William comes from one of my favorite things, “Occam’s Razor” and Occam’s Razor states that the simple answers are superior to the long and complex ones. William origin. Your name of William gives you a strong urge for independence. It was borne by William the Conqueror (1027-1087), the first Norman king of England. Skip navigation Sign in. Prince William, Duke of cambridge is the elder son of Charles and Diana. William . The meaning of William is “Will, desire, A strong and resolute protector”. German cognate of WILLIAM. Derived from the two German words "wil" and "helm" which mean will or desire and protection, the name William is interpreted as meaning 'strong-willed warrior.' The meaning is derived from son or descendant of William, the Northern French form that also gave the English name William. Meaning & Origin Did you know that Matthew 1.6m means Gift of God? William is great for a baby boy and for those parents looking for a strong and royal name for their own little prince. Shortened familiar versions in English include Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy.A common Irish form is Liam. Let us start with the first name. Not only he used names for characters of his plays, but also created names, like Jessica, Imogene and Miranda.The impact of the inspiration he gives to parents, authors and even name book writers is tremendous. William If you are called William or you are thinking of naming your baby William then I will breakdown the meaning from a Boys Name Dictionary. Sometimes it happens that another name has the same meaning. Watch Queue Queue. Irish Baby Names Meaning: In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Liam is: The Irish name William. According to a user from Virginia, U.S., the name William is of American origin and means "Twig". The name William is one of the most popular boys names of all time and is of Germanic origin. Between 1980 and 2019 there were 13 births of William alexis in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name William alexis per year on average throughout this period. William is used chiefly in the English and French languages, and it is derived from Germanic origins. It is sometimes abbreviated "Wm." Likely the most successful of all Old French names of Germanic origin that were introduced to England by the Normans. The name Bill is a boy's name of English origin meaning "resolute protection". In English, the name William means - protector. User Submitted Meanings. Well, well, well. William - Detailed Meaning. Germanic in origin, the name is derived from the words “will” and “helmet.” It has belonged to several rulers of England, Prussia, and Germany, including William the Conqueror who was the first Norman king of England, and, more currently, Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William of Wales, not to mention several former U.S. presidents. Today its most notably borne by Prince William the Duke of Cambridge. He is the second in line to succeed his grandmother. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.. N.B. Meaning of William. Shakespeare Baby Names. From early in life, you have asserted your individuality, learning through your own experiences, relying upon your ingenuity and practical creativity to accomplish your objectives. The name also has a strong literary history, with bearers such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and William Butler Yeats. Detailed Meaning. William is a classic royal name - there have been four kings of England bearing the moniker, with Prince William joining the regal ranks. STARTS WITH Wil-ASSOCIATED WITH determined (faithful), protector (defender) Variations. How common is the name William. See the popularity of the boy's name William over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Williams is a version of William (Old German): from wil meaning "will". Hebrew name William. Meaning of the name William . Want to see how William sizes up? On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth. Meaning & History. English form of Wilhelm (see Willihelm) Related Names. Meaning: The meaning of the name Bill is: Protection. Loading... Close. Meaning Of The Name William. How to write William in hebrew. The meaning of the name William. William is a popular given name of an old Germanic origin. Jan 12, 2019 - Meaning of The Name William and everything about the first name William name meaning, origin, and personality traits at Name Meanings Online What does William mean? Remove all; In the Anglo Saxon origin, William means Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. William Name Meaning. Saint William of Gellone was an 8th-century cousin of Charlemagne who became a monk. The name was first introduced to England by William the Conqueror. It became very popular in the English language after the Norman conquest of England in 1066, and remained so throughout the Middle Ages and into the modern era. Information about William. The name was first introduced to England by William the Conqueror. All information about the first name William. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquers name. Other origins for the name William include - English, German, French.The name William is most often used as a boy name or male name. English Name Meaning - protector. The firstborn son of Prince Charles is named William. Williams is a patronymic form of the name William that originated in medieval England, Wales, France, and Italy. Origin - England. He went to the University of St. … Derived from an Old French given name with Germanic elements; will = desire, will; and helm = helmet, protection. The name was introduced by the Normans into England. German Name Meaning - Resolute protector; will. masc. proper name, from Old North French Willaume, Norman form of French Guillaume, of Germanic origin (cognates: Old High German Willahelm, German Wilhelm), from willio "will" (see will (n.)) + helma "helmet," from Proto-Germanic *helmaz "protective covering" (from PIE root *kel-(1) "to cover, conceal, save;" compare helm (n.2)). Famous Bearers: poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and William Wordsworth. Watch Queue Queue. Shakespeare names are the names used or created by the famous poet and playwright, William Shakespeare (1564-1616). MEANING: The Irish form of William, originally a German name will + helm””desire + helmet”” and suggests “”strong protector.”” It is currently a very fashionable name in Ireland and across the world. What this means spiritually and from a numerology perspective. Personal identifying names are found in every known culture, and they often pass from one language to another. Learn the meaning behind Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby number 3's name, Louis Arthur Charles. Find out if your name means beauty, hope, power, bravery, or something different. It is derived from the Germanic elements Wil meaning "will or determination" and helm meaning "helmet or protection, guardian".. One of a number of names introduced to Britain by the Normans, William was and still remains one of the most popular names in Britain. There is nothing surprising in this: both names have the same origin or the same numbers of numerology. Search. Meaning Of The Name William. Meaning of "William" English name. RELATED FORMS VIA WILLIAM Willem, Willi, Williamson, Willie , Willis , Wills A submission from Pennsylvania, U.S. says the name William means "Smart kind respectful strong". Gives an overview of the name: William. Most Bills today are dads...or grandpas. This video is unavailable. William is a popular given name of an old Germanic origin. name. William is an anglicized form of the German name Wilhelm.. The name George carries a lot of sentimental meaning to William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as it was the name picked by her beloved father when he became King George VI in 1936. W illiams as a name for boys is an Old German name, and the meaning of Williams is "determined protector". It is a compound of two words, " wil" meaning "will or desire" and " helm" meaning "helmet, protection". Popularity of the name William in 30 countries, origin and meaning of the name William Learn the origin of your name: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, or another origin. Hence the occurrence of Native American place names throughout the United States and the occurrence among American families of names of various linguistic origins (e.g., Roosevelt, Hoover, La Follette, La Guardia). This was the name of two German emperors. A two-element name, it is derived from the elements 'wil' meaning will, desire; 'helm' helmet, protection. William. The name William is a boy's name of English origin meaning "resolute protection".. William is derived from the Germanic name Wilhelm, composed of the elements wil, “will,” and helm, referring to a helmet or protection.The name was introduced to England by William the Conqueror, with William being the Norman variation of the name. Posts about Meaning of the Name written by williamthames. Origin and Meaning.
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