doesn’t affect the taste a lot and will make the steak look juicy and moist (this works equally well with burgers). Even look around your own home - concrete back door steps can be sprayed with water for a polished concrete appearance, your concrete path with its cracks and imperfections, your deck with its weathered timber!‍. What might look like a simple piece of timber may translate beautifully through the lens, so don’t be afraid to try things out. Layer smaller dishes upon larger dishes, and add even further layers with foliage in the foreground (or background of a front on shot), or a chair popping out from under the table. This is why matte ceramics and older, tarnished silverware are ideal. These are things that I first started using when I did commercial styling for big companies and I had to have roasts look amazing even though they’ve been standing around for a few hours. But style them on a smaller plate with a lemon wedge, some fresh herbs and perhaps even a little bowl of dipping sauce ON the plate, will make the plate look full and abundant. Thanks a lot. . If you want to take your viewer on a delicious journey the narrative begins with how you set the scene, starting with the backdrop and the items you use to style your shot. For example, use your chicken bones and vegetable scraps to make a broth. Definitely hoping this will help me kick it up a notch with my baking blog. to make the most of your camera. and we are lucky to have her sharing her expert tips with us. So inspiring… thank you! Colors, cooking, textures, shape, and flavors are all factors in plating your food. I am in the process of starting my food blog and love reading tutorials like yours! As a new blogger I am starting to understand how much photography means to creating a true experience for my readers. "Are you composing a plated dish from a fancy restaurant?," Schreiber prompts. 2. Start with printed, hand painted or textured backdrop boards, vinyls, large floor tiles from your tile store, and layer them on the floor or on top of an existing table or bench. You know what? You don’t want them to go “Oh, pretty plate and styling but the food looks meh.” Always remember that food styling is about FOOD. An early career Food Stylist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $61,402 based on 17 salaries. Hi Alida, some very useful food styling tips that I’ll definitely be making use of. I hope it helps Stephanie! Another important factor is to consider the region or location of the event and popular food items from the local area. I prefer plain, matte plates and bowls but I do have a few patterned pieces that work with certain dishes. I came to your blog from pinterest as I’m interested in photographing my pottery with beautiful food. It all made complete sense and was easy to understand. "Is it a family style meal? Balance, to me, is really just about creating a photo that is easy to look at. For my food styling series of blog posts to come, I’ll let you in on some of my tricks of the trade to help you get the most out of your food blog photos. This will create soft, beautiful light that mimics natural light well and will give you beautiful photographs. Janice Poon is the Toronto-based food stylist behind the cannibalistic dishes for NBC’s Hannibal, a television series prequel to the Oscar-winning 1991 film Silence of the Lambs.. H&F interviewed Janice Poon before we learned of NBC’s decision to cancel the show after its third season in August. I cringe when I think about some of my food photos and your post made me realize why those I like are better. thanks for sharing some of your food styling tips. Usually you’ll focus on the main subject but it’s fun to add a few extra photos in your blog post where the focus is on the other elements in the photo. Food stylists keep spraying food with water or mixtures of water, corn syrup, or other liquids to keep food looking fresh. Thank you for the great article! Using a huge bowl for ice cream will mean that you will need to empty the entire container of ice cream into the bowl to make it look nice, using a smaller bowl will require 2-3 neat scoops and will look a lot more appetising (especially when topped with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate and some chopped nuts). I want that, like now!” That is exactly the reaction you want from your readers. Home » Blogging 101 » Food styling tips for food bloggers, March 20, 2014 by Alida Ryder 99 Comments. So, if you are in the Food and Beverage business then you need to up your branding game to enjoy the larger share of the pie. That’s the beauty of a blog, you get to play around and make mistakes. Small bowls of salt and pepper always add texture and colour while fabric can often just finish everything off. For instance, when you are shooting a sandwich and it has a special mayo/sauce, focusing on a bowl of that behind the sandwich will add interest. I’m so glad you found this article helpful. Only a pleasure! It doesn't like to behave in front of company." Your post is very interesting and useful for me, that I’d want to improve my food photography. Get creative with your backdrops. When you are browsing Pinterest there are so many images of food that you often just scroll right over them. Oh, I’m so glad I could inspire you Tina! Like most ideas, this one just popped into my head, but only in rough draft form. A food stylist is a professional who makes food look appealing for the purpose of a photograph. That’s where a brush and cooking juices come in. Food styling is not usually offered as a university degree. I have a Canon 60d and 3 different lenses (50mm is my favorite), but need to keep practicing! Creating texture in your photos, using colour, making sure there’s balance in your photo, these are all important things to keep in mind. Thanks for all your helpful tips and tricks! Sometimes you need to look at things with a new set of eyes, and also realise that the camera itself has a different set of “eyes” as well. Colour is of utmost importance in food photography. I have SO many photos on this blog that I absolutely despise. This is a really useful post, but all the stunning food photos did distract me! My blog is my space to play, create and have fun. The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it. It's important to consider your scheduling needs and to select a program that works with your lifestyle. Can’t wait to apply it to my own photography. . Amazing tips. No really, don’t!). Thanks for all the great tips Alida! As long as you’re having fun, change your style as much as you can and embrace new techniques. I often also use fabric and large pieces of cardboard. Thanks! If I feel like changing the style of my photos completely, I can. Look for items that look worn and loved, again with lots of patina, even if they are no longer suitable for baking!Top Tip: Try to avoid shiny or reflective items as it will either produce glare, or will reflect your surroundings. We are starting to recognize the significance of food waste and the social, economic, and environmental costs associated with it. 3. Your photography is beautiful and hearing that it started out not so beautiful gives me hope ? Tips that I’ve picked up from doing both commercial and editorial styling for loads of different campaigns and of course also styling for Simply Delicious and my cook books. Place food to create flavor bites. Happy shooting! An iPhone is great for everyday photos but yes, a DSLR gives amazing quality photos. It is just as true with food presentation and how the elements are arranged on the plate. This is why it’s fun to write a food blog. The visual presentation of foods is often considered by chefs at many different stages of food preparation, from the manner of tying or sewing meats, to the type of cut used in chopping and slicing meats or vegetables, to the style of mold used in a poured dish. You’ll soon find the style that suits you best and then you can polish it and perfect it. Kitchen basics like scrunched up baking paper are a simple and inexpensive way to add an extra element. I find that if I just leave my camera in the bag for a few days, tell myself not to shoot anything, the itch starts soon enough and then I surround myself with beautiful fresh ingredients and that always sparks my interest again. Fresh herbs, finely sliced/chopped chillies, lemon/lime cheeks or a bowl of a side dish will add a lot of ‘body’ to your photo. You can add in ethnic dishes or regional items based on the event location or theme to garner the success of the event. Oh, interesting! Your tip about choosing the mood is really helpful. Familiarise yourself with the colour wheel to really make the most of using colour in your photographs. Loved the blog post . Congratulations for this amazing post! It’s best to shoot it head on so that you capture every layer. Thanks, Such brilliant advice, thank for taking the time to share! Only a pleasure Jodee! Through playing with my food I have learnt what I like and what I don’t like in creating food photos. Place your dishes in an uneven triangle to create visual tension. Thanks for this lovely blog post and some amazing tips. I often go to Tile warehouses and buy single tiles in colours/patterns that I like.
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