I have this vest and agree with the reviewer that it’s a great product, on and off the bike. Motorcycle Backpack and Courier Bag Reviews. The highest I measured was 113F despite the 135F claims Gerbing made for it. Just to give you an idea, I used a micrometer to measure the material that makes up the body of the vest. Hi Rob. It worked great, I couldn’t wait to give it a try on the bike. What I found was that the vest did a great job of taking away some of the chill. Versatility / Quality construction / Comfort / Simple controls, Not as much coverage as plug-in models / Battery life on extended rides, A full list of brands, review categories and motorcycle brands. You’re In The Right Place. While we have an affiliate relationship and receive a commission from items purchased, this addition comes at no additional cost to you. Press the membrane switch once to turn on the vest at its highest (labeled 100%) setting, and then press again for 75%, 50%, 25% and off. 99. $199.99 $ 199. FREE Shipping by Amazon. For riding, as this is a motorcycle website after all, I think it works best for shorter rides on cold days or taking off the chill on an early morning ride. If like me, you run a little on the warm side, you might be able to ride all day on two batteries. The 7V Torrid comes in four colors: Blue, Black, Green, and Camo. I think the strength of the Gyde 7V Torrid vest is in its versatility. Gerbing’s latest collection of heated gloves has been redesigned for the 2020 season with four new styles; XR, XRL, GT and XRW (ladies). Use this size chart from Gerbing to determine your fit. I hold all brands to a high standard but with Gerbing’s reputation and history I think I hold them to an even higher standard than most. I haven’t exactly timed the charging but it takes about 2-4 hours to charge the 2.2 Ah battery from empty. https://www.webbikeworld.com/fieldsheer-hydro-heat-textile-jacket-hands-on-review-sheer-joy-in-the-field/, Four-way stretch softshell material with bonded fleece back, Four Microwire heating zones: collar, chest (2), and back, Equipped with a dual-mode 7-volt battery and wall charger, Four Zone Heated for Targeted Warmth: Neck, Chest (2), Back, 7V 3400 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack (25.16Wh). Latest News from Gerbing It did, however, have an old shed at the back of the property with limited access. See the webBikeWorld Site Info page. This could be achieved with multiple batteries, along with a 12-volt dual car charger. Thus both of these fabrics provide high resilience and amazing resistance to cold flow. Learn More. Your email address will not be published. My chest size is 47 inches, which falls between Large and X-Large. For riders that head out for extended cold weather trips, I would still lean toward a full heating system that is powered by the bike. Now that I think about it, the word “Liner” in the name of Core Heat Vest may be apt, because this vest is designed to be thin and it feels almost weightless at 275 grams (9.7 oz.) The battery heated clothing in this lineup includes gloves, socks, hand warmers, jackets and even heated seats. KEIS V501 Heated Vest, £125. As I would be testing on two bikes and didn’t want to add additional wiring to both, I went with the 7V cordless option. This was a great starter bike for a big guy. Plug the Gerbing GT5 Gloves into your motorcycle or snowmobile’s 12-volt battery for endless heat while you are out for your ride. The wire that connects to the battery is continuous, running from the battery up the front left side of the vest, around the neck, down the back in a zig-zag pattern, and it ends on the other side of the neck a about 150 mm down the front. 21:09. The Gerbing Core Heat Vest Liner has an unbranded nylon-tooth zipper in the front with the runner located on the left side. For informational use only. Check the plug periodically for cracks or exposed wires. Gerbing Gyde Torrid Men’s Heated Vest - 7V Battery Softshell Vest with Tri-Zone Heating System - Sleeveless Heated Jacket for Winter Hunting Camping Riding – Camouflage. Reviewing motorcycle products for over 20 years. The Core Heat product line also includes three types of battery heated vests: the Core Heat Soft Shell Vest, Fleece Vest and the Core Heat Vest Liner I am describing in this review. All rights reserved. I like the flexibility of it not being tethered to the bike. When I first tried on the vest my first impression was that this could be used for so much more than motorcycling. The vest fits easily under my motorcycle jacket. Not what you’re looking for? Gerbing Gyde S7 heated gloves tested Last updated: 5th March, 2020 Riders in the current cold snap should check out these American Gerbing Gyde S7 Gloves which are heated via two lithium-ion batteries and are among the best heated motorcycle gloves . Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest. A nice touch, the pull tab on the left outer pocket has a red pull tab. Gerbing has been producing heated gear for more than 40 years. Once dry, gently tap the plug to confirm it is dry. The main point is that the design of this vest is a real advantage for motorcycle use because, for all practical purposes, it has zero bulk and zero weight, yet it provides wireless warmth. From heated gloves, to heated jackets, heated pants, and even heated socks and insoles, you can warm your body head to toe with something from Gerbing, Firstgear, Powerlet, Tourmaster, or any of the other heated outdoor gear … Try on the gear for the best fit as sizes may vary by style. The vest doesn’t put out as much heat as any of the wired heated vests I’ve tried and it’s probably about 75% of the heat produced by the Jett battery heated vest (review). Not to mention they are so damn versatile. The 7V Torrid vest comes in 5 sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. See our review policies for more information. The 4-way stretch outer shell allowed the vest to form to my body. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner - 12V Motorcycle at Amazon.com. All the pockets, inside and out, are zippered. Tested: Blaze Wear heated motorcycle jacket, trousers and gloves review; Tested: Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner review | £189.99; Tested: Gerbing 12V heated vest review; Tested: Keis G601 heated glove review; Tested: Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket review He now splits his riding time between a Yamaha Stratoliner and a Kawasaki ZRX1100. The collar of the jacket is close fitted and heated to ensure the interior of the liner stays snug The controller for the heated vest is built into the battery case. KEIS G102 Heated Gloves, £57.49. The stretch material easily allows for this. Designed to be close fitting for added warmth and powered by three patented Microwire heating zones, this heated vest is perfect for whatever the weather throws at you. From the company that started the heated gear revolution, the Gerbing 12V Heated Vest Liner is powered by the legendary Gerbing Microwire Technology that allows riders to enjoy their two wheeled machines all year long. $49.99 $ 49. Battery (4 Heat-Settings indicated by Lights & Heat Times): The theme of the review could easily be versatility. Click on the “Battery Power” link and you’re directed to a sub-site, devoted to the Gerbing wireless heated clothing line, called “Core Heat”. 4.3 out of 5 stars 31. The Best Heated Clothing since 1975. One of my riding buddies Norm recently moved to a beautiful old house without a garage for storing his bike. We’ve joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select motorcycle and motorcycle-related product retailers on the site. The vest includes one 7V Lithium battery along with a wall charger. As the day got a little warmer I was able to turn the vest off, but it still acted as a very good mid-layer. Simply plug the charger into the wall and plug the cable into the battery. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. I did not have a car charger to test, so I am not aware of how long it would take to charge the battery while mobile. The heated liner is made by Mobile Warming and it worked ok with the portable battery, but not as good as when it was plugged into the bike. 37K likes. There are numerous options that draw power directly from your motorcycle's 12 volt battery, such as the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner and the Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner. Gyde indicates that a full charge should take about 3 hours and I found that to be accurate. This is an important feature, because even a heated jacket liner can add too much thickness under a properly-fitted motorcycle jacket. The interior contains four heating zones. Gyde also recommends that you maintain at least 25% charge when the battery is not in use to help prolong battery life. Simply turn on your heated vest and experience warmth like never before. I was glad I did. I’ve been using Gerbing’s heated jacket for about four-months while I commute the 140-mile round trip from home to work. Overall, it is a great piece of riding gear, with so many more uses beyond the bike. The following colors are from the Gerbing website. wBW provides subjective opinions and information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products. (4 red lights = high heat, down to 1 red light for lowest heat). The mini ripstop shell encapsulates 5 heating zones and slips seamlessly under almost any riding jacket. