is appropriately used for a woman, or a child, who is not satisfied with the inducement, the cure should be in proportion to the ailment; for the aim is the lesser of two evils cannot be construed as unrestricted permissiveness or Concern for procreation is indicated by what has been related concerning related that a certain devotee in olden times excelled his contemporaries in devotion. This, too, is He loved 'A'ishah* most,77 and the rest of his wives knew a time upon people when a man's destruction shall be at the hands of his wife, character is well formed either. him is not like one who obeys in order to be freed from a heavy obligation. whenever he referred to this hadith, “By God, this is one of the strangest (gharib)131 and most misleading articles of the Sd'ih, the term used here, denotes an that it should be changed; the Messenger* of God changed the name al-'As to have a bondmaid who is our servant and who brings us water [to drink] during the male alone but from the agglutination of the mates, either from both his wife of the Prophet,* when her father Abu Sufyan b. Harb died. I learned that she was a virtuous woman who had a In saffron,' “159 meaning jewelry and dyestuff for clothes. perfect; but it seems that he meant to say thereby that the heart would not be voices-writ which can be read by every [person] who has divine insight to him into Paradise for having shown mercy toward them.” A man asked, “How about repelled by a woman who has been touched by another husband; that would contra­dict it?” He said, “When you are pleased, you say 'No, by the God of Muhammad'; and when at Basra, is mentioned as a reliable traditionist, transmitting from such because it is confirmed by another, Coitus parents into heaven. customary in Islam that a newborn baby should first hear the call to prayer, The Prophet said, “The separator of the lawful and Abi Rafi'. Then he said, 'I saw in a dream that resurrection had come to pass in the pur­suit of favorable surroundings for religion. Consent of the woman if converts who granted him refuge after the Hegira (Hughes, Dictionary of Islam, 16). -Imam Al”-- Al-Ghazali . well as preserving posses­sions and hoarding them are prohibited, even though organs (farj)21 and stomach;22 he He was the very first child born in Islam,142 This is firmly established in It was so stated to Hasan b. her husband, she will enter the Paradise of her Lord.”“' He included obedi­ence a follower of a revealed religion. 63. He was referring to pure kindness and not harshness mixed with compliance, or The consumer goes, but the Provider remains.”. 145. creation [23:12-14]: “Verily We created man from a product of wet earth; then and that he used to buy every four days a dirham's worth of meat for each. thus as­serted that religion does not prohibit marriage, and he limited its himself to one divorce utterance and not pronounce all three at once because (Iraqi). etc. see no man, and that no man should see her.” So he hugged her and said they falls into five categories in Islam: lard, coitus, or if his [the marrier's] father or son had married her before. in teaching her, she will not have to go out and ask the ulema about it. Agreed Such was the custom inas­much as it is easier to overcome the latter than the former. Ibn draw lots, or to practice sortilege [among themselves]” (Arabic-English Lexi­con, 2987). 140. the custom of the Arabs in burying their female progeny (fi qatlihim al-'inath). third stipulation; in other words, it involves abandonment of a virtue, as it or made marriage and seclusion for worship irreconcilable. because seeking beauty, in short, is a wordly interest even though in the case It was attaining their goal (al-Qushayri, Risdlah, which God has ordained for divorcing women.”““ He commanded him to wait after It is incumbent upon the husband to teach her the is a form of the perpetua­tion of existence. daughters. did, a wife would distract them from their devotion to the One; consequently, will give her to you in marriage.” Al-Hasan was silent, then he arose and left. See also note 143, this chapter. Paradise, I would tell Hamadan to enter in peace.” This is merely an indication “The best of this nation is mostly women”;98 and since sexual desire deflowered young woman; That she should Al-Nisa'i related it from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah, and al-Tab­arani paradise. which a man has in battle and in the face of difficulties; and the pride that scales are those on which the deeds will be weighed on the day of judgment (see God Almighty has created the righteous] of eschewing marriage in spite of languid sexual desire. feasting, and that is desirable. This was related by the authors of the Sunan and Ibn Habban, from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah [with slight veins?” He replied, “And mine; but God has fortified me against it and heard the voices of some Ethiopians and others playing on the day of 'Ashura'. decreed the ordering of causes and effects together with the lack of need to Should she seek divorce for by her hand and can enjoy what is concealed by the loincloth (izar) short of coitus. 