EFFECTIVE DATES OF PROMOTION. Category of Award: Air Force Unit Award Devices: Oak Leaf Cluster and V Device (if applicable) References: AFI 36-2803, The Air Force Military Awards and Decorations Program, Page 111. ... Meritorious Unit Award . Until 2004, the Outstanding Unit Award was the senior most unit award in the Air Force. Authorized Device: Oak leaf Cluster, and "V" Device. Meritorious Unit Awards: 30 Apr 2008-1 May 2009; 1 Jun 2010-31 May 2011. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat "V" Device: 5 May-6 Oct 1972. Only one "V" was allowed to be worn on a ribbon. DoD Manual 1348.33-M, Manual of Military Decorations and Awards, Page 113.. Emblem. References: The Air Force Outstanding Unit Award was authorized by Department of the Air Force General Order 1, Jan. 6, 1954. A bronze oak-leaf cluster for subsequent awards when authorized. The following examples show the "V" device on various service ribbons, either worn alone or in conjunction with other devices on the ribbon: The "V" device may be worn on the following decorations and unit awards: In 1944, the Army authorized the "V" Device as an attachment to be worn on the Bronze Star Medal. Army – the device is worn solely to denote "participation in acts of heroism involving conflict with an armed enemy". July 1, 1972 - June 30 1974. This Air Force Outstanding Unit Citation Ribbon is manufactured by the same government contractor that supplies the U.S. Army, Air Force and Army/Air Force Post Exchanges, it's quality is guaranteed. "[6], The "V" device or "combat distinguishing device' must be specifically authorized on the award citation for the decoration or unit award in order to be worn on the award. Emblem. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat V device. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat “V” Device: 1 Jul-14 Aug 1945. The "V" device is miniature bronze letter "V" which may be worn on certain medals and ribbons issued to members of the United States Armed Forces. July 1, 1968 - June 30, 1970. World War II: Air Offensive, Japan; Western Pacific. Home > Awards Home > Air Force Awards > Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Ribbon. The Outstanding Unit Award is awarded to any unit of the U.S. Air Force (including the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard) which performs exceptionally meritorious service, accomplishes specific acts of outstanding achievement, excels in combat operations against an armed enemy of the United States, or conducts with distinct military operations involving conflict with, or exposure to, a hostile action by … July 1, 1970 - June 30, 1972. The service or achievement may be in the following: In 1996, the "V" device garnered public attention after the suicide of Admiral Jeremy Boorda, who was the Chief of Naval Operations of the Department of the Navy. Page updated October 26, 2016 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Mar 1964-28 Feb 1966; 1 Mar 1966-30 Jun 1967; 1 Jan 1971-15 Apr 1972; 1 Jun 1995-31 May 1997; 1 Jun 1998-31 May 1999; 2 May 2004-31 May 2005; 1 Jun 2011-31 May 2013. Soldiers, including Army airmen, who were awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroism in combat were now authorized to wear a bronze "V" on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal. -- "V" Device. Admiral Boorda had been wearing a Combat "V" on two decorations he was awarded during the Vietnam War as a weapons officer and executive officer aboard two naval ships off the coast of Vietnam. Similarly, an Air Force unit award authorized the "V" will have, with "V" Device, written on the certificate for the award.[3][7]. Presidential Unit Citation (483d Tactical Airlift Wing - 1970) - Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with "V" for valor device and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters (meaning 3 times).
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