The bizarre weather patterns have caused some to revisit the Mayan apocalyptic theory. In July of 2012, an estimated 97% of the top layer of the Greenland ice sheet thawed to some point. For example, a trillion Zimbabwe one banknote. Can music cause bad behavior of teens? As of 2012, vitrified forts remain one of the strangest anomalies on Earth. To the west of San Francisco Bay, there is another rock wall anomaly in Point Reyes that has drawn some attention. The mistake was huge because modern technology could easily allow for the SSTV tapes to be transformed into a higher quality video of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Wilkes Land is a large district of land in eastern Antarctica that was named after Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, who commanded the 1838 United States Exploring Expedition. How e-waste is toxic to your health 8. Choosing a topic for your research paper, you can get a bit bolder and pick an unusual topic that will require your creativity and critical thinking for your research paper writing. 2020] Happy writing, dear friends! Since the map was found, some people have labeled it a forgery, while others have identified it as real. More specifically, the presence of anatase, which is a synthetic pigment used since the 1920s, however, natural anatase has been demonstrated in various Mediaeval manuscripts. He based the hypothesis on seismic and gravity anomalies in the area. It is also uncertain why people would have exposed the structures to such intense heat because when rock is superheated, the solid becomes significantly weaker and brittle. It almost looks like he makes a Nazi salute motion towards the president. G1.9 was also originally discovered in 1984, which is the same year that conspiracy theorists claim an abnormal planet was found by the U.S. government. The forts range in age from the Neolithic to Roman period. Researchers were able to reconstruct the local vegetation on Antarctica and found that there were tropical and subtropical rainforests covering the coastal region 52 million years ago. Genetically modified organisms, Neurobiology of sleep, and Rainforest conservation are exciting research biology research topics. Interesting presentation topics for work or office. The discovery of G1.9 was announced on May 14, 2008 at a NASA press conference. In response, the United States has attempted to turn to Russia for help with grain export, but Russia is also experiencing an extreme drought and abnormal weather patterns. This article will examine ten strange topics that need a bit more explanation by world governments. One thing you need to do is breath, relax, take it easy and start thinking about what you would love writing about. What if I tell you that by reading this article every student will learn more about how to write a well-structured research paper, how to pick interesting ideas and receive A+ grades. This is an no question simple. For this reason, it has been hypothesized that the impact might have contributed to the massive separation by weakening the crust. In one location the walls form a spiral that is 200 feet (60.9 meters) wide and circles into a boulder. Funny speech topics are usually difficult to turn up with. The video was extremely blurry because of the technological limitations of the time. During the expedition, Wilkes discovered proof that Antarctica is a continent. Some specialists have noted that the walls look similar to other ancient structures found in rural Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. Another mysterious figure that was seen during the JFK assassination is the umbrella man. We can only hope that people will evolve and gain a better understanding of bizarre historical events, instead of moving in the opposite direction. Advertisement. This is where the Internet comes very handy. One of the greatest mysteries of Malta is the cart ruts, which are a complex network of tracks that have been carved into the rock. 150 Science Essay Topic Ideas. Or if you are a student looking for a science experiment, I have posted step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects and you can find a list of links in my article: Science Fair Experiments. The Ig Nobel Prize, or the Anti-Nobel Prize, is awarded to the weirdest and most dubious scientific discoveries - or those seemingly so. On the day in question, Ocean X used sonar equipment to identify a “very unusual 197 foot (exactly 60 meter) diameter cylinder shaped object at the depth of approximately 275 feet (83.8 meters).” The team captured a sonar image of the object and released it to the press, which caused some to compare the picture to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Wow your family. Spanish astronomers have reported that they tracked G1.9 with great interest because of the recent gravitational anomalies in the Oort cloud. If a teacher does not assign a specific research paper topic, it … It was the largest extent of surface melting observed in three decades of satellite recording. In 1978, after an appeal to the public by the U.S. Committee on Assassinations, a man named Louie Steven Witt came forward and claimed he was the umbrella man. He then got up and walked towards the Texas School Book Depository. Choose your funny topic – you could start outright with funny presentation topics or fun research paper topics, or think about aspects of your serious subject where you could introduce some good humor. Whether you’re 8 or 80, the interesting topics to write about will help you have a better connection to your values, ideas, emotions, and experiences. Rap music and violence. 30. The Ig Nobel Prize, or the Anti-Nobel Prize, is awarded to the weirdest and most dubious scientific discoveries - or those seemingly so. Learn about our editorial process. He then spun the umbrella clockwise as the limo slowed down and JFK was shot. Job Vs. Business: Dream Vs. Step 2: Pick a topic that you understand and has available material. The story has been blurred, but many scientists have labeled the object a cluster of rocks or a sediment deposit. Panicking can cause you to write a low-quality paper which you will end up failing. After reaching the site, the team reported that all their electronic equipment, including a satellite phone would not work within 200 meters of the site. Reality! 7 award-winning scientific studies that are too weird to believe. Many historians have argued that vitrified forts were subjected to carefully maintained fires to ensure they were hot enough to turn the rock to glass. The impact of the object has also been reported to have disturbed the rift valley that formed 100 million years ago when Australia moved away from the Gondwana supercontinent. The structures have baffled geologists for centuries because people can’t figure out how the rocks were fused together. Interesting research topics on education. StarViewer reported that the object was formed in the same way as the Sun. It indicates the ability to send an email. It won’t hurt writing down your ideas. Podcast. 1. Before Europeans arrived in San Francisco Bay, the Ohlone Indians populated the region, but they didn’t use stone construction.
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