South Uist: The Spoonbill was seen in the channel t0 the north of West Gerinish, Loch Bee again this evening. Several flocks of Skylarks, including one of about 40 birds.Goosander on the river just south of the cement works, frequently diving then flying off upstream. It is the first time that spoonbill chicks have been raised in Suffolk since 1668. The bird has been seen all week up and down this part of the river, so is clearly finding the Severn to its liking for now. Up to twenty spoonbills have now been seen in one view with a visiting teaspoon amongst them, presumably from the Humber area. Spoonbill: Newtown NNR: 1: J Baldwin: 09:30 : 23/06/20: Spoonbill: Brading Marsh: 1: M Buckley: 10:30: Briefly in flight over the dynamite pool. January February March April May June July August September October November Archive . Wonder if there might be 3 as birder reported 1 from Hickson Flash too but seemed to be describing Spoonbill Flash but would support sighting of 2 over swillington this am. Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings 2020 . A circular walk from the Toll Bridge via Lancing Ring and Coombes, returning along the west bank of the river. Spoonbill - credit Pete M. The nest they build consists of twigs, sticks and other vegetation in which the female usually lays 3 to 4 eggs which are incubated for around 24 to 25 days before hatching. 22/06/20: Spoonbill: Brading Marsh: 1: C Meaney: 19:20: 3rd year bird (yellow bill tip and and black edge to a primary). VAT number 618368028. The Spoonbill has appeared again on the Dumbles, feeding in the floodwater channels. About 120 Lapwings on the airfield. Unfortunately 2 have apparently died and 2 more have beached. There are now 3 Spoonbill on Kilnsea wetlands (with an adult joining the 2 immatures), 16 Wigeon, 60 Teal, 2 Little-ringed Plover, 7 Ruff, 7 Black-tailed Godwit, a Spotted Redshank, 1 Wood Sandpiper, a Green Sandpiper, 1 Common Sandpiper, 5 Greenshank and 35 Mediterranean Gull. Email:; Wetland Centre enquiries; Media:; Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Limited is a charity (1030884 England and Wales, SC039410 Scotland) and a company limited by guarantee (2882729 England). The last records of Spoonbill were three high over West Warwick in September 2016 with a fly-through single three years before. If you would like to join our WhatsApp group - Bird Sightings Uist please contact me: or text me on 07867 555971. The final sighting this month was the immature again circling East Warwick on the 31st. Kilnsea wetlands is sseing a nice turnover of species, with big Gulls coming in to bath, giving observers a good chance to catch up with some of the more unusual species. Marine Sightings: 16 Pilot Whales are in Lochboisdale. Use the archive navigation to see more sightings. Spoonbill (Steve Duffield) 11th June: North Uist: The drake Lesser Scaup is still on Loch Sandary. and the immature Spoonbill remain along with sightings of a juvenile Caspian Gull and a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull. The latest spoonbill update is that there are now three confirmed nest sites with young in each. [RSPB Reserve]. Hobby, 6 red kite, Kestrel 2 sparrowhawk 1 Shelduck 3. The last bird to land was one which spent much of the day on East Warwick island in June 2006. Spoonbill 5 + chicks. The best place to view from is the coal tips, there are benches in place overlooking the moat area as well as fencing where you can either use a scope with a hide … Today saw a Great White Egret (maybe a new bird?) Date Species Site Count Observer; 07/05/19: Spoonbill: Bulmershe School: 1: F Hutchinson: 10:34: Disbelieving moment as a large, white bird with a spoon-shaped bill flew low north-west over my head during a PE lesson!
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