Sign up to our newsletter for first refusal on all the biggest and best deals as they come in. 09/06/2018. Stiff, precise, and aggressive, the strap closure version of the Miura model features La Sportiva's P3 (Permanent Power Platform) technology; which helps to maintain the shape of the climbing shoe over time, and prevents the boot flattening out as many performance shoes do with use. Edging. They're stiff, have good grip, comfortable and slightly arched. £135.00 Size Guide. Midsole: P3® with 1.1mm LaspoFlex. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! By far the best climbing shoes I've ever had. This sizing advice is based on two pairs of brand new shoes. I sized my VS a half size down from my trad shoes (I wear size 38.5 in the TC Pro, 40 in La Sportiva approach shoes, and 38 in the Miura VS) and endured a painful break-in period before the shoes stretched out enough to be comfortable while climbing. The Miura VS features a downturned camber design for snug arch support and precise footing; constructed with La Sportiva's P3® technology - permanent power platform - this ensures the longevity of the shape and guarantees maximum performance through time. Shoreline Business Park, Sandside, Cumbria, LA7 7BF. Everything you need for indoor bouldering. The Miura velcro's fit very well on my somewhat wide feet. As with most Sportiva's the Miura VS is fairly narrow around the toe, but has a fairly high volume heel. FOOTWEAR SIZING. Having used the lace up version of this shoe (The Miura), I was a little apprehensive about the side grade to a pair of velcro equivalents, having found that, generally, the lace ups give a tighter fit. Great technical shoes I would always recommend them. The edging ability and toe precision with these are great. The La Sportiva Miura VS uses XS Grip 2 rubber over Edge and its sole is 3.5mm thick rather than 4. Technical Specifications. great edging capabilities, designed to excel in pockets. I got 2 sizes down from my street shoe which fits perfectly now but was not a pleasant experience to first stretch them out, I had to wear them around the house alot before i could face climbing in them. My apprehension was misguided however, and these shoes actually fit a tiny bit better than my last two pairs of Miura laces. £113.00 The stiffness does mean there is less feel for the wall compared to a softer shoe, but the trade off for that is less tired feet. My Miuras/Solutions are 6.5 for tight and 7 for comfort. United Kingdom. What is going on at La Sportiva, such bad quality control at the moment. Upper: Leather. grizzlybadger 02 Jun 2009. The Miura VS’s are a high performance shoe, meaning you should pull them on for your best attempts: trad, sport, bouldering… they do it all. I can wear these shoes all day, and don't heavily compromise on performance. La Sportiva Miura VS. Arch support with P3 technology which ensures the support of the shape by avoiding natural wear and tear of the materials and guaranteeing maximum performance through time. Fast delivery, reasonable priced and excellent fit, its my fourth climbing shoe and the best so far. Miura VS has 4mm Vibram XS rubber, it's very high quality and durable. The La Sportiva Miura VS Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe has been helping climbers send and winning awards left and right since its creation. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Choose from the options below to find your size in the La Sportiva Miura VS, Banana Fingers — Unit 8 Whitehall Trading Estate, Gerrish Avenue, Bristol BS5 9DF. Velcro on the middle strap of left shoe came un-stitched after 3 indoor wall session (not even for that long as they were still breaking in). Slip on the La Sportiva Muira VS climbing shoes, cinch the hook-and-loop straps and start up a steep climb with great control. This gives us four extra sizes per size run, which gives you a better fit! They excel in sport climbing and hard trad, but really are a one-shoe quiver. Like its lace-up counterpart the Miura VS is stiff and heavily asymmetric, placing a lot of power through the big toe - great for grabbing edges and pockets on steep ground. Definitely the shoe you would pack for a trip to Margalef, the La Sportiva Miura VS hasdistinguishing characteristics and is enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. Downsize two sizes from your normal street shoe size for a comfortable performance fit. Construction: Slip Lasted. Sole: 4mm Vibram® XS Edge. I used to have the La Sportiva Solution before and I personally think that the Miura VS are much better. Sorry, this product is out of stock. La Sportiva Miura Vs | SizeSquirrel The Miura VS is on the narrow side, so given my wide feet, I bought the men’s version for its wider last. Rock and Run dispatched the shoes almost as soon as the order was placed and they arrived the next day. Depending on how you size them you can wear Miura lace-ups for literally all types of climbing. Go down 2.5 sizes if you desire a super performance fit; however, I do not recommend this. Fit and Sizing. Sent back to R&R who agreed to send replacement, BUT even the replacement was faulty. Leather shoes tend to stretch more than synthetic shoes. Unlike the original, the Miura VS features La Sportiva's P3® rand system that makes the shoe slightly stiffer and less likely to lose its shape after stretching. The La Sportiva Miura holds an 'all-around' solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, precision on edges and comfortable fit. Upper: Suede leather, slip lasted. Again the sizing is totally at odds with all other rock boot manufacturers but take a look at our sizing chart below to get a pretty good idea of the size you'll need. Unfortunately the aggressive shape and stiff sole don't offer the easiest low heel