Your future employer will be impressed with this binder and will receive a feel as to what it will be like with, Want a professional portfolio to impress the principal at your next job interview? Make it personal but brief and concise! COMPLETE TEMPLATE WITH EXAMPLES! Rebecca Clarke. We know what you’re saying … “Really?” Yes … trust us … do one! This resource comes complete with ideas and instructions for every component. So type in the boxes, print, and you are ready to go! This editable portfolio is not only adorable, but professional. Published June 12, 2017. Who was your favorite teacher? From students pursuing … Reply. Teachers, designers, engineers, journalists, and many other professionals often show off their work this way. If used correctly your portfolio is an important tool in your job search as it allows schools to see snapshots of your past teaching work, your credentials, and planning skills. Your future employer will be impressed with this binder and will receive a feel as to what it will be like to ha This editable product includes cover page, section title pages, and, Whether you are teaching virtually or in-person, this parent-teacher conference digital portfolio is the perfect way to help guide your discussions during parent-teacher interviews. Bring it to th, Whether you are a new teacher, a veteran teacher, or are looking to change school districts or positions, a teacher’s portfolio and interview planner is a must have to showcase your best work to land the job you want. If possible, it is impressive to include the lesson plan, task that you created for the students, and the work that your student’s produced. This teacher portfolio is editable in Google Slides, and provides you with common interview questions.This wonderful resource will help you standout from other candidates. Have your portfolio held together in some way that looks professional. The ideas and options are endless. An interview portfolio consists of six main parts: an introduction, a professional background summary, STAR behavioral examples, awards and recommendations, sample solution(s), and a closing page. Professional Knowledge, Know the Content and How to Teach It; Graduate Standard 3. really helped. In education, there is no set way to do a portfolio so use your imagination and adapt it to your own personality. The interviewers will be honored by the personal touch and impressed with your dedication and level of detail. New teacher? This teacher portfolio is completely EDITABLE and designed with the ELEMENTARY level teacher in mind. (This tip applies to your attire as well!) See more ideas about teaching portfolio, teaching, teacher portfolio. Simply fill out a slide deck for each student and present it to their parent/guardian during your virtual or in-person. Building Your Teaching Portfolio. Tell us what interview obstacles you’re dealing with and trying to overcome. Even if a portfolio isn’t required for your job interviews, you should consider putting one together. We have seen actual print shop bindings, leather three ring binders, artist portfolio cases, etc. Thank you! While the content will be similar to what’s on your resume, the portfolio takes it a step further to “show and tell” your skills with specific examples. FIRLT; University Capacity Development Grant; First-year Achievement Awards; Teaching Fellowships; Awards for lecturers . Reply Delete. • Interview Committee Prep Packet On Thursdays posts will be dedicated to teachers, classroom management, and ideas to be used in the classroom. Try the non-portfolio teaching portfolio “Other than a few stellar lessons and maybe letters of recommendation, there is no need to make a teaching portfolio. EDITABLE Teacher/Educator Resume and Portfolio Bundle with Interview Tips. The exa, ACE your job interview and look professional with this editable elementary teacher portfolio template. They are all living, breathing examples of reflective practice. For example, let’s say the interviewers ask a … The teaching portfolio: a handbook for faculty, teaching assistants, and teaching fellows. appropriate examples of your technology skills such as graphics design, presentations, word processing, spreadsheets. Or, possibly … 3rd edition. SU Teaching Awards; Criteria for reward, recognition … I just keep them in a file folder. This portfolio wo. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss future videos! Redesign Installed on Wordpress by Jamestown Internet MarketingSitemap. A teaching portfolio is a large and well-organized binder that holds all of your important and relevant documents and evidence of your best teaching work. A good teacher can make all the difference to a student's success later on in life. Valuable Inside Information To Get The Teaching Job. Examples of teaching portfolios created by University of Virginia faculty and teaching assistants in different disciplines. Even if it is not required, a teaching portfolio is a beneficial tool to have for interviews. Please come back and let us know how you make out so we can all learn together. When going on an interview, it is a great way to show off your students’ artwork and give a visual example of what you can do. As a new graduate, I greatly appreciate this page! Starting with a cover page gives a great first impression. photographs of classroom layouts and displays. “What are the most important things to include in my teacher interview portfolio?”