Fees are published annually in advance and are payable in Hong Kong dollars. There will be no refund for these trips and expeditions other than at the sole discretion of the Head Master and only recoverable, non-shareable costs will be refunded. If a trip is cancelled the School will work to secure a refund from the airlines/tour operators/insurance company, but parents are liable for any loss occurred due to the cancellation. Certain conditions apply to the refund (see section below, Notice of Leaving). £14,200 per term, including board, tuition, textbooks, a stationery allowance and laundry, and paid in advance by the first day of term. Students are expected to attend every Saturday throughout the term in order to benefit fully from the additional teaching provided on Saturdays. Costs will be billed when these additional events take place. There is a small, once only, entrance fee to join this programme. Harrow Bangkok is a unique school, the largest member of the Harrow family, it is the original branded British independent school outside of the UK and has grown and flourished on our green North Bangkok site as a ‘five form entry’ day and boarding school. Number of students in school 0. Discounts on tuition fees will be applied for siblings who are in the School at the same time, as follows: Third child (5%); Fourth child (10%); Fifth and subsequent children (15%). THB 225,000 once only for any student who has passed the admission assessment and is placed on the school’s waiting list. Boarding is available to pupils from Year 6 onwards. School Fee Payment Methods 2020-21 (Exchange rate for HKD to USD: 7.70) By Bill Payment. A non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of RMB 1,000 must be paid for each application. Admissions - Harrow International School Beijing follows the British independent school model that recognises the importance of leadership in all phases of the school. Our registration fee is £350 … A charge is made for after-school activities which varies depending on the type of equipment used, the instruction, any testing required and any special clothing or accessories needed. The Upper School includes the Preparatory School (Years 6 to 8); the Senior School (Years 9 … Harrow International School Bangkok is committed to the safety and protection of children. Ms. Saowaluck (Neung), Accounts Manager email:  neung@harrowschool.ac.th     Tel:  02 503 7222  Ext. The above fees include the cost of snacks and lunches. At Harrow College, we’re proud to welcome international students; from across the world. Billing will be made on a termly basis. Parents need to prepay a minimum of two sessions per week for a full term. after-school activities and individual music lessons, Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, A sibling discount is available when using the bus service, The zonal system above is based on distance from the school. The invoice for the lessons will be sent out by the Accounting Department. Boys joining in Michaelmas 2020: £2,200 (£1,000 of this will be refunded when the boy leaves the school, subject to settlement of his final fees and other charges). For pupils without Capital Certificates and Debentures, there is an annual payment of the Capital Levy. These fees cover the regular examination programme for each pupil’s particular course of study throughout these years. Please make cheques payable to ‘HARROW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION LIMITED” with the name and Year group of the pupil on the back. Should such incidental costs exceed THB 20,000, then additional sums will be billed during the year in amounts of THB 10,000. Located on a green, spacious and secure campus at Don Muang, a typical British day and boarding school education is provided for an international group of students aged from 18 months to 18 years. Registration Fee from 1 September 2020. Annual fee (6th Form) RMB 298,500. Annual Capital Levy (for pupils without Capital Certificates and Debentures). The School integrates elements of educational philosophy, practice and traditions from Harrow School in England into the diverse international community of Hong Kong to provide a highly distinctive education. Parents will be given details of the charge for each after-school activity and students may select from a range of activities. To ensure that the School has sufficient notice with which to plan fee levels, other resources and the curriculum, a Term’s Notice must be given in writing. Acceptance Fee. This deposit is normally not refundable in the case of application withdrawal. Fees are subject to annual review and the Hong Kong Education Department Bureau’s approval. Students in Years 10-13 can either pay the school to provide textbooks at cost (plus an administrative charge), or can purchase the textbooks themselves. For any subject requiring additional tuition, there is an extra charge. HK$263,868. When a place becomes available there is no additional admission fee to pay. With a superb first crop of university destinations for our departing Harrovians this summer (that included many of the world’s top-ranked institutions), outstanding examination results, a unique ‘character building’ extra-curricular programme for pupils of all ages, and a dynamic leadership team, there has never been a more exciting time to join Harrow International School Shanghai. Examination fees: Examination fees are charged for GCSE/AS/A2 candidates in Year 10 to 13. This policy can be found hereand should be read in conjunction with the School’s admissions policy and the standard Terms and Conditions. Number of students in school 0. : 010522 (for remittance from the USA only). School Profile. 