smearing. We can notify you when this product is available: The La Sportiva Miura VS is a high performance velcro climbing shoe with great edging capabilities, designed to excel in pockets. The low volume toe that can fit in thin cracks presses down hard on the top of the big toe, and may hurt if you size … La Sportiva Miura VS Women’s Vibrum XS Grip 2 (with some comparison to the lace version) Weight: 8.23 oz / 228 g. Sizes: Women’s: 33 – 42 (half sizes) Size Tested: 34.5 in the VS; 35 in the lace-up. It keeps the lace up model’s exceptional characteristics, adding new high-tech elements as well as a quick fit thanks to three velcros. Your input is very much appreciated. I went for a more comfortable fit, and they fit great! A major problem I had occasionally with the lace ups was with the heel being slightly loose, and prone to slipping when hooking, but I haven't yet had this problem with the fit of the VS. All in all, i'll be switching to the VS for the foreseeable future. Please click here for the La Sportiva Size Conversion. Bit of inconstant communication from R&R at first - but in accordance to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 they refunded me the amount (plus the return postage). La Sportiva Miura sizing vs Katana. Leather shoes tend to stretch more than synthetic shoes. When switching from synthetic to leather you may want to select a smaller size. Climbing shoe sales, find your size for any climbing shoe, recommendations based on foot shape, and more., We use cookie on this site to enhance your user experience. The La Sportiva Miura is the classic, ultimate all-round performance climbing shoe, perfect for intermediate climbers operating in the mid to (very) high grades. The upper is made with a tubular construction. Sign in to get an e-mail when this product comes back in stock. We put together our 'shoeculator' to help you Other than that, everything went perfectly with Al's sporting goods (Vendor). The La Sportiva Miura VS is a high performance climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure … Aside from that, the shoe is mainly the same. If the shoe fits your foot then i think it is a good shoe and other than the top of the toes it fits me very well. A design classic that has lasted the test of time, the La Sportiva Miura is the perfect tool for performance footwork on slabs, vertical or overhanging steep rock. This was my first aggressive shoe and I am loving them. One thing to note - the La Sportiva sizing is slightly different to a few other brands, so make sure you try on a few pairs before you buy, obviously. Downsize one size if you want a comfortable fit. FOOTWEAR MAN & WOMAN SIZE CHART. There's a reason they've been around forever and haven't changed. The Miura VS are fantastic shoes, being good at steep sport and bouldering. And I wasn't disappointed! The effect of this is not only a shoe that is better for smearing and sticking to frictionless rock, but a softer shoe that will be more responsive to the lighter weight of women. They are extremely good for overhanging routes and the rubber on them very grippy. Shame on La Sportiva, big up Rock&Run, These are great shoes, they take some breaking in but perseverance is worth while, I have 2 pairs of 41, 42 are to big so I ordered the half size for hot climates and hopefully slightly more suitable for smearing / comformt climbing!, I only really need a little more length , sadly they were more baggy as well so slightly less soport, felt more like the 42 than 41, either way I still climb well in them and hopefully when I get to hot climate the will come into there own. A very accurate shoe with a good deal of support and grip which remaining relixble. Midsole: 1.1mm Laspoflex. Purpose. Best In Gear award winner Rock and Ice. La Sportiva - Miura Lace - 42 - M. Worn a couple times (3-4) at the climbing gym and only for small stints. Heel and toe hooking feel absolutely fine in them, and the 3 straps give a really personal fit for a velcro shoe. The Miura VS may seem like the velcro version of the classic lace up Miura, but don’t be fooled, these shoes also bring their own quirks and characteristics to the table.The classic Miura has been a crown jewel in La Sportiva’s long line of world-class climbing shoes for over 20 years. however these rub the skin off the tops of my toes so are painful. La Sportiva Men's Miura Climbing Shoes (size EU 39.5, lime) £114.59. Gave them 4/5 because 90% of the time i just wear my Moccasyms because they are much more comfortable, then i put these on when i need to send something hard. £2.95 Shipping for Orders up to £30. We DO NOT offer in-store purchase, only Click & Collect. All climbing shoe models fit differently. If you have a question about this product, or would like any technical advice don't hesitate to post a question using the link below and one of our team of gear experts will reply as soon as possible. W ith names such as Testarossa and Miura casting allusions towards Italian supercars, I was expecting big things of La Sportiva rock shoes. If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide. Weight: 7 oz / 234 g. Sizes: 32 – 46 (Half Sizes) Size Tested: 45. 