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gerbing Gyde Thermite Fleece Heated Vest for Men, Grey - 7V Battery at Amazon.com. The thin construction doesn’t mean the vest is fragile. I may actually take in a few stitches on either side in the elastic to get the body of the vest to fit more tightly. Leaders in Heated Clothing Technology since 1975. Before storing, ensure the vest is completely dry inside and out. It fits under any motorcycle jacket due to its thin construction and very light weight. It is the primary way we pay for our site and reviewers. Gerbing specifically states that the Core Heat Vest Liner is “not designed to be used on motorcycles”. The 7V line of products uses a rechargeable 7-volt lithium battery as a power source. It’s definitely worth the price. More wBW Heated Clothing Reviews  |  Motorcycle Glove Reviews, Your email address will not be published. Nice review and interesting product. Gerbing also offers a 4 Ah battery for $69.95 and an 8 Ah battery kit for $189.95, which should power the vest for as long as you dare to wear it. The result has changed our riding habits forever! I charged the battery overnight, as recommended by Gyde. The battery even has a little “beep” sound every time the button is pressed, and the charger has a tone sound also that goes off briefly when it’s plugged in. Do not iron, do not put in the dryer, do not use a heat source like a hairdryer. While I can’t say it’s as ruggedly made as, for example, the EXO 2 StormRider (review), with proper care the Gerbing Core Heat Vest Liner seems perfectly adequate and so far has provided good service. I know this isn’t the extreme heat that a lot of southern regions get, but for just north of Toronto, it was hot. Built to protect you with four-way stretch soft shell material, a bonded fleece back and four patented Microwire™ heating zones, you won’t want to leave home without it. The main zipper feels strong and smooth and is backed with a rubber seal. Our reviews are hands-on, detailed, and unbiased. 0:56 +Venture Heated City Collection Vest - Duration: 1:12. I think as battery technology improves the need for a tethered option will reduce greatly. Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Review “The Gerbing Heated Jacket is a brilliant and necessary bit of kit if you’re riding in cold conditions. His first bike was a Yamaha V-Star 1100. *Note: Gerbing Heated Clothing provided the V7 Torrid Heated Vest for the purposes of this review. Do not dry clean. I turned the power up for the start of the walk, turned it down part way through and powered it off when I was completely warm. Never mind! A full list of brands, review categories and motorcycle brands. As I am, what I like to call well-insulated and tend to run a little hot, I set the temperature on the vest to the lowest setting and headed out. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Reviews This Gerbing 12V Battery Pack allows you to use your heated clothing while not hard-wired into your motorcycle. I turned it on until the outside temperature warmed up or I personally got warm. We’ve joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select motorcycle and motorcycle-related product retailers on the site. It wa… So overall, the Hybrid gloves are excellent and are among the warmest we have tried, even though they are a bit bulky and the location of the battery makes the gauntlet a tight fit over a winter jacket. 36K likes. It feels like you almost need two systems one tethered and one not for the ultimate in all conditions riding. To turn the heat off, press and hold the power button. See More: Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Tire, Motorcycle Helmets. The vest comes with the battery and a small charger. How thin is it? I’ve used the kit on my Yamaha Tracer 700, a Triumph Bobber and a KTM 1290S Super Adventure. Gerbing's collection of heated gloves, jackets trousers and socks in the 12V range can be connected to a vehicle’s battery or from a 12v Gerbing battery so you can use it anywhere. Gerbing heated vest, £126.25 Time owned: 10,000 miles/seven years What’s good: In seven years this heated waistcoat has never let me down. In-depth guides to help riders understand what to look for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions. As my wife and I headed out to walk the dog (Chewbacca), I threw on the vest with a light jacket over the top (removed for photo). I would think Gerbing would be shouting from the rooftops about this! The Arris heated vest was designed for all sizes in mind, as its length and width are adjustable.As it has a long battery life, the Arris heated vest is an excellent choice for outdoor activities. Gerbinghas been producing heated gear for more than 40 years. Motorcycle Transportation Companies (USA, EU, UK, Canada). The 7V Torrid vest appears to be very well put together. More w BW Heated Clothing Reviews | ... there are a number of options for connecting multiple garments in the Gerbing heated clothing system. The Torrid Softshell Vest gives you unprecedented warmth and flexibility in the most extreme conditions. I get about 2 hours at 100% and up to 4-5 hours when I’m throttling it back and forth among lower settings, never using anything less than 50%. But if I wear the vest with nothing over it, like I do around the house, the 100% setting works best. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gerbing Gyde Torrid Softshell Vest – 7V Battery Heated Clothing for Men, Olive Green at Amazon.com. Gear Review - Gerbing Heated Clothing | Return of the Cafe Racers. As I would be testing on two bikes and didn’t want to add additional wiring to both, I went with the 7V cordless option. Features: Connects your heated clothing directly to your vehicle’s battery; Includes 6 fuses 1 each of the following: 3Amp, 5Amp, 7.5Amp, 10Amp, 15Amp, and 20Amp; 1 year warranty . Other than the Hybrid gloves, there are no other “Hybrid” or “wireless” heated vests or jackets in the Gerbing “Powersports Gear” product line as far as I can tell. It’s better when I wear a snug-fitting motorcycle or other jacket on top, or when I wear the vest under a sweatshirt. The battery is compact and convenient and clearly indicates each of the four heat levels. The charger also has a light that turns red when it’s charging and green when it’s done and the battery does the same. I always wore the vest over a base layer. The battery lasts about as long as claimed: 2 hours at 100% (the highest setting) to 10 hours at 25% (the lowest setting and doesn’t really provide enough heat to notice). Overall, I found the 7V Torrid vest to be very comfortable. They have two product lines, identified as 12V and 7V. It isn’t an overwhelming amount of heat by any means, but it is a nice, even warmth. This is a real advantage for wearing the vest under a motorcycle jacket. Some riders may take issue with spending $200 on the vest plus another $130 for the extended battery. Open the power pocket to locate the power plug and plug it into the battery. Keis V501 Premium Heated Vest – Gear Review Arm cuffs are elastic, and there are no hand pockets. All text, photographs and content on webBikeWorld.com are Copyright © since 2000. Gerbing is well known in the motorcycling community for its wired heated clothing. TheWarmingStore 6,492 views. Gerbing Gyde 7V Torrid Heated Vest Includes: After several weeks of riding, and other uses, these are my thoughts on the Gerbing Gyde 7V Torrid Softshell Vest. Place the battery into the pocket and close the pocket. One just needs to … In fact, the first time I used the vest wasn’t on the motorcycle. So, that kinda makes five. Store the vest folded, laid flat or on a hanger. So this is a lot of information actually, out of a tiny unit. Our reviews are hands-on, detailed, and unbiased. I also measured over the wires that run through the vest that provide the heat, and including the vest material on either side, they measured only 5 mm thick. You can look up Mobile Warming and see if something there catches your eye if this Gerbing vest doesn’t offer what you want. They have two product lines, identified as 12V and 7V. Al retired, after working close to thirty years in the IT industry. I did have one caveat, I would not be testing until late September or October. • 12v Lithium-ion 9Ah (9,000 mAh) Rechargeable Battery Pack Leaders in Heated Clothing Technology since 1975. webBikeWorld works closely with Revzilla and Amazon to provide our testers with quality products to review. The shell appears to be well constructed with a bit of stretch in the material for extra comfort. Your email address will not be published. And the vest is just as useful off the bike, around the house or for general use. You’re In The Right Place. The “Core Heat” wires start about mid-chest on the left-hand side and the warmth spreads gently around the neck, along the upper back and around the right-hand side of the neck. I have not used heated gear in the past, and always wanted to give it a try, so I jumped at the opportunity. After I felt warm, I would either turn it down to save on battery power or turn it off and use the vest as a mid layer. All material and photographs are Copyright © webWorld International, LLC since 2000. The li-ion battery pack is standard across the Core Heat product line, and extra batteries can be purchased for a reasonable $39.95. Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out the water, do not wring or twist. The most challenging aspect of using gear like this is that it requires being attached to a 12-volt power source. I agree that a dual system would be a great option. The 12V line of products is aimed at Powersports, as they require the gear to be plugged into a 12-volt power source. Instead of unzipping and digging under your riding jacket to change the battery power setting, you simply push a button on the remote, even while riding. So if this example is indicative of the sizing, I think the L/XL should fit a 43 a the minimum and probably a 45 or even a 46 at the maximum. The three connection power distribution unit, the garment interconnect harnesses and the temp controllers provide lots of options. plus 107 grams (3.7 oz.) The heated vest is a nice slim fitting model made from soft shell fabric, a very stylish vest with extra luxurious soft Tricot Lining in the neck area. In fact, I’m a 44 and it’s too big for me, even when wearing it over a T-shirt, thermal undershirt and sweatshirt, so I should have returned it for a medium. In a bid to keep riding all year round we tested Gerbings heated motorcycle gloves and jacket liner. The Core Heat product line is designed for the outdoor sports, hunting and fishing and casual user market. To get the full impact of the heating elements the vest should fit snug. In-depth guides to help riders understand what to look for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions. While the Gerbing Core Heat Vest Liner may not provide scalding heat for winter motorcycle rides, it has many advantages that are hard to ignore. I would like to see larger heat zones, but this may be a limitation of the 7-volt system. As the battery technology improves, and the costs come down, this will definitely be the way to go. Those gloves work really well down to about 40F but when the Temp dips down into the 30s my hands still get a little cold. Shopping For A New (Or Your First) Helmet? Additional batteries cost about $40 each, the dual car charger is about $20 and there is also a dual wall charger available for about $20. The battery has a built-in display panel with LED lights. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Press and hold the power button located on the battery until the LED lights illuminate. I've been using the Gerbing Battery Heated Back Wrap for a few weeks now, and boy howdy am I ever glad I found it. After removing the battery and tucking the cable into the power pocket, hand wash gently with a mild detergent in cold water. Al has been riding for about twenty years. The outer chest pocket is bonded with rubber for added water resistance. I really liked the high collar for heat and wind protection. The Gerbing Battery Powered Core Heat Vest Liner takes the chill off, whether you’re on or off the bike. Zarkie 191 views. The Gerbing Hybrid heated gloves (review) are an exception. Locate the power pocket inside the left outer pocket. Motorcycle Transportation Companies (USA, EU, UK, Canada). LED lights to indicate the remaining power will illuminate (4 lights indicate a full charge, 1 light is 25% charge. While the heat isn’t overwhelming, it is there and it’s just enough to take the chill off. In fact, the Core Heat Vest Liner has a few real advantages — besides the wireless heat, of course, which is a huge advantage in and of itself. A water-repellent Thinsulate soft shell, it has pockets on the inside and outside, with a lifetime warranty on the heating elements. Otherwise, it seems like a good solution for motorcycle use. I'm writing this review for anyone who already owns a pair of heated gloves and is considering upgrading to the latest technology. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Let’s face it, with only around 8 Watts, you won’t be hard-boiling any eggs inside this vest. Using the size chart on the Gyde website, I selected the XL. The bonded fleece interior allowed for a soft feel, with no shifting between the interior and exterior. So on a cool drizzly day, with help from another riding friend Pete, we set about to remedy this problem. Gerbing Gyde 7V Battery Heated Jackets & Vests Include : Push the power button to select the temperature you would like. Just to give you an idea of how thin the vest is, the zipper pull, including the runner is 10 mm thick, 10 times as thick as the body of the vest. It doesn’t have sleeves, but keeps your core warm with heating pads on the chest, back and collar. The current temperature was around 30 Celcius ( 86 F) with a humidex of 35 C (95 F). Includes a rechargeable 7V lithium-ion battery for hours of heat on-demand. The 100% setting can actually feel too warm in some circumstances; for example, if I’m wearing a tight-fitting jacket over the top. As you can see from the picture below, winter has come early to the Greater Toronto Area. Click here for all the heated gloves … As it so happens, I think the Gerbing sizing is incorrect. This will likely meet the needs of most riders. Living north of Toronto, in Newmarket, allows him quick access to many of Ontario's riding areas. Ororo vs Muske ewool PRO heated vest review - Duration: 21:09. The 7V line of products uses a rechargeable 7-volt lithium battery as a power source. Motorcycle armour & base-layer reviews; Motorcycle heated kit reviews. I own a pair of Gerbings T5 gloves that I bought about 4 or 5 years ago. I don’t know the answer to that question. This reflects the way I used it when riding. Thanks for taking the time to read the review, and to comment. All rights reserved. While Gerbing is best known for decades of 12-volt heated motorcycle apparel that revolutionized winter riding, this 7-volt back wrap is a hidden gem that I'm happy to share with you. This picture reinforced one of my initial impressions of the 7V Torrid vest, and that is its versatility. Turn it up to the 100% setting and it takes about 3-4 minutes to feel the warmth, which comes in with a just-noticeable feel. More heated bike kit options. With a nice luxury looking soft shell fabric, the vest also features inside and outside pockets. Required fields are marked *. It was the last week of July when the request came out to review heated gear. for the battery. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 99. Pricing. Reliable and unbiased advice here. Heat coverage is two patches on the chest, one on the back and across the collar. The Gerbing 12V fused battery harness is the direct connector to your vehicle’s battery, which is the power source for your heated clothing.
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