. EDITABLE Cactus Teacher Portfolio | Rock Your Teacher Interview!!! We know this portfolio is a precious thing to you, but you are going to have to trust the committee with it and pick it up in a few hours or days if necessary. Why Keep a Teaching Portfolio.When going on an interview, it is a great way to show off your students’ artwork and give a visual example of what you can do.In my opinion, having something visual to show administration is vital as a visual arts teacher.During the interview… UPDATED- This resource now includes a folder with a few examples from my own portfolio! Don’t just walk into an interview with looseleaf paper in your hand. If I was asked a question, I was able to quickly skim the tabs, find the artifact, open it, and hand it to the interviewer. Readers should use their own best judgment in professional decision making. Showing good knowledge of website formatting, she doesn’t just have a wall of text, but gives introductory points about her skills and certifications, allowing visitors to read more if they’re interested. I’ve already had to interview for several teaching positions, and I can tell you that a stellar Teaching Portfolio has won me more than one job. Teacher Resume + Teacher Portfolio for Interviews | EDITABLE Templates, Teaching Interview Portfolio - ** 1st Time Teachers**, Editable Teaching Portfolio Cover Page Teacher Interview, Back To School Editable Teacher Resources Bundle. Invest some money in a nice binder or book that can hold the contents of your portfolio. Headed into a teacher interview soon? This Product Includes: I purchased minefor less than $10 from a local craft store. All rights 716.696.2854 • Any use of such marks without the prior written consent of The EDU Edge, LLC is prohibited. Yours in a Partnership in Learning, The EDU Edge, (Please feel free to contact us with additional questions … we’re on Twitter, Facebook and you can email us at The pages are editable! As you gain experience and knowledge as a teacher, you should review your portfolio to add and take away materials. It helps you plan out your classroom management plan and other frequently asked teacher interview questions. The EDU Edge Teacher Interview Blog- © 2012 The EDU Edge, LLC. Many universities require this as part of their academic program, yet, Looking for jobs is SO incredibly stressful... this editable portfolio takes one more thing off your list! The Ultimate Preparation Bundle for Job Applications and Interviews, EDITABLE Teacher Portfolio | Interview Prep, Digital Parent-Teacher Conference/Interview Portfolio | Google Slides, HOW TO DRESS FOR AN INTERVIEW POWERPOINT - "Dress for Success", Teaching Portfolio Checklist for New Teachers or Teacher Interview. teaching resource Teaching Portfolio Template - Grey. A plan on how you will leave your portfolio with the committee and how you will be able to get it back later OR a plan to provide each committee member a hard/electronic copy. 18 pages. You m, Walk in confidently to your first teaching interview with the ultimate interactive interview portfolio!Designed by two experienced Assistant Principals, this PowerPoint template is completely aligned to the Graduate Teaching Standards set by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadershi, Help yourself prepare for your upcoming teacher interviews! And, be sure that your portfolio’s overall interior appearance is consistent and properly reflects the investment that the district or school would be making in you. © 2012 The EDU Edge. It's Thursday, so it is time for Teacher Talk Thursday. These cover pages are perfect for creating teaching portfolios and perfect to display for interviews. This is a good example of an elementary teacher’s portfolio. Dr. Marc C. Santos → During interviews, committee members are trying to get to know you and trying to envision you teaching. In education, there is no set way to do a portfolio so use your imagination and adapt it to your own personality. Rodriguez-Farrar, H. (2006). For example, you may have become an expert in a piece of classroom technology, or completed a development workshop on instructing students with attention differences. Teacher Interview Portfolio - AITSL Aligned! Carry this portfolio to your interview and get ready to wow administration! Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Brown University. Make sure at least three of them have directly supervised you.
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