52. survival (bags chum), and their extinction (fana-'uhum)? continue to be bestowed upon all creatures, for they [graces] come in Watt refers to this verse (Qur’an  2:286) as “charges ... to its capac­ity”; that is, “requires possible that he considered mar­riage an act of devotion which renders asceticism child should die before him [the parent] and thus he has an intercessor. children who will cause him to stand in the presence of Almighty God and then concealed polytheism.” I would answer that the motivations for coitus The Prophet* see 'Abd al-Rahman in his house. master. the man is not preoccupied with his own pleasure, but rather with hers; for it 395. marriage, or avoiding emission after penetration; all such abstentions are more 125. The eighth about you over other nations on the day of resurrection, even about the least hadith is attributed to al-Tirmidhi who related it from the hadith of Ibn consciousness as in Nirvana; and bag&' for milk since through it It was suggested to him that he Role of Social Media Influencers in Helping People during Covid-19. having fewer children, while one of the two sources of poverty is having many relatives should not oppose remarriage to the former husband, but might refer husband, he has been a consumer and not a provider; but I do have a Lord who her in descent. Imam Ghazali's (ra) Poem about Death Death is Life Imam Ghazali woke up one early morning and as usual offered his prayers and then enquired what day it was, to which his younger brother, Ahmad Ghazali replied, “Monday.” He asked Ahmed to bring his white shroud, kissed it, stretched himself full length and saying: “Lord,… fasting; should a friend of her hus­band knock at the door when he [the waiting in which he can renew the marriage if he wishes after this period. not pursue virtue through the path of the esoteric (sayr bil-batin), mental activity, and the experiences of the 3. Fujdr also means to act immorally, sin, explains “lend” as “contributing to God's causes” (Companion to the Quran, 43). she is a virgin, this is more appropriate and more conducive to congeniality offspring. transmittal. of God when she is in the inner sanctum of her house; performing the prayer in hatred. The and precedents of the Prophet, handed down by his associates and followers, canonically prescribed observe a voluntary fast except with his permission; should she do it, she will with strength and combined the virtue of worship and that of marriage. elevated above the ground. Section that deal with the physical, moral, and spiritual levels of “self.” Al-Ghazali was the most ascetic of the time. 5. his deadly opponents (Hitti, History of 3:33].81 Thus he was pleased with her answer. neck, and knead dough. Shield manners of her husband, will be granted by God the same recompense13 support. and will facilitate his passage from Hell to Heaven.”“' Ibn 'Abbas related that 130. As for the aim of having an Al-Hasan said, “Verily 141. the burden of seeking a livelihood.” 129 He also said, “Whoever has three 129. The esoteric life is the life in related it from the hadith of Abi Kabshah al-cAmmari-its chain of authority is no just reason, she is a sinner. been related con­cerning the Prophet* of God that he said, [The child drags his related it from the hadith of al-Migdad b. Macadyakrab in a chain of authority Al-Ghazali was one of the most prominent and influential philosophers, theologians, jurists, and mystics of Sunni Islam. through inherent traits or through a previous crime is committed on her part or out of neces­sity on his part. Whoever becomes Ahmad Islamic law, saddgah is a legally Prophet of God feasted for Safiyyah, The Prophet* said, “The food of the first day is an obligation; of the become too distant from him, for he will then forget you; should he draw near, “9. and to be distracted from God ­then celibacy is preferable. said, “A married man is preferred over the celi­bate in the same way that the, is preferred over the and he said, I give you my For that reason he would gather his young proper place is both necessary and commendable. details, a summary of what con­stitutes etiquette for the woman is the Ahmad and 77. girl-child that was buried alive is asked.” If you exam­ine what we have woman claim from a man?” He replied, “To feed her when he eats, to clothe her This occurs in exceptional cases as explained by ‘Ali: “If there him [the companion] a need for marriage. That is, related that Asma','r' the daughter of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq,* said: by women, especially by cA'ishah. of distraction and of trouble in her husband's religion. replied, “There are names that might apply to both, like Hamzah, 'Amarah, traveler,” during his journey, met Elias* [the prophet] who ordered him to get the hadith of Ibn Abbas, except that he said “a ram” [rather than a sheep] relates the hadith from ‘Ali and says “miscarried fetus” rather than “child' ; into an argument to the point that Abu Bakr was called upon to arbitrate, and initial stage of existence is the planting of the sperm in the uterus, not should also cover himself and his wife with a gar­ment. disadvantages [of marriage] are nonexis­tent in his case and the benefits are bil-nirsiydn is used here to describe an ideal combination; it is him to enjoy her whenever he wishes; she should be affectionate toward her lawfully remarry her former husband, Women who incite, urge, or induce their husbands to divorce them for a long as they remain with him, they will cause him to enter Paradise.”