Amount of information members want varies by loyalty level. Indicate how your initiative or organization will: Address issues of genuine concern to the greater community. What challenges do they encounter? Then, meet them where they hang out and deliver interesting content they can engage with. Membership marketing is a strategy used by associations to market towards their current members and keep them engaged- and it’s seen success. Here’s what to ask to identify their content needs: If you provide valuable content for prospects, they’ll keep coming back to you for more. Webinar: Recruiting and Retaining Association Members (& Driving Non-Dues Revenue) in the Virtual Event Era, Every professional and trade association depends on events as a source of non-dues revenue and as a strategic way to recruit and retain members. When you integrate your AMS with marketing automation or email marketing software, you can also learn more about their preferences and habits, for example, what they read, open, click, and download. Of course, first impressions are quite important; by filling the forms, the prospective member … Perceived value is what people are willing to spendon a particular product or service. 5) To increase member revenue. One size doesn’t fit all. Take a break from the common strategies and try to experiment with … Then, schedule your membership season based on your findings. Knowing how much revenue you are generating through each member can help you prioritize where to devote your efforts. Read on for data from Marketing General Incorporated along with analysis and tips based on the data. Can they immediately see the value you provide to members? These ideas are all about engagement. You can raise the member base for your non-profit by reaching out to people who care about the issues that your non-profit supports, using a variety of methods. Lengthy forms are a turn-off. Association membership recruitment isn’t the only never-ending project. Instead of relying on membership promotions, provide content that helps you develop relationships with membership prospects. Your association creates content that appeals to its audience, and potential members keep coming back for more. Then, schedule your membership season based on your findings. There can be various takes on this - maybe the member who brings in the most members during the year gets a free membership the following year. Your membership base is the heart of your organization, no matter what type of organization you work for. When a nonprofit launches, it needs to hold a membership drive to attract interested community members. Develop an annual membership drive and reward those who generate the highest number of new members. Revenue. It’s also about positioning your organization as the No.1 source of trusted information about issues they care about most—instant copyright rules in PPA’s case. Is it obvious what impact membership will make on their life. Let followers know about the membership experiences you provide—events, online learning, publications, and other resources. How, you ask? Step 3: Align Your Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals with Your Stakeholders. A successful membership organisation is a highly engaged community, and engagement is … According to this year’s Association Survey Results by GrowthZone, 58 percent of Associations report a decrease or no growth in membership … Lengthy forms are a turn-off. Membership recruitment is a never-ending project. We live in the social media golden age. Offering incentives to nonprofit members can increase the number of people interested in joining the organization. Last but not least, there’s inbound marketing. And of course, there’s event season. A membership referral program works exactly how it sounds. According to Nielsen, 92% of customers will trust a referral if it is given from someone they know. Customer loyalty. We’ve written in the past about the value of including a member referral program– and it’s true! But did you know you can take the same strategy and apply it to your potential buyers? By managing organizational complexity early, however, any company can improve the odds … © Copyright 2001-2020 Web Scribble Solutions, Inc. Referrals have the power to bring in a brand new audience for your association. The drawing is held in April, and the winner gets their membership dues for the coming year reduced by half! Identify and research the different segments of your target membership market, for example, students, early career, mid-career, executives, and professionals in transition. How you split your membership into tiers is entirely up to your association. Comparing what members are spending with their perceived value of the benefits can help you identify potential barriers to retention. Well, if you can find an organization that attracts the same audience you target, you have a prime opportunity to work together and collaborate on a marketing plan. Play around with Facebook ads. In fact, people are 4 times more likely to make a purchase if referred to it by a friend. But boosting your membership doesn’t happen overnight. Generally, the ability of an association to grow its membership is a function of the perceived value it can deliver. And, you can discover 45 more in our downloadable ebook, 50 Ways to Boost Association Membership. Interact; A successful membership organisation is a highly engaged community, and engagement is not a one-way conversation. And it doesn’t have to come at a cost. Research your target audience and find out which social media platforms they use most. But have you ever thought about dividing up those membership levels even further? Engagement. Make sure the event is truly exclusive and special. Let’s be honest, every association’s membership could. Email reigns supreme with members. The Alliance decided to grow their membership from within by reaching out to people whom members already knew. Incorporating a tier-level system into your membership options provides interested customers with even more ways to become a member. To help you do that, we explore the biggest challenges to growing membership in the latest marketing chart. If you really want to encourage your members to spread the word about your organization to their friends, sweeten the deal with a referral perk. If you can’t identify which of your … Create a New Membership Level Another way to entice people to become a part of your organization is by creating a new membership level. With 50 per cent of associations reporting that they are not experiencing any growth in membership, Boardroom looks at a new white paper created by Kenes offering advice for associations looking to grow. According to a survey done by Hootsuite, 48% of Americans have interacted with companies on at least one social media site. Or, you can offer higher discounts to members who sign up for a higher tier membership. What’s the first thing to do in any relationship? Depending on your organization, members may have to meet some standard or hold specific credentials in order to join (think of the American Medical Association, for instance). Events can be a highly effective recruitment tool, helping associations to grow headcount and become financially stronger. This first strategy is all about being practical today to achieve your long … We’ve all heard that time is money. