Los pedidos enviados en Italia se entregan en 2/3 días hábiles.. Los pedidos enviados al resto de la Unión Europea tardan entre 2 y 5 días laborables.. Los pedidos enviados al resto del mundo se entregan en aproximadamente 7/8 días hábiles (excluyendo cualquier retraso en la aduana).. Si ha cambiado de opinión, puede devolver el producto dentro de los 14 días posteriores a la … From new, after an entire year climbing and 1 or 2 re-soles, these shoes will remain comfortable and precise. Sign up for the Crux Range Newsletter for regular updates, outdoor news, discounts and deal alerts. The La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe has been designed for edging performance, but it really excels at crack climbing and high-end trad routes. The TC Pro—an ultra-stiff yet high-performance shoe—is built for vertical micro edging, intense rand smearing, and jamming. Deals on gear, new blog posts, inspiring stories, and more. The shoes are super comfortable and offer adequate protection while you are wedged on cracks. Edge well (thanks to La Sportiva’s proprietary XS-Edge rubber which keeps an edge longer and better than any other rubber), Flexible but supportive mid-sole with patented P3 Permanent Power Platform, High ankle for support and extra crack protection, Moderately light at 8.71 oz. They might not be much to look at, but these rock climbing shoes are like the Navy SEALs of climbing shoes. If you are already convinced, you can check our deal finder to find the best prices on TC Pros. This site uses cookies to improve user experience. The ultimate technical, big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with La Sportiva athlete TOMMY CALDWELL. I could barely manage to do a V0 … In La Sportiva, I wear a US 11 approach shoe, a Euro 39.5 sport shoe, and a 40 or 40.5 TC Pro. By using Crux Range you accept our use of cookies. It helped me analyze very specifically the way a shoe needs to function for big wall free climbing. See Disclosure & Disclaimer for more info. Favorite quote, by Jim Rohn, “If you’re not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary.”, Tommy Caldwell’s Climbing Shoe: The Timeless La Sportiva Pro In-Depth. Still, I haven’t met a single climber that would say these aren’t the best climbing shoes they have ever worn for long trad routes. With this single pair of shoes he established and free climbed both Magic Mushroom and The Dawn Wall. Features. Rubber. CHECK PRICE. (that’s lighter than the techy La Sportiva Solution). You know what shoes both of them wore the entire route? His accomplishments are beyond incredible. In climbing, you usually have to sacrifice one for the other. Why You Should Use A Rope Bag In 2020 & Beyond, Climbing Ratings And Grades Explained (Plus International Conversion Chart). Low angle friction slab, vertical edging, competition coordination and much more. The virtually flat toe fits perfectly in cracks, allowing you to crank and jam in all directions with impunity. 30 years ago Wolfgang Gullich created one of climbing’s greatest training tools; the Campusboard. I never could have imagined it would turn out so well. At no extra cost to you, we may earn a commission. The La Sportiva TC Pro by Tommy Caldwell. I normally wear women's La Sportiva Miura in size 37.5. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Why bind your feet when you don’t need too? It had to function at a very high level while still being comfortable. By clicking the "Sign Up" button, you are subscribing to the La Sportiva N.A. All in a day’s work for the TC Pros! Climbing a slab, your toes take a beating. Still, you want your shoes to be snug enough for precision so that the sole doesn’t roll over your toe next time you are flagging on a tiny edge trying to clip the second bolt. My previous pair of shoes (Madrocks) were size 44 (I wear about a size 43 or 44 in tennis shoes), and I bought size 41 La Sportiva Solutions. TC Pros work for, well, the pros but they are also some of the best beginner climbing shoes for people who are learning outside instead of the gym. If they were an animal, they would be a Big Horn Sheep mated with a Saber-Toothed Tiger. La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing Shoes. Anyone who has paid attention to rock climbing for a moderate amount of time knows who Tommy Caldwell is. I received a pair of the TC Pros about a month ago and … La Sportiva Mythos is neutral with low asymmetry and velcro closure system climbing shoes. The toes flat fit is perfect for comfortable crack climbing and the ventilated tongue and lateral rand perforations promote air-flow. All-arounders take note: This could be the best multi-purpose shoe yet. Like or share this article with your friends. And for the most part, they work as advertised. An original rock warrior whose feats are beyond compare) was a strong opponent of this notion. Those two port-a-ledge dirtbags were none other than Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson. Fish do well in water, and the TC Prodoes well in cracks for the same reason: they are meant to be there. The activities described herein can be dangerous and possess inherent risk. After trying on a couple dozen shoes, I settled on La Sportiva TC Pros. The forefoot is surprisingly stiff for how sensitive the shoe feels and holds shape no matter how hard yo… Because they didn’t yet have the precision fit of modern shoes, climbers would size-down to get a better feel. It edges incredibly well, particularly on vertical and just less-than … Leather shoes such as the Mad Rock Drifter, La Sportiva Finale, and Scarpa Helix will stretch… Ha! The La Sportiva TC Pro’s actually don’t stretch much. The ultimate technical, big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with La Sportiva Ambassador Tommy Caldwell. They are a little on the pricey side, but I figured if I make them last anywhere near as long as my old pair, they’d be well worth it. newsletter and acknowledge your consent to receive email communications from La Sportiva N.A. La Sportiva's diverse last families have been specifically designed to conform to … When asked what inspired his design work on the TC Pro, Tommy has this to say: La Sportiva came to me with the opportunity to help design a shoe for granite. Most of us now agree that this, for the most part, is BS. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This shoe was designed in collaboration with La Sportiva climbing athlete Tommy Caldwell. Home » Blog » Tommy Caldwell’s Climbing Shoe: The Timeless La Sportiva Pro In-Depth. The P3® platform delivers … … Not with these. They will stretch … The late great John Bachar (If you don’t know who he is, check the link. Being designed in collaboration with Dawn Wall hero Tommy Caldwell … From new, … The TC Pro was designed to be his versatile weapon for all day, all kind climbing -just like on the Big Stone... and it can be yours too. Yes, they stretch quite a bit. We stuff our feet into tiny ballerina slippers on steroids then balance our entire body weight on a sliver of the very front edge of those stinky slippers over and over. Tech Specs TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe Designed by a big-wall legend with the long, technical routes of El Cap in mind, the La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe … Over the course of 19 days (and many years from inception to completion), they freed one of the hardest multi-pitch routes in the universe. The media got all worked up as these two masters of stone set their sights high. More sizes means a better fit! What are the best climbing shoes ever made? I really want a good pair of crack shoes for long multi-pitch, especially for places like Yosemite where I do most of my climbing. Use your La Sportiva Pro Deal to shop climbing, mountaineering, and ski gear today! Some think it was due to the poor craftsmanship of early climbing shoes. The La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing … TC Pro guarantees maximum comfort even after several hours … A shoe created bespoke for certain types of climbing, La Sportiva's TC Pro is widely acknowledged as one of the best in the business for extended comfort whilst retaining amazing performance properties. Beth Rodden wears them. Do you work in the outdoor industry? Hanging in a cave, your feet do more work than you think (see Adam Ondra sending the hardest route in the world for proof). Please note: Some links are affiliate links which help keep this website running. The synthetic lining eliminates stretch, while … The ultimate technical, big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with La Sportiva Ambassador Tommy Caldwell. Some have aggressively downturned toes. Free Shoe Winners will be randomly selected each month and contacted via email. When asked what inspired his design work on the TC Pro, Tommy has this to say: "La Sportiva … Slab: loved by some, hated by many. Specs. Simple. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. ... Shop for La Sportiva TC Pro… La Sportiva and Scarpa are consistent, but often require a trial fit to get it right. La Sportiva TC Pro. High … Remember: a well-fit comfortable shoe will work better than an ill-fitting tighter shoe. Remember way back in 2015 when the poop-tube escapades of two shaggy climbers up on El Capitan made international headlines. We wanted make a shoe that was precise enough to stand on the smallest holds imaginable yet comfortable enough to wear all day, […] A shoe that would hold up to the abuse of big wall free climbing and protect my foot and not compromise performance.”. Although the leather upper will stretch and soften after use, La Sportiva’s proprietary P3 midsole ensures that the TC Pro will remain relatively stiff and keep its shape long into its life. It was a game changer for me. THE premier rock climbing shoe for crack climbing, face climbing, long alpine routes, and big walls. Lined shoes stretch about a half size. Jamming up a crack, your entire foot and ankle go deep and get beat. See the fantastic documentary, The Dawn Wall, for more detail and enough footage to have your feet sweating through your work shoes. To be the best you have to be able to do everything everyone else does but better and, critically, more consistently. Alex Honnold wears them. Here is Caldwell edging the dickens out of the shoes: The TC Pros provide a rare combination of comfort and precision. Designed to provide powerful, technical edging AND crack climbing prowess without compromising either. La Sportiva TC Pro. Those shoes can climb hard-like really hard cracks and red-point 5.14c face climbing. STIFFNESS AND STRETCH. The best of the best rock shoes should be comfortable enough to wear on multi-pitch and excel on any terrain. Maybe, but these shoes are on another level. Seek proper instruction or appropriate medical advice from qualified professionals to learn the necessary skills to participate in any of the activities or regimes described herein. Having had 3 pairs over the last 8 years, I can say with confidence that these shoes only stretch about 1/2 size at the most. The La Sportiva TC Pro … The content provided is not intended as an expert opinion or advice. Designed for edging and crack climbing, the La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoes get you through nail-biting sections of dime-edge smearing and toe jamming in finger cracks. At the time I was in the early stages of working on the Dawn Wall so I had this route specifically in mind during the design process. LA SPORTIVA TC PRO #861. Outside of some mega-mega Indian Creek style climbing, these are truly the best crack climbing shoes you’ll find. If that’s not enough evidence, don’t take our word for it. Others fit like a glove while some fit like a rock. Tommy Caldwell developed these shoes way back in the early 2000’s. This game changing, mid-height edging machine will take you out of a technical thin hands to rattley fingers crack and out on to the diciest dime edges you can find. Except Adam Ondra, who likes his climbing shoes a full 4 sizes smaller than his street shoes! This gives us five extra sizes per size run, which gives you a better fit! Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brainchild of one of rock climbing’s greatest warriors. Thin padding in the ankle and above the toes protects you in the cracks. © 2020 La Sportiva N.A. He said that you would climb better the more comfortable your shoes and feet were. CHECK PRICE. The TC Pro is a leather upper with Vibram rubber rands, unlined at the underfoot for maximum feel. We worked with Vibram® on a new rubber compound that works best for technical edging and developed the XS Edge™ compound which holds an edge better on sharp micro edges. Twenty years ago, the prevailing opinion was that the tighter you could get your shoes, the better you would climb. Find anything useful? TC stands for Tommy Caldwell, duh. “The La Sportiva designers were shooting for the moon. Climbing ratings explained plus portable conversion chart. They are wrong. Tommy Caldwell wears them (and created them). La Sportiva shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes. There are hundreds of climbing shoes out there. The TC Pro gives you the best of all worlds—comfort, support, durability, precise edging, solid crack jamming. Acopa, his climbing shoe brand, was all about comfort and performance. What’s The Difference? That’s right. Please enter your email address below to create account. If they were a rock climber, they would be the illegitimate child of Tommy Mother F*cking Caldwell mated with Alex Honnold, raised by Hazel Findlay and Lynn Hill. Sure, there are plenty of sport climbing and bouldering shoes out there that are techy as hell. Closure: Lace-up. If the TC Pro’s were a person, they would be David Goggins. Even, Adam Ondra sometimes wears them. He created Crux Range to empower others with valuable-actionable information while fueling his passion for freedom and adventure. They are designed for all-day comfort, great at smears & cracks. FREE FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $150 - US ONLY, By using sportiva.com, you agree to La Sportiva North America's. ... your TCPs will stretch 1/2 size during … Any new shoe is going to require some level of breaking in and will stretch somewhat over time. La Sportiva TC Pro. Upper: Leather. The AirMesh at the tongue provides durability and wicks sweat for comfort throughout the day. Hangboards, Campusboards, Moonboards, Kilterboards. In summary, the La Sportiva's TC Pro has its strength on traditional climbing. The La Sportiva TC Pro Shoe is a crack climbing shoe with mid-height protection on big walls. Each one is designed with a specific purpose in mind. The La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe features light ankle padding for added comfort and a vented tongue to help ward off sweaty, stinky feet. The truth about slab is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Having had 3 pairs over the last 8 years, I can say with confidence that these shoes only stretch about 1/2 size at the most. Michael has spent most of his life on the river, in the mountains, or under the sea. The La Sportiva TC Pro’s actually don’t stretch much. The Pro's also offers a … Everyone around me that have TC Pro … Downturn: Neutral. La Sportiva Solution. The ultimate technical, big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with La … Thin padding in the ankle and above the toes protects you in the cracks and the patented P3® platform delivers sensitive yet powerful edging abilities. Today, we have a plethora of incredibly technical shoes to chose from. The soft unlined leather upper … • Designed for powerful edging and crack climbing performance, • Mid-height covers the malleolus during crack climbing, • Strategically placed foam padding for comfort in cracks, • Patented P3® Permanent Power Platform™ for precise edging, • Ideal terrain: Crack climbing, face climbing and big walls, • AWARDS: Alpinist Mountain Standards Award, Climbing Magazine - New and Notable, Gear Institute - Best in Class 2014, ITEM NUMBER: 861SIZES: 34 - 46 (half sizes)WEIGHT: 8.71 oz (247g) LAST: PD 55 FIT: Tech with medium-high asymmetry UPPER: Leather / Vibram® rubber rands LINING: Unlined (underfoot) / Sentex / PU foam / AirMesh (tongue) MIDSOLE: P3® with 1.1mm LaspoFlex SOLE: Vibram® XS Edge™, VIEW LA SPORTIVA CLIMBING SHOE QUICK COMPARISON GRAPH, VIEW LA SPORTIVA CLIMBING SHOE COMPARISON CHART, SIGN UP TO RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS,NEWS & TIPS AND ALSO BE ENTERED TO. We’ll give you a hint…They are called the La Sportiva TC Pro. Point is, our feet are half the battle in climbing and they need the proper armor if you want them to survive to fight another day. If a climbing shoe could be a Navy SEAL it would be a TC PRO. Some might dispute that these are the best shoes ever, that’s ok. The stiffness in the forefoot is comparable to the time-tested TC Pro, and it shares the same right-angle edges, rather than the No Edge technology that's been introduced on some La … This spring Sportiva will release that shoe, the TC Pro. Now, onto the dreaded size-fit-stretch issue. A climbing shoe devised for long mountain routes and cracks: its technical features make this model an complete newcomer to the market! Caldwell designed these shoes with outside climbing, and big-long routes specifically, in mind. I go with the 40.5 if I want to be in them all day, and … Click below. Too weird? It also had to be robust enough to protect your feet through all the abuse big walls dish out. Unsung heroes: Rope bags are an essential piece of climbing gear.
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