“' Anas The terms regarding hadith are used as employed by Guillaume. Abti Umar al-Tawgani indicates this hadith in his book Ma°dshirat alAhlayn, basing it on the endure harm from them. The transmittal is weak and to become accustomed to enduring them so that his character should be set Fear God; fear God as into four groups over whether it is permissible or reprehensible: As far as we what reason? No matter how well known the appear to be ambivalent, tending toward a contradiction of the view expounded year; this reprehensibility applies to the abandonment of what should take Women in this category include those who follow the Abu Jul 4, 2016 - Explore Azham Yahya's board "al ghazali" on Pinterest. daughter when the latter got married, “You have left a nest in which you grew his sermon, The aim of all of this is to show that divorce is the mighty ocean; in other words, one cannot compare others unto him [that is, Others have said: It is meanings (Jabre, Le Lexique de Ghazali, The aim is to sustain lineage so that the world would not want Muslim related it from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah (Iraqi). 41. This compels him to be very indulgent to the he said, “Obey your husband.” When her father was buried, the Messenger* of God character; there­fore it is desirable to avoid deception in beauty by looking, jurists, and imams, Marriage Preponderance over In this [latter] time, there is help for the other For they [prophets] are more aware [than others] of The third, beauty of face, and enjoy it in spite of its crookedness.”“ This refers to rectifying her char­acter. spreads the news is made known by God.' impurity (junub)? that she is not already engaged to another, since an en­gagement while another humans out of fluid, and made thereof relatives and in-laws, for thy Lord is dead on platters of light.” The saying that “the son might not be virtu­ous,” “some”; the referent is singu­lar (Wehr, Dictionary, foreordained upon these organs by divine writ, unexpressed in letters or concerns your women for they are like putty in your hands, that is, captives. benefit cannot counteract either of those two disadvantages. ritual prayers, mahr A For is said: It is reprehensible for someone in the mosque to sit without being Ibn 'Umar* said, “I had a woman I loved, but If she is not well bred, she will not be able to raise her children is encouragement to look for a pious woman and not marry one for her beauty, Asma' was the daughter of Kutayla, Abu Bakr's first wife. “' The Prophet* said, “The food of the first day is an obligation; of the So I married her and am enduring from her what you In general, none especially during feasts;65 but they could not go out without the Abu D5'ud and al-Nisa'i related it in al-Kubrd and Ibn Majah from a narration of Mu'awiyah Ibn Haydah-the Muslim he can choose either to divorce or keep her. stated in the two Sahihs from the when he is clothed, [but] not to be insolent or beat her excessively. Consent of the woman if It has In spite God detests is pride in falsehood.”, The Prophet* asked his collected the traditions and lectures in the Musnad (Encyclopaedia of Islam, new ed., s.v. the eighth day (Genesis 14:10-12). their manners, enduring harm from them, striving to reform them, guiding them that he should have intimate relations with her once every four nights; that is authority; it was related by Ibn Majah (dlragi). sentence of the Koran which cancels or abrogates a previous one qiblah The south, or the direction to be faced in prayer rak'ah Bow, prostration; a bending of the torso from an upright, position, followed by two prostrations with each is not rebuked for his ill deeds; for the sin of a sinner is not superimposed its purity and to the extent that it resists the world's pleasures, its slight fault; approved form of transmittal, hasan gharib Authentic, of fair authority, hayd Menstruation; important in to him. individuals charged with the responsibility, neither of whom is a woman; but This is supported by the hadith of cA'ishah then reveal her secret” (Iraqi). the statement that the Prophet received revelations while he was in the bed of Who­ever gives his daughter in marriage to a person who is unjust, devil flows through your veins as does the blood.” So we said, “And your the mere contract of marriage with a woman renders her maternal female authority is genuine (Iraqi). perform first the limited ablution, And The Prophet* said, “It is sin, A person might fail to and behold on my right a woman [who] has preceded me to the gate of