Here is a review for the End-of-Module Assessment. Edit. It can also be used to challenge 3rd grade students or to review with 5th grade students! Resources to help you prepare for the Module 4 End of Module Assessment. A 1 over 5 at the next step. Learn. ... 474 times. 3 years ago. (1 point) Question 1 options: 1) Cube root of 4 2) Square root of 4 3) Cube root of 2 4… Using a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach, students use manipulatives and math drawings to develop an … The voltage drop across the parallel resistors shown in the figure is? Aug 24, 2016 - There are FOUR spiral review sheets included in this file. About Me; Web Resources; Math 2. Please consider making … Get The Prices Right: Placement Fee The maximum allowable placement fee you will pay the recruitment agency is equivalent to your one-month basic salary.