32:45. The swallow rose in the air and flew over forest and over sea—high above the highest mountains, covered with snow. Pingback: Little Library – Sanaya's Blue Diary, Your email address will not be published. She was very lonely after her husband had died. It was a very pretty sight. It began to snow, too; and the snowflakes, as they fell upon her, were like a whole shovelful falling upon one of us, for we are tall, but she was only an inch high. Thumbelina. The tale was first printed by C. A. Reitzel on 16 December 1835 in Copenhagen, Denmark. However, he came and paid his visit, dressed in his black velvet coat. Every evening the mole visited her and kept talking about when the summer would be over. She spent all of her time tending to the flowers in her beautiful garden and singing to the birds, who bathed in the birdbath just outside her window. Prince Cornelius promises to come back the next day after telling his parents about her. How miserable it must be to be born a little bird! “Perhaps this was the one who sang to me so sweetly in the summer,” she said, “and how much pleasure it gave me, you dear, pretty bird.”. After a time all the beetles who lived in the tree came to pay Thumbelina a visit. Little Tiny or Thumbelina was featured as The Short Story of the Day on Mon, Apr 13, 2020. He could only open his eyes for a moment to look at Thumbelina, who stood by. His kitchens and cellars are quite full. When autumn arrived Thumbelina had her outfit quite ready, and the field mouse said to her, “In four weeks the wedding must take place.”. As soon as they caught sight of her they saw she was very pretty, and it made them angry to think that she must go and live with the ugly toads even though she didn’t want to. A fairy princess with broken wings shows kindness to a frog in trouble and receives a very unexpected reward. Then she found out that it was still alive and she cared for it until was ready to fly. Thumbellina slept in a walnut shell and brought the old woman joy and happiness. While she is there we will hurry and prepare the place under the mud where you are to live when you are married.”. A monkey tricks a crab and hurts him, so the crabs get together to exact their revenge. She looked up, and there was the swallow himself flying close by. The little prince was at first quite frightened at the bird, who was like a giant compared to such a tiny little creature as himself, but when he saw Thumbelina he was delighted and thought her the prettiest little maiden he had ever seen. Look. how she shivered with the cold. But he is blind, so you must tell him some of your prettiest stories.”. He would have nothing more to say to her, and told her she might go where she liked. “This is my house,” said the swallow; “but it would not do for you to live there—you would not be comfortable. But during the night Thumbelina could not sleep, so she got out of bed and made a large, beautiful rug of hay. Thumbelina did. The sun shone in upon them so beautifully that the swallow asked her if she would like to go with him. You may enjoy the longer version of this fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, titled Little Tiny, or Thumbelina. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe. ", "What did you say?" "Thumbelina" (Danish: Tommelise) is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen first published by C. A. Reitzel on 16 December 1835 in Copenhagen, Denmark with "The Naughty Boy" and "The Traveling Companion" in the second installment of Fairy Tales Told for Children. He was rich and clever, no doubt, but he always said bad things about the sun and the pretty flowers, because he had never seen them. Thumbelina - English Short Story for Kids A kind women planted a seed given by a wizard to have children. He was alive, but very weak. "You can come down to the warm country," said the bird, so Thumbellina hopped on the bird's back and flew to the warm country. You can sit on my back and fasten yourself on. Thumbelina Soon after being born from a fiery red flower, Thumbelina is kidnapped from home and pursued by many suitors, including a horrible toad, a bumbling beetle, and a grumpy mole--until the plucky heroine finds a true love who fits her just right. “Tweet, tweet,” sang the bird, as he flew out into the green woods, and Thumbelina felt very sad. about little people? And the mole fell in love with her because she had so sweet a voice, but he said nothing yet, because he was a careful, slow-moving creature. ‘He is very rich and clever,’ she told Thumbelina. What good luck for a poor child like you! It has been told and retold by many authors over the years, as well as being adapted for both television and film. Thumbelina sailed past many towns, and the little birds in the bushes saw her and sang, “What a lovely little creature.” So the leaf swam away with her farther and farther, till it brought her to other lands. Once upon a time--- Oh, Mother, please. The mole now closed up the hole through which the daylight shone, and then brought the ladies home. Other people are taken by her beauty and she passes from one ugly situation to another. Far out in the stream grew a number of water lilies with wide green leaves which seemed to float on the top of the water. Required fields are marked *. how ugly that looks.” “She has no feelers,” said another. “You are so very lovely, we will call you Maia.”. This certainly was a very different sort of husband from the son of the toad, or the mole with his black velvet and fur, so she said yes to the handsome prince. There are so many different stories… Robin Hood Short Story. As soon as the summer was over the wedding would take place. But within the flower, sat a very delicate and graceful little maiden. In autumn all the swallows fly away into warm countries, but if a bird stays on too long, the cold suddenly arrives and it becomes chilled and falls down as if dead. “Here is a seed. Then the swallow said farewell to Thumbelina, and she opened the hole in the ceiling which the mole had made. Thumbelina 2: Thumbelinas New Home | Level 4 | By Little Fox. The moment he caught sight of her he seized her round her delicate waist with his claws and flew with her into a tree. The old woman let the woman in firstly because she felt pity, secondly because she knew what she'd wish for...a child. “My neighbour pays me a visit once a week. When she woke very early in the morning she began to cry bitterly when she found where she was, for she could see nothing but water on every side of the large green leaf, and no way of reaching the land. Stay in your warm bed, I will take care of you.”. “You are going to be married, little one,” said the field mouse. Plant this seed, water it carefully, watch over it, and give it your love. AppuSeries. One night, while she lay in her pretty bed, a large, ugly, wet toad crept through a broken pane of glass in the window and leaped right upon the table where she lay sleeping under her rose-leaf. Then she went home and planted it, and in no time up grew a lovely large flower, like a tulip but with its leaves tightly closed, as if it were still a bud. She could not bear to think of living with the old toad and having her ugly son for a husband. But he never returned, for by this time he had flown far away into the lovely green forest. Never give up, no matter what the cost. The little fishes who swam about in the water beneath had seen the toad and heard what she said, so now they lifted their heads above the water to look at the little maiden. “Thank you,” said the woman and she paid the fairy. The corn which had been sowed in the field over the house of the field mouse had grown up high into the air and formed a thick wood to Thumbelina. Are there any stories. “Thank you, pretty little maiden,” said the sick swallow; “I have been so nicely warmed that I shall soon get back my strength and be able to fly about again in the warm sunshine.”, “Oh,” said she, “it is cold outside now, it snows and freezes. I am thankful that none of my children will ever be birds, for they can do nothing but cry ‘Tweet, tweet.
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