Maria. This beautiful deck was our featured image at the top because it is not only expansive and well-made, but stylish as well. How I Built my DIY Floating Deck for less than $500 - Pretty . I would like to get a few opinions on attaching the deck to a house or have in floating (not attached) to the house. References. Your Not-So-Serious Guide to DIY Home Improvement, Home Repair, Woodworking, Food, and Decorating | Atlanta, GA | Sarah Fogle, Exterior, Outdoor, Popular, Pub Shed & Deck. A few weeks ago my Dad's tiny house in Eastern, North Carolina arrived and since then, we have been super busy getting things ready for him to move into it. The organically curved shape of this deck is perfect for the vibrant landscape it’s set into. Choose the type of material (pressure treated or composite). A ground-level deck, sometimes referred to as a floating deck or platform deck, is so-called because, unlike conventional decks, a ground-level deck is not attached to a home or building. Need to make a floating deck next to the house . Looks like 12 inches on center – what made you go with that spacing? 1. The decks in this yard provide a splash of contemporary style in the landscape, with sharp edges and subtle staining. Contemporary Floating Deck. re: NO posts in the ground. My favorite things: 1) tearing my house apart and 2) putting it back together again. The prefabricated pieces can be snapped together and set up within a day. If it’s smarter than the average bear… ground contact. It would be well worth the effort, I reasoned, provided that we didn’t manage to kill each other with all the sharp power tools at our disposal (thankfully, he’s a design engineer professionally and likes power tools as much as I do, so it was an easy sell). Use protective safety gear, always. Holy moly, you guys. Posts on wide 18" x 18" patio stones. Whether DIY building from the group up, hiring a contractor, or purchasing prefabricated parts, the results will speak for themselves. I may actually even be overdoing it, but I hope that regardless, the deck lasts a good long while. You got it! By no means is it a comprehensive guide for every scenario. 1. Building the deck close to the ground helps keeps the “wobble” out of the completed structure. Do I need to attach this to my house, and what is the minimum I can lower the deck to have a step up into the doorway( so the deck doesn't look so high on the front of the house)? 19. I built the frame myself and had help for part of the leveling. I’d like to keep a website address that I can use my computer to reference on the future. Building a floating deck has its advantages, both from design or functional considerations, as you can enjoy taking a meal with your family, surrounded by trees, grass and nice flowers. This is the very first post of this series, but you will be able to catch the whole thing, start to finish, right here. See more ideas about Floating dock, Lake dock, House boat. For more on photo licenses and other use permissions, click here (in true UDH style, it’s actually kind of fun and snarky to read). See terms and disclosure page for more info! Building freestanding gives the ability of avoiding permits, and sometimes large amounts of structural reinforcement. How to build a Floating Deck. Now you have weight pulling on your walls were it wasn't intended. Originally, I thought these projects would happen in completely different timelines. The sketch I created also mapped the new shed and room for a vegetable garden. And MAKING THINGS. Eventually, I made cosmetic improvements (a back hedge, fire pit, corner garden, etc.). Bordered by large stones and carefully planned garden plants, it’s a flat oasis for social gatherings. In hindsight, I would have liked to have tried one out for the shed and one for the deck and maybe compare. I’m sure there are other questions I’ll have, but figured I’d get your opinion since it’s pretty fresh for you at this point. A detached deck is a low deck that is not attached to the side of the house. This uniquely styled deck stands in the corner of a zen-styled garden, floating lightly over the manmade creek and welcoming visitors with an extended entry platform. If it’s within 6 inches of the ground, definitely GC. Thanks. But as I was planning, I managed to bring a sponsor onboard for the shed. Find more backyard ideas in our definitive guide to backyards! The right corner of the new deck plan is at an angle, which allows for the mower to fit in between. This would maximize the yard for an open, entertaining feel, while still giving everything separate zones. In either case, there’s a notch on top that fits a 2x- joist or 4×4 post. Jenny Stanley Updated: Mar. I had no intention of attaching mine to my house, so I didn’t really research it too much to be able to give much info on it. That seems to be your concern, right? Floating House The fancy floating homes we see today sprang from humble fishing shacks, anchored to river banks or plopped on tethered logs. I wanted the new build to create a natural flow from the patio door to the deck, from the deck to the fire pit, and so on. If you’re leaving something in place that was code-approved before, you might not automatically have to use the new standard. Of course, the color choices are unlimited but many popular styles include a two-tone look, with differing colors for the vertical and horizontal wood pieces. That was a huge thing for me, since this has so many moving parts with weather/budget/etc. Thanks Sarah! I realized that, since I had been saving up for the shed and could redistribute that budget, I could basically maximize cost savings if I did both projects in one short, blazing summer of building. I’m willing to bet I have a lot in common with 2-year olds too (a love of snacks and puppies, paint in hair, a lack of concern for walking barefoot onto a deck, etc.). In these cases, I often opt for a free-standing deck, which can be simpler to build and more cost-efficient when compared to the cost to cure a challenging ledger situation.
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