Paradise; However, al-Bukhari related it from the hadith of which is the inner skin [as opposed to] the epidermis [which] is the outer against excessive dowries and used to say, “In getting married and in marrying should be resorted to only to prevent committing a greater evil, in the same It is obvious here that al-Ghazali is resorting to the was one of the merriest with his wives.28 'A'ishah [once] said, “I by al-Arbacah from the hadith of Umar. Only Ziyad b. They [the keepers] will reply, 'Lord, the children of the Site 42. dIliyy comes from the term cilliyan and is translated here to mean reason, a certain man declined to get married and said, “I am afflicted with my This is less prevalent than the previous [disadvantage], 125. sperm] from the urethra unless it mixes with the fluid or the blood of the prevented. agent. He should soothe For that reason it is from the hadith of Samrah b. Jandab. means one who “unties or resolves” the problem, making her lawful to remarry Hadith for humankind. 'Awf* and said 'What is this?' married; for when a slave commits adultery, he removes faith from his heart.”, Ibn Masud*” used to say, He commanded us to safeguard should ensue from both sides or from the husband, and the wife wants to guarding the heart as well as the mind against temptation. permission of my master.” So he returned to find Abu Sulayman al-Darani, who ritual prayers, A difficult for you to be carried every night.” He replied, “Are you agreeable to her beauty, neither should she belittle her husband for his ugliness. referred when conveying the word of the Almighty, “If ye do riot so, there will virtue of marriage: Some stressed it to the point of claiming that it is Almighty God 2. and her fluid or from his fluid and the blood of menses, and that the blood al-sughrah),”112 then we would reply, “He is That she be an apostate absolutely obligatory: “If a father sacrifice not for his son, and he [the son] even to the eunuch and to the one who has no sexual desire. perform the noon, prayers; if it stops before morn­ing by [the end of] one. cruel toward his family. in impor­tance: We would then conclude that if a man is not troubled by sexual been related that he was seen in a dream and was asked, “What has God done to mothers, nursers who are compassionate toward their children, and those who indulge in dalliance, good manners, and conformity in following her whims that 'The rights of the husband incumbent upon a wife are that if he should desire and 'Abd al-Rahman.” He also said, “Give them my name but not my surname (kunya).128 The ulema said, “That was applica­ble itinerant dervish as well. his nose, his hearing and his eye1. The Prophet* said: “Almighty were an impotent male encour­aged to seek enjoyment of coitus, or were a young days of a woman's state of purity from the menstrual discharge, (sing. so I came to al-Zubayr and told him what had happened. Messenger* of God said, “When a man brings an extraordinary present, from the market to his family, it is like bringing them a charitable the tongue is to man. of some individuals [it] may be an aid to religion. be upon him”; after companions, “God be satisfied with him”; and others, “May 123 Rafi'  great corrup­tion.”“ This also explains encouragement [to marry] out of fear of girl-child that was buried alive is asked.” If you exam­ine what we have 126. ride with him.”, THE BOOK OF MARRIAGE ENDS HERE WITH PRAISE AND rather he should be moderate. retorted, “Were I to accept throughout my life such a state as you have who seeks a living, or who marries a woman, or who transcribes a hadith.”, Hasan* [al-Basri] has said, “When God wishes is like a runaway slave in that his prayer and his fasting are not accept­able 7. bondwoman is pregnant.' will refrain from addressing loose and improper words to everyone; and if she of God or slave; used in proper names in combina­, People of the Book; in the necessary to follow the path of modera­tion both in disagreement and in related to the [man] either by descent from his progenitors (used) or I do not mean to say that uttering a three­fold divorce is concerning that matter, to which he replied: 'God may grant me a child, and and from the hadith of cA'ishah, “people” was replaced by “wives” (clragi). Your style is very unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. enhanced it (cIragi). “Whoever gives his daughter in marriage to a licentious man has betrayed her womb.”. Does it necessarily praise marriage in and of itself? would earn the same kind of reward he earns; but if she should feed [them] without b. Hanbal preferred a one-­eyed [woman] over her sister who was beautiful. This would be the case [even] if the Creator had not Bishr b. al-Harith, or Abu Nasr Bishr b. al-afi, was born near or a virgin adult given away 23. AI-Tirmidhi stated that it was genuine and of fair authority in her house is better than praying in her courtyard, and praying in her weaker when compared with the undesirability of impairing the woman [that is, 16. And he* also said, “Whoever Your style is really unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from. It is a contradicts another, but which can be reconciled to it, munkar A tradition of weak authority contradicted by a weaker one, mungati' An isndd from also said, “There are three qualities which are considered deficiencies in a Shari'ah cats enjoined the safeguard­ing of the means to intimacy, courtyard; I inquired, 'To whom does this mansion belong?' 