Here’s The Deal: "Hounds at Home in Northampton, they aim to offer you the best Dog Training, Puppy Classes and Socialisation Sessions for you and your dog. All in all my house is now a peaceful and happy house thank you for all your help who would have thought one day would solve what I’d been trying to do in six months so thanks once again your a star, Excellent Service, great value, all problems solved. We will also work on polite greetings of people and dogs, walking on a loose leash. Still work to be done in following your plan but the results are extrodinary to say the least. We have 2 Black Labs, A 4 year old and a puppy, The puppy was a nightmare, too much energy and a real handful. Ask for a free quote from Dog Training listings near you. He put together a structured dog walk so we can go out and fulfil the dogs both physically and mentally. We had introduced a labrador puppy into our household with existing 3 year old lab and they were fighting when off the lead – since our day with Chris we implemented his suggestions and now have two very calm dogs who are happy to play together – this was a massive success for us. By yesterday evening we knew that the techniques were working, they are simple and very effective and we will never underestimate the use of a ‘Lead’, today we have incredible changes in our dog, and he knows that we now have control. It was a great help. After spending the day with you she totaly changed from a misbehvouring puppie to a more relaxed and behaved puppie. About Jackador. Fantastic. Learn the SMART way. Learned a lot from him that would definitely make my PLIO (15wk old Husky x German Shepherd) be the best she can be. There maybe some cancellations so please text to see, Noise exposure at distance to revel sound sensitivity, Introduction to placid dog to assess sociability to other dogs, Handling and Inspection to Maintain Health, Basic Puppy Positions – sit , down, stand, Walking in a Controlled Manner – On lead walking for 20 paces with a turn, Induction and puppy behaviour evening covering many topics like find out here, More than just a foundation level in puppy training. And setting the foundations for adolescents, which starts around 24 weeks, and onwards. Thank you Chris. The comprehensive programme has been carefully designed to take you through all the obedience basics giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy or for any dog training sport you choose to do later. Highly recommend Chris Rose, After a very thorough and knowledgeable consultation with Chris we were able to implement the strategies suggested with our boy who was severely dominant and aggressive to our bitch. Chris worked his magic on my lovely lurcher. Thank you! Fab idea! Through fun and educational classes, our experienced trainers aim to provide friendly, high quality advice on dog training and behaviour. No Ratings. Thank you so much Chris, We have just had four 1-1 sessions with our 11 month old German Wirehaired Pointer -Floyd. We contacted Chris for his guidance and expertise and he visited yesterday. It took a long time but was so worth it! Thanks for the 1-2-1 visit yesterday. We are NOT a franchise. The most crucial time for learning canine communication to other dogs is around 7 weeks to 16 weeks of age, known as the human socialisation period. Today we went for a check up and he didn’t make a sound, allowed the vet to check his ears, his and also his feet and even stick a needle in his neck. Thanks to Chris this is very much the norm now. Over the years we have been to various dog training classes, with our other dogs and we would very much recommend Chris to others. Lou & Bailey. We have been using the tips and advice given by Chris that day. I welcome all the family to attend, as long as its within government guidelines due to COVID19. Thank you so much Chris, Incredible. He helped me understand Jaspers body language and also to recognise when he is displaying anxious behaviour, what I’ve done wrong and left me with techniques to help Jasper, within 24 hrs I have already started to notice a calmer dog, long way to go but highly recommend Chris! Puppy School is a set of six puppy training classes lasting one hour. Jackson is now already alot calmer and and I feel I am in control. I encourage you to purchase a treat bag and to use quality treats to reinforce wanted obedience. This training is assessable on how your puppy releases the item in a group exercise. We Now have a calmer and happier dog. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools you need to create a lasting relationship, that all your family can enjoy.
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