1910. Lunchtime meals and other snacks are provided by the school at no additional charge. It is recommended that each student also has his/her own medical policy appropriate to their circumstances since the school’s group personal accident insurance policy has limits on the amount and extent of coverage. All staff and visitors are expected to comply with our School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. Harrow School Online brings together the richness and heritage of Harrow School education with leading online learning technology and teaching practices. These are charged as extra on a pupil’s fee invoice. Annual fee (Primary) RMB 248,900 - 266,000. The official Notice of Withdrawal Form must be completed and signed by the parent and Head of School. The Transportation Coordinator will advise parents which zone is applicable for their location, Cancellation of the service must be made half a term in advance and in writing to the school’s Transport Office, Refunds for cancellation are calculated on a half-term basis only, Bus service charges may be adjusted term by term. Admission enquiries. For pupils joining the school at Toddlers who wish to continue to Pre Nursery, the Admission Fee is THB 112,500 non-refundable. Universities Schools Pupils undertaking re-sits of particular examinations in order to improve their grades will be charged extra fees comprising actual costs from the external examiners and administration charge. For pupils joining the school at Toddlers who wish to continue to Pre Nursery, the Admission Fee is THB 112,500 non-refundable. It will be refunded when the student leaves the school, less any outstanding fees or charges. welcome to harrow international school bangkok. For students entering or leaving the school later in the academic year, annual fees will be prorated on the basis of weeks of tuition remaining in the year (including the week of entry) compared to the total weeks of tuition per annum. Our alumni organisation has a membership of approximately 9,000 Old Harrovians (OHs). The School Head Master’s Welcome According to the prestigious Spear’s School Index 2020, Harrow Hong Kong is one of the top 3 schools in Hong Kong, one of the top 10 schools in Southeast Asia, and one of the top 100 schools in the world. Harrow is the fourth most expensive boarding school in the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference. Any sessions cancelled by the school will be made up and a credit given for the next available session. British, IGCSE. Registration Fee. This is the official way to give notice of a pupil withdrawal. In our Foundation Family, there are also a number of Harrow International Schools. No deduction of fees or make-up lessons will be arranged for either any absence from lessons or lesson cancellation caused by severe weather. Individual music lessons are charged at THB 750 per half-hour lesson per instrument. This Schedule of Fees and Charges does not replace or is not a substitute for the Parental Terms and Conditions Agreement. For all transfer payments, please ensure the Name and Year Group of the pupil are marked in the “Message to Beneficiary / Remarks” section of the remittance form, and provide a copy of the payment receipt. On transfer to Pre Nursery, the second and final portion of the Admission Fee of THB 112,500 is payable, non-refundable. Harrow International School Qianhai will open in 2020 accepting students at Kindergarten to early Prep School age (Grade 8 / Year 9) in the first phase. Year 10 to Year 13 tuition fees exclude the cost of textbooks and examination fees. There is no additional charge for this support and it will be provided for a maximum period of three years. Other expeditions and trips during school holidays: A list of trips and their cost are issued to parents annually. For enquiries, in the first instance please contact Email: finance@harrowschool.ac.th   otherwise contact: Otherwise, a Term’s Fees in lieu will be due and payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice whether or not the place can be filled. english, chinese, spanish, french Academics . If a place is not available within 12 months of being placed on the waiting list, the school will refund the waiting list fee in full, or you can request to remain on the waiting list and the waiting list fee will be refunded at a later date if a place is not available. Students taking tests of English proficiency will be charged the actual cost plus an administration charge when they sit the exams. Harrow School Fees For Boarding Students Harrow School’s fee for the academic year 2019/20 is £13,925 per term (£41,775 per annum) and includes boarding, tuition, textbooks, a stationery allowance, and laundry. Request a Prospectus. Harrow School (/ ˈ h ær oʊ /) is an independent school for boys in Harrow, London, England. For further information please contact the Music Department. Harrow International School Shanghai fees: RMB 3,000 application fee, RMB 25,000 placement deposit, tuition fees range from RMB 234,600 to RMB 319,800. All Rights Reserved. Year 9 tuition fees exclude the cost of textbooks in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Sciences. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The Admission Fee is payable upon acceptance of the student and must be paid before the student enters Toddlers. The Formal Pupil Withdrawal Form can be found on Engage, the School’s parent portal. The Toddlers Admission Fee is refundable if the student subsequently fails the assessment for Pre Nursery entry. Harrow Independent College 308 -310 Eastcote Lane South Harrow , HA2 9AH United Kingdom. The mission statement of the Harrow International Schools is 'Leadership for a better world', which draws on the great tradition of famous leaders emanating from Harrow School such as Winston Churchill, Pandit Nehru and King Hussein of Jordan. For more information please contact the Transportation Coordinator, gave_bu@harrowschool.ac.th, Tel:  02 503 7222  Ext. 38 Tsing Ying Road, Tuen Mun Overview ; Admissions ; Key Facts. In the case of a student being absent from the school for an extended period exceeding 4 weeks due to sickness or other related causes, the school will consider giving a credit equivalent to the tuition time lost against future fees on the student’s return to school. Please note the School reserves the right to correct administrative errors and to recover any associated shortfall in fees but will consider exceptional mitigating circumstances on a case-by-case to determine a payment