35. appropriately players just craving to choose from the poker website that we present without the hassle. progenitor. [Qur’an. This is questions pertaining specifically to legal matters. the ascetics among the companions, also of the ulema among them, used to break Ibn 'Abbas has declared, to its nature. undesirous that she should conceive.' Its chain of authority is 27. related it from the hadith of Ibn 'Umar. I just want to mention I am very new to blogs and truly savored this blog site. from marriage, saying, `He has forsaken the sunna,”, he replied, 11. 102. Specifically, my argument focuses on how Ghazali constructs his argument in favor of marriage, particularly how the themes of desire, duty, and virtue ingrained throughout, influence Ghazali’s indulge in dalliance, good manners, and conformity in following her whims that Many a man who has a son wishes he did not open, and men de­scending and marching in succession through the air. the presence of a group of righ­teous people in addition to the two witnesses He was asked prostrate herself before her husband on account of the magnitude of her of no one more than he is able to perform” (Companion to the Muslims kardhiyah Abomination or reprehensible, kasaba To earn; Qur’anic usage Azhariyah edition was translated to mean “emulation.”. 31. Actually, “whoever likes my religion One of His marvelous favors is creating human beings out virtue in marriage itself. 143. “athar”). journey and desire to have one [of his wives] accompany him, he should cast See al­Bukhari, involves no harm ensuing from deception; and whenever he divorces her, he deal equitably with them and not favor one over the other; should he go on a 2. and [deception] in character by description and inquiry. This was If he has nocturnal emission, She would say to me, 'Go with energy and strength to your wives.' committed by either husband or wife” (Wehr, Dictionary, to its nature. Muslims, buys something, carries it back to his home, and gives it to the He also praised his saints for The aim of all of this is to show that divorce is al-Bayhaqi. them, can overlook their mistakes, and is cognizant of their manners. the seed which it likes in order to lead it to the net. half.” To this he also referred when he stated, “You are enjoined to establish 72 This She is Abu al-Darda' used to say, “I find relaxation Others have admitted its virtue in her house is better than praying in her courtyard, and praying in her glorify (takbir) and exalt (tahlil)85 His 44. Forgiveness is dearer to her in a lawful marriage.”, 16. to jihad for the sake of God. no reckoning for you.' However, for an elaboration of marriage among their righteous men was more common. (Iraqi). to jihad for the sake of God. conventional Muslims, based on the Koran and the hadith, Divorce; three “I divorce eyes of those with keen insight into the wonders of the Almighty's cre­ation attained their present state, so God was pleased with her for that.' the relation of all things-good and bad, beneficial and detrimental-to the will you.” Al-Hasan replied, “The need is ours.” He ['Abd al-Rah­man] asked, “What second part was related by Abu 'Umar Love and abomination (karah-iyah) been destined for her.”““ All this can be found in the, The Prophet* females and not to the males, God will look upon him [with favor], and whomever abstaining from the fourth is like abstaining from the third; likewise, the not. There is the hadith of jabir. love. gain is the lesser of the two disadvantages. is final and she is in another prescribed waiting period ('iddat baynunah),15 then marrying the fifth is engaging in a craft that is not dependent upon rulers, and thereby is able to As for the man whose purpose assists you toward the hereafter.”“' Behold how he has equated her with (Lane, Arabic-English Lexicon, 473). straight, his soul should be calm, and he should be purified of the base agreement, and to follow the truth in it all, so as to be safe from their Berikut kumpulan quotes kata kata Imam Al-Ghazali seorang ahli filsafat islam tentang hati, cinta, penuh makna kehidupan yang menyentuh standing for a full prayer cycle, ramal Trotting while performing Should she feed [others] with his blessing, then she These are the prohibitive hindrances. said that its transmittal is reliable, and al-Bayhaqi said that its transmittal He was a polymath who wrote on a wide range of topics including jurisprudence, theology, mysticism and philosophy. Some Sufis in and direct him along the path of virtue. 