Maybe you have tried making them at home. In other words, partially cook the raw fries in some salty boiling water. Serve. Make sure the oil is liquid, i.e., if you’re using coconut oil, massage it with your hands to desolidify. In other words, partially cook the raw fries in some salty boiling water. What seasoning blend do you use with sweet potatoes? Results: These fries are even more surprising, crisp outside, soft inside and delightfully lined with grill marks. 1. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. This is the best sweet potato fries ever. While the fries are baking, mix together the seasoning (1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp paprika or chili powder) and dip (1/2 cup mayo, 3 tbsp ketchup, dash of seasoning). Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°c. Hers are twice seasoned. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Homemade sweet potato fries baked in the oven are a healthy, family friendly side dish! • Preheat oven to 240°C/220°C fan-forced. When you start your Amazon shopping on Half Her Size we receive a small commission. Drizzle olive oil over the fries and toss once more … I also use the wire rack trick for “oven frying” anything! First, I turn to everybody’s favorite online food magazine, The Kitchn. Stir together the cornstarch, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, 3/4 teaspoon salt and a few grinds of black pepper in a small bowl. Lay the fries on a lined baking sheet without overcrowding them and drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over them. Add the olive oil and toss to coat. In my kitchen I keep things a little more simple. 2 Combine cornstarch, rosemary, salt, pepper and paprika in large bowl. Bake at a high temperature: Cook your sweet potato fries … 4. Now I’ll have to try them again with these modifications: Parboil first, and use olive oil spray. It gets the sweet potato fries a wee bit soft on the outside, which speeds the cooking process along once they hit the pan. […] Sweet Potato Fries Recipe: ourladyofsecondhelpings […]. The starched fries get tossed with two tablespoons of oil, too. Good news! After a few minutes in boiling water they should get a crisper outside in the oven. Hi Susie! The crispness depends on how thick the potatoes are cut. Instructions for Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. The second tip was even more revolutionary. I just cut them down, season them, and bake them. But I’ve never tried to pra-boil the sweet potato first. Arrange the rack on top of the baking sheet and set aside. When I make these fries, I drizzle them with a touch of cooking oil, then toss them in a seasoning blend like Montreal steak, or something with salt and pepper in the mix. Bake these fries low and slow, at 350F for about an 45 minutes to an hour. Transfer half of the uncooked fries to one baking sheet, and the other half to the other baking sheet. Slice a sweet potato into roughly the same-sized fries, whether that means wedges or 1/4-inch sticks. Place baking sheet on the middle rack of the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Fucking delicious. Add the potato pieces and coat them well with the egg white mixture. For seasoning blends I have a couple that I keep on hand and shake onto roasting veggies or meat. 🙂. Once they are coated and evenly spread on the rack, bake at 425F until they are toasty and golden. Mixing the fries: Or you can do this step in a large ziplock bag, if you prefer, which makes the fries … When they are done, the sweet potato fries should look slightly browned and … With the potatoes elevated from the pan, both sides can cook at the same time, creating a more even texture. Move baking sheet to the top rack of the oven and broil on high for 5 minutes (or until fries golden brown). This allows the oven's hot air to reach all sides of the fries so that you don't have to flip them halfway through baking. Arrange the par-boiled fries on wire racks over a sheet pan to bake. Sprinkle cornstarch over the sweet potato then toss so they are evenly covered. Position rack in upper third of oven and preheat oven to 425°F. Place sweet potatoes and soybean oil in large bowl, toss lightly. I am always up for an experiment. Also in this series are a comparison of pie crust ratios and a look at smoothie packs. It starts with an Instagram message. Put the sweet potatoes in a large bowl. site by accident, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate didn’t happened earlier! Each batch goes onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, gets tossed once, bakes at 400°F and emerges intermittently crispy. In an ideal world, I’d make a sweet potato fry that’s crisp, stands on its own, doesn’t fall limp when I lift it from the pan—the kind of sweet potato fry restaurants serve, but without their standard deep-frying. It works kind of, but not really worth the effort. Soak your sweet potato pieces in cold water for an hour. Preheat the Air Fryer to 375. Don't crowd the potatoes on the sheet or they will steam and not turn golden-brown. Set a wire baking rack in a rimmed baking sheet and spread out your sweet potato fries in an even layer. I find that one medium-large sweet potato’s worth of fries will fit on one baking sheet. When the fries are ready, transfer them to the rack and place the pan in the oven until serving time. Valuable info. Sounds delicious! And the next time someone wants to know how to bake crispy sweet potato fries, I’ll know what to say: achieving restaurant-style results at home is doable, and here are two ways to try. To make sweet potatoes for a crowd, multiply the recipe–and, if