plan if deemed appropriate. The form can be obtained from the Admissions Department. Annual fee (Pre-kindergarten) THB 430,000 - 570,000 Students will be charged an additional fee for undertaking any resits of particular examinations or making an enquiry about their results. We are a fully online global sixth form, offering an A Level education to girls and boys aged 16-18. IGCSE and A Level courses are followed and outstanding results ensure that our students secure places in prestigious universities worldwide. Where less than one full term’s notice is provided, then the deposit will not be refunded. School Profile. Any unused money will be carried over to the following year or reimbursed to parents when the boarder leaves boarding school. A fee of HK$1,500 is charged to cover the administration costs of the Admissions Department in processing all applications for entry. The School was founded in 1572 by John Lyon under a Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I.Harrow has three terms per academic year (2017/18). As stewards of many cherished traditions, today’s Harrovians follow in the footsteps of This policy can be found here and should be read in conjunction with the School’s admissions policy and the standard Terms and Conditions. 02084236227 07957317668. admin@harrowindependentcollege.co.uk. Parents will also be billed THB 20,000 for each boarder at the beginning of each academic year to cover incidental costs. Expeditions: All year groups from Year 3 upwards have a residential trip per year. Students graduating at the end of Year 13 are exempted from this requirement to give notice. The school provides the opportunity of prepaying the full year’s fees in one lump sum and will grant a discount of 1.5% provided the total year’s fees less the discount are received before the due date for the Term 1 instalment. *All local and overseas charges will be borne by the remitter. However since the school’s policy has limits on the amount and extent of coverage it is recommended that each student also has his/her own medical insurance policy appropriate to their circumstances. Harrow is in London and so estimated living costs are £11,385 per annum if you are studying for a programme that is longer than 9 months, and £1,265 per month if you are studying for a programme that is 9 months or less. ‡ This fee acts as a deposit which is returned if all accounts have been settled in full, all school property has been returned, and a required notice has been given. Insurance details can be obtained from the Human Resources Department. Please note that a pupil’s enrolment in lessons will be continued each term and each year until written notice to terminate lessons is received. HK$263,868. English language support will be provided to those students from Pre Nursery to Year 5 who, in the school’s judgment, require this additional support. Students in Years 11-13 will be given study leave for part of Term 3 prior to and during the examinations period. Hong Kong International School in Tai Tam and Hong Kong Academy in Sai Kung have also announced a tuition fee rise by about 4 per cent to HK$203,500 and 4.5 per cent to … Building on the 450 year tradition of Harrow School in London, the first Harrow International School was established in Bangkok in 1998, followed by Beijing in … Registered by the Department for Education (DfE) as an Independent School, Registration Number 310/6011 Schools may or may not raise their prices for each academic year. Prices for subsequent years are illustrative only and subject to change. If a final payment is not made by the due date the pupil may lose their place on the trip. The School is committed to a fair and transparent policy in respect of fees and charges. Please visit the UKVI website for details on how much money you may need. … The deposit is payable upon acceptance of the student and before he/she is admitted to the school. Annual fee (Pre-kindergarten) RMB 214,800 - 221,500. It is not sufficient to verbally inform a member of the school or send an email to advise that a student is leaving. One full term’s notice, in writing on the official Notice of Withdrawal Form to the Head of School, is required for any student leaving the school, or leaving boarding to become a day student. Further details on fees can be obtained from the Director of Finance, Ms. Miranda Ng at sfng@harrowschool.hk. The school fees policy forms part of the contract between the School and parents. If you have any questions related to any part of the Fees policy, please contact the Finance Department: Mrs Alice Lam alam@harrowschool.hk or Ms Miranda Ng snfg@harrowschool.hk. Harrow International School. The levy amount is reviewed each year. Parents are required to sign the school’s Parental Terms and Conditions Agreement, which is the primary agreement between the parents and the school. Tuition fees do not include the cost of compulsory school uniform, lunch, snacks and transport by school bus. In addition there will be opportunities for other expeditions, cultural visits, sporting trips and outdoor pursuits throughout the year. Boarding at Harrow Hong Kong comprises of five nights at the School – Sunday 7.00pm to Friday 4.30pm. The payment is non-interest bearing, non-refundable and non-transferable. RMB 1,000 +603-7986 0070 Write to us Schools . Specifically designed for effective full-time online learning. THB 225,000 non-refundable, payable upon acceptance of the student and before he/she is admitted to the school. Copyright ©2020 Harrow International School. News & Events. 1139. This policy will be updated from time to time to reflect the School’s practice. THB 5,000 non-refundable, to be paid prior to or on the assessment date. The Harrow way Harrow International Hong Kong is a school of two halves. Tuesday, 15 September, 2020. The standard tuition fee to study one to three Individual A Level subjects at Harrow School Online is £1,575 per subject per academic term.To study Maths and Further Maths in conjunction, the standard tuition fee is £2,100 per academic term.
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