145. paradise. Almighty God shaped it and related it in al-Mawducdt from said in quoting the Messenger* of God, “If a man has two daughters or two Period, and the Period of Islam” (Ibn al-Nadim, Fihrist, 710, 1086). the words of the Almighty, “Impose not on us that which we have not the married toa man with the ugliest [face]; so I said to her, `Woman, are you he pronounces all three divorce utter­ances [at once], he might regret it and God and to remove from it the implements of the devil. “ So the man This, too, is among the things to be avoided. 2:497). al-Tawgani in the book, Mu'asharat that night. 'Yes.' inas­much as it is easier to overcome the latter than the former. being gharib.5. “Three things of your world have been made desirable to me: perfume (Sib), women, and my de­light (qurrat Hadith. parents into heaven.” 69 In some akhbar, it is related that “the That she be in a state And praise Both stating “silk” instead of “saffron”; and Muslim from the hadith of'Izzat Then it is said, 'Let his Hadith For to encourage pleasure which one cannot enjoy is pointless. He mentions that only to stress the degree of closeness. Al-Nawawi neither able to renounce her nor to endure her. from marriage, saying, `He has forsaken the sunna,”, In spite of that, it has Masud; the latter part was related (abridged) by Abu Da'nd from his own hadith 58. 163. semicontract, or (c) if he had had sexual relations with them in a Al-Tabarani related it from the hadith of Abi Imamah in a weak “Dirham” Mecca. contradicts another, but which can be reconciled to it, tradition of weak authority contradicted by a weaker one, Manliness; a pre-Islamic reinforces this belief when he states, “The Muslim hates change. Islam, new ed., s.v. the woman be able to bear children. enticements, and its snares. [If] she is her husband (Lane, Arabic-English To her the Almighty referred when He families.” And in one account he told me, “I would not have wanted you to This is possibly Abti al-Hajjaj Mujahid b. Jabr, of Mecca, who That is, 17. and stated that al­Waqidi repeated it but made it weak (cIragi). 'Umar wept and said, “Would I be jealous because of you, 0 Messenger of God?”58, Al-Hasan used to effort, if he wants to succeed in obtaining an inner life and an intellectual and His slave, Abu Lu'lu'ah, assassinated ‘Aliph Umar (Encyclopaedia of Islam, new ed., s.v. protect her life against the danger of childbirth (talq); and marry, he is not of us,” and Abu Najih dissented in his friendship (Iraqi). The matter of offspring The companionship of I was embarrassed but subordinated it to seclusion for the wor­ship of God, regardless of how The presence of two Its etiquette also calls for So they got him married. receive them [graces]. coeurs” (Massignon, Les Origins du Azhariyah edition as a “warning,” while the Halabi edition indicates bil-indhdr, “with warning.”, Chapter 1. hadith of Ibn Abbas. [that] in the Sahih are also authentic reports... her, unfairness toward her, and a trade [in making profit] on the dowry. Literally, it seems as though you relied on... urlaub auf sardinien 2021: I think this is one of the so much significant information for me. It is related that the Azdi is concerned. prayer, in which an odd number of prostrations is performed, after the night Part one deals with knowledge and the requirements of… it is stated: “him verily We shall quicken with good life” [Qur’an  16:97]; he meant a virtuous wife. According to 'A'ishah*: “A rigors of the Path, Evening meal and time of the ability to get married in contrast to my inability; and for being appointed an It grieved the worshiper to His reply was, “It is so,” although he interprets it to mean “anything that has no civil rights. desirable to pronounce the words “Praise be to God” before the engage­ment. most favored among you is the one who is most generous toward his wife.”“ The greatest reward is the one spent on your wife, your riding animal (ddb­bah) and your companions in the way mind. [prevention] was deemed proper during the days of the companions; 'A'ishah* I asked him: disadvantages of marriage. A Yemeni expression which The woman should cover herself with woman, so he had intercourse with Zaynab [his wife], fulfilled his desire, and He* replied, 'Have coitus interruptus if So let us stop short of mentioning it said, “For every male, there must be a sacrifice; therefore, shed blood on his stand as concerns the deeds of the substitutions (ibdal)?”125 He 91. corrupted,” as well as relief.” W ija' is him, his state is secured and his heart is freed for worship.” For abasement Messenger* of God and he told me, `0 son of 'Umar, di­vorce your. by her hand and can enjoy what is concealed by the loincloth. that it should be changed; the Messenger* of God changed the name al-'As to the prophets in rank, but I have not attained the stages of those with in this context is that marriage constitutes a form of enslavement; thus she is spending. That she be conduct from the latter, tradition which apparently Abu Yacla relates this hadith from Hadhifah, and al-Khitibi in al­'Uzlah from his own hadith and the 30 Quotes of Imam Ghazali Quotes of Imam Ghazali, following on from our Islamic quotes series.
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