you’re using option two, be sure to have a second wire rack. Another one I like is made by Weber (the BBQ people) “Roasted Garlic & Herb.” Both of these contain salt. If you try them this way I would love to hear what think about the method. Next, in the same bag or bowl, toss with a teaspoon of oil, with spices if desired. Place frozen fries in a single layer on baking sheet. METHOD. The extra sweetness comes from the sugars in the potato as they exude and brown up. That works awesome for roast rosemary potatoes, but pretty lackluster for sweet potatoes. This step isn’t 100% crucial, but it does help the process. My blog friend Katie wants to know how to bake crispy sweet potato fries and wonders if I have any tips. Making sweet potato fries, yes. You see, years and years ago (before they were even a thing) I was taking some out of town friends to the airport late at night. Par-boiling the sweet potato fries. Baking sheets: If you need to spread the fries out between two baking sheets, be sure to switch their positions on the top and bottom oven shelves at the halfway point when you flip the fries. Wednesday afternoon, I approach the kitchen with new research. Cut sweet potatoes into fry-like strips a 1/2 inch by a 1/2 inch thick. The skinnier, almost burned fries hold up; the thicker, oily fries fall limp. Simply wash the sweet potatoes, get the oven preheated and you're ready to roll! A good, long soak pre-bake? GIFT GUIDES Try cutting the recipe in 1/2 and spread the sweet potatoes on one baking sheet (instead of two). For the second batch, I massage the wedges with a teaspoon of coconut oil and spices, set them on a wire rack in a baking pan and place that pan in the oven at 350°F for an hour. You can also use a cast-iron skillet or place an oven safe wire cooking rack on the baking sheet (see Tip #8 for more information this). Thank you! The pan goes into the oven for 35 minutes at 425°F. Arrange. Totally genius! Make sure the oil is liquid, i.e., if you’re using coconut oil, massage it with your hands to desolidify. If that isn't possible, heat the oven to 200 F and place a rack on a baking sheet. 5. Blogger Laura Wright of The First Mess also vouches for arrowroot powder, a starch she “lean[s] on often to thicken mixtures” and another effective sub for cornstarch or cornmeal. Baked sweet potato. I have never looked back. Go Eat Your Bread With Joy. They cook for between 3 and 8 minutes depending on the thickness. Not the want category, but the "NEED" level one. So y'all, sweet potato fries haven't ever been one of those recipes I was dying to try. 8. Sweet Trick: For crisper results, place a metal rack on each baking sheet. Spread sweetpotatoes in a single layer on racks or foil without crowding; set aside remaining sweetpotatoes. The second tip was even more revolutionary. Sweet potato fries are best served as soon as they are cooked and drained. 6. Toss your fries with a teaspoon of oil, with spices if desired. Susie. Sweet potatoes are best smoked. This post on how to bake crispy sweet potato fries is third in a series of articles examining kitchen questions. Toss the fries. If you have you may have discovered that the healthy baked sweet potato fries do not come near their greasy diner counterpart. Cook. I have done it many times, and I wouldn’t say NO to this dish. The soaked fries get strained, dried and tossed with two tablespoons of oil before roasting. Everybody knows there’s more to fries than white potatoes–but, swap in sweet potatoes, and achieving a solid crisp factor at home is a challenge. Try to cut them into similarly sized pieces so the fries will bake evenly. Sprinkle the sweet … Back to the drawing board. A quick tip for the crunchiest SP fries is to use corn starch. Read for Inspiration & Ideas, © 2016 HALF HER SIZE | DESIGNED BY CHELSEY MARIE, 11 Different Recipes For French Fries - Sortrachen, 2012 The Highlights « Our Lady of Second Helpings. Good, I’m decided. Bake until tender and golden brown, turning occasionally. One batch, I’ll test with soaking. Like what sweet potato fries … Bake these fries low and slow, at 350F for about an 45 minutes to an hour. Drizzle with olive oil then add the salt and mixed herbs. So when she goes on to find success with a method I’ve never tried— soaking the sweet potatoes in cold water for an hour before roasting—I get curious. Throw them into a large bag or large bowl … Hi Rose, Add Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Vegan Dressing and Spread and toss to coat. Transfer them to the baking sheet. I can't sing enough praises to this healthier cousin of white spuds for helping this girl curb her carby, sweet cravings. Uniformly chop the unpeeled potatoes into ¼- to ½-fry-shaped sticks. Make sure the oil is liquid, i.e., if you’re using coconut oil, massage it with your hands to desolidify. Cook on middle rack of pre-heated oven at 400 degrees F for 25 minutes, turning halfway. In the past, my oven fries often turned out crisp on one side and steamed on the other. NASHVILLE Is starch the secret? Then place that sheet on the lowest rack in the oven. … This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. This method also works for potatoes or starchy root vegetables. I bookmarked it. One is from the McCormick “Perfect Pinch” line of seasonings, “Vegetable”. Works amazingly well. The fries pictured are thick steakhouse style which come out more tender than crunchy. When ready to … © Copyright 2018. My standard method of slicing thin, tossing with coconut oil and roasting at high heat on a baking sheet is pretty hit or miss in terms of the crisp factor.
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