3. La Sportiva shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes. It’s staying power and popularity speaks to the quality and innovation of design the shoe brought to the market when it was first introduced over 10 years ago. Please be aware that you're not downsizing here, Sportiva shoe sizing just runs small. This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings. That is great service. The female version of the traditional Miura VS model with dedicated fit, structure and colours. Sole: 4mm Vibram® XS Grip2™ The shoes are very uneven, which makes for really good edging. Upper: Leather. Again the sizing is totally at odds with all other rock boot manufacturers but take a look at our sizing chart below to get a pretty good idea of the size you'll need. I think they climb just fine at a comfortable performance level. The La Sportiva Miura VS is the slightly stiffer version of the Miura Lace, as well as being better suited for wider feet. Your climbing shoe resource. At first they will hurt a bit, but they start to stretch and become much more comfy, I bought these (1.5 UK sizes smaller than my street shoe). ... (Miura VS 2 sizes down) after the Katana shape didn't fit well. S, Climbing Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance, Check out Rock + Run's detailed review of the La Sportiva Miura VS climbing shoe here, Help with sizing your rock climbing shoes. I wear 8-8.5 in UK trainers. Hi all was after a bit of advice I've been using La Sportiva Katana's for the last few years and absolutely love them but think it's time to try something else. The La Sportiva Miura VS is ideal for competitions and for the most demanding climbers. There's no way 7.5 will fit you (the heel will slip out) but 6.5 should be totally perfect. Posted by 6 years ago. MORE SIZES = BETTER FIT! How To Size The La Sportiva Miura Lace-ups. Construction: Slip Lasted. La Sportiva's Miura VS is a top-end performance shoe, ideal for technical edging and steep routes. This sizing advice is based on two pairs of brand new shoes. Climbing in the specialized La Sportiva Miura VS. La Sportiva Women's Miura Climbing Shoes (size EU 36.5, white-jade green) £114.59. high performance velcro climbing shoe with. By continuing to browse this website, you are confirming your agreement. The Miura velcro's fit very well on my somewhat wide … Free Shipping over £60. In case of return, the shipping costs and any customs duties are charged to the customer. La Sportiva Men's Miura VS Climbing Shoe 4.6 out of 5 stars 42 ratings. Best to speak to Dave Lobley is you have any issues concerning these shoes or any other manufacturing fault. The shoe everyone was waiting for, the Velcro lace up version of the La Sportiva Miura model, enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. The shoes excel when you're edging or sticking your toes in tiny pockets. find the right size in a new model, compared to your old climbing shoes or street shoes. To find out more about our privacy policy, including use of cookies, please visit our. New Topic Reply to Topic. Good looking, high performance and comfortable are some of the things that come to mind, and just like the Lamborghini its name points towards, the Miura VS is packed with technology and power. ... La Sportiva HIGHLY recommends that heat molding is carried out at a specialist shop! A combination of a Slingshot rand and Powerhinge System allows plenty of flex for smearing while maintaining lateral support for better edging performance. Expect a longer than normal wear in period, compared to many other La Sportiva models. La Sportiva Women's Miura Climbing Shoes (size EU 34, white-jade green) £114.59. As with most Sportiva's the Miura VS is fairly narrow around the toe, but has a fairly high volume heel. A high performance hook-and-loop shoe for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance. My Foot: Size 13 street shoe, medium-volume (relative to its Sasquatch-like size, anyway), lower arch, neutral gait. Definitely the shoe you would pack for a trip to Margalef, the La Sportiva Miura VS has, enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. All the latest deals, new releases, blog articles and more. ... Our lead tester went up a half size from his normal La Sportiva sizing before he could comfortably climb a full pitch in these shoes. ... my fist Miura VS, still testing but first feeling is really good. Even so, on hot days when my feet swelled in … These are my umpteenth pair and I will continue to use them. However due to the nature of the shoes it would be quite difficult to keep them on for an entire day without taking them off, but that is to be expected from a competition level shoe. My solutions 1/2 a size smaller dont do this. The velcro positions allow you to tighten the shoe right where it's needed, and the toe box on these, as with the lace up versions, is tight and powerful, exactly what I like. La Sportiva® | Climbing Footwear Miura VS Woman - Woman - … The La Sportiva Miura VS is ideal for competitions and for the most demanding climbers. La Sportiva Miura versus TC Pro versus Mythos (Primarily about sizing) Close. I have 43.5 shoes when I wear 45 street shoes. These are a great shoe for bouldering, nice and aggressive so good for overhangs, but also very stiff so work really well on tiny edges despite being downturned. I bought the Miura's with a size based off Katana lace (Miura VS 2 sizes down) after the Katana shape didn't fit well. When switching from synthetic to leather you may want to select a smaller size. in terms of width sizes, it comes in only one size but I have heard no complaints about width fitting issues. I havent tried edging and smearing enough to comment in this shoe but it is accurate and supportive. ... including La Sportiva box, which is not to be used as shipping packaging. La Sportiva Miura VS only comes with velcro straps so no laces, it also has a leather upper section allowing some stretch but the ability to retain its shape. La Sportiva Women's Miura Climbing Shoes (size … The sizing of this shoe depends on where you want to take them: size them ultra tight (2+ sizes down from your street shoe) for your sport or bouldering projects, or just a half to a full size down for all-day adventure routes. The La Sportiva Miura is a true classic when it comes to high end sport climbing shoes.
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