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But, remember, it’s called social media. This membership drive can take place annually, ensuring the nonprofit grows year after year. Loyal members prefer detailed updates more than twice a month, while members less loyal to an organization prefer to receive the big news monthly or even less frequently. Don’t give prospects the chance to second-guess their decision. But boosting your membership doesn’t happen overnight. Trying out a tiered membership system could appeal to audiences looking for a more customizable association experience. Membership & Member Services » 22 Ways to Boost Membership; 22 Ways to Boost Membership. Referrals have the power to bring in a brand new audience for your association. 4. With a proper member referral program in place, your association can boost its membership while giving your members the control of actually bringing new members in. This allows higher tier members to gain access to more exclusive offers and discount codes for your association’s content and events. When it comes time to onboard a new member, ask them questions about their reasons for joining as well as their needs, challenges, and aspirations. Here are some growth practices that you can apply to grow your team. This can help your company reach out to a new … Interact. A great way to implement content marketing to boost membership is to collaborate with similar organizations. Of course, this needs to be set against the need to define certain events as an exclusive membership benefit. The more you know about their needs, interests, preferences, and habits, the better decisions you’ll make about the content, products, and services—the value—you deliver to them. Let’s go over a few different strategies your association can use to add more members to your core membership. Here are additional ideas to increase membership value: Create an online community for club members (such as a Facebook group) Offer opportunities for branded club merchandise and swag; Ensure social calendar offers small group events; If possible, offer family events/days where members’ families can also get involved; Do you run a club? For associations, there’s a specific season for. They provide financial and human resources to perform the work of the association. The most common option is a renewal fee discount in the 15-20% range. For every successful membership referral they provide, give them an incentive as a thank you, and recognize their contributions in publications and at events. Identify who isn’t engaging and send them a “win-back” email. The dilution of traditional value propositions, combined with the fact that prospective members have a growing number of options for getting education, networking, and advocacy for their careers, makes increasing members a challenging task for most organizations. Membership organizations, which include associations, non-profits, clubs and other member-based groups, are under increased pressure to acquire and retain members. On the other hand, when leaders grow their people, they reap the rewards of high morale and synergies of teamwork. Provide a preview of membership value, for example, snippets of online community discussions. This gets indecisive customers off the fence, as well as bringing in brand new eyes to your association. When you get to the point of talking to prospective members, do you … And unfortunately, members sometimes have to leave your organization. Marketing where your target audience is seen is a great way to get more exposure for your association. Think Big, Execute Smart. But…, How an Online Member Community can Increase Association Engagement, Want to set your association above the rest in terms of member engagement and communication? What They Did: In March 2015, the ACCA set a goal to boost its membership. All rights reserved. Current nonprofit members can set up tables at community events, from art fairs to church carnivals, to distribute information about their organization. Data. Launch an automated series of onboarding emails that introduces them to the resources, upcoming events, and educational opportunities that fit their interests and needs. Handbell Musicians of America has been around for 60 years. This is great for those looking for cost effective ways to join your association. Without your members’ engagement, your organization wouldn’t be able to do what it needs to do. Choose an incentive that deepens their membership experience. On March 10, 2000, the dot-com bubble burst. Consider scheduling a time to drive up memberships with a membership season. Make joining as brainless and painless as possible. 3. 3. Members may or may not receive products, privileges, or other advantages over non-members. Incentivize your built-in network of recruiters—your existing members. Focusing on driving up membership at a specific time of year has its benefits. It’s essential to onboard your members as a proactive measure to retain them. For one, it keeps your efforts organized and gives a set schedule and deadline on when to boost membership rates. Are you essential? A bonus idea: recruit new members by allowing attendees to bring a “guest”, gratis. Engagement. Second, it can give you a set time to offer membership discounts and exclusive offers. All of these are benefits to including a membership offering as part of your marketing, product and customer strategy. It takes hard work, dedication, and a well thought out plan to increase your member retention. adding inbound marketing to your recruitment strategy, Guide to Implementing New Member Software. If your association is looking for no-cost ways to boost your membership, here’s what you should know. Price is another barrier to joining. If you offer these discounts at the same time every year, members and potential buyers will start to look forward to this season, putting your discounts to use and driving up membership sales. This means almost half of America has responded, commented, like, shared or tweeted at companies’ social media pages. I want to share with you six fundamental tools, ideas and tactics that I return to again and again that will help you grow and retain members. Cost-sensitive members can choose a lower tier, while members looking for the full range of benefits can go for a higher tier. For example, while wooing a membership prospect, you can track their interaction with your website and emails. It is a two-way, ongoing interaction. The Grow Your Member Value Proposition Strategy is not as difficult as one might think. 3) To increase member retention. In return, you can offer up your website for any of their content as well. For associations, there’s a specific season for membership renewal. Offer new members a special discount toward a future event, online learning, or webinar registration. Each type of member has different wants and needs in a membership, therefore enjoying different member options from associations. For years, many membership associations found success because they were monopolies; they offered a valuable commodity, members paid dues to have access to the commodity, and competition was minimal. Paying initial monthly dues of $25 is easier to swallow, especially for younger members, than paying annual dues of $300. As a bonus, the practices and mindset you develop by implementing these tactics will improve the association experience for your existing members.
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