Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Moose Antler Shed Set Horns Sheds … MOOSE ANTLER SHEDS PAIR - TAXIDERMY ANTLERS MOUNT, HORNS, SKULL, CARVING - DECOR. Deer are not traveling far this time of year if they can help it and they are often herded up. When you start searching in these high-priority locations first, you can eliminate huge areas that have very little potential. When to go shed hunting is a tricky question. One last thing, Spring is a great time to be outdoors. We’ve listed some of the best places to find shed antlers below. The weathered beam once carried 5 points and I was ecstatic. This snow melting will reveal grass to hungry critters as well as water. Somewhere between feed and bedding areas, there will be antlers. More importantly, fields like these are such a powerful magnet for whitetails that you could find shed antlers from deer you’ve never even seen on your property before. The majority of deer drop their antlers anywhere from mid-January to the end of February. It feels like looking for an actual needle in a haystack after a while. That should be obvious, given how many mature bucks have been taken out of a Muddy Box Blind perched on the edge of a corn field. Why wouldn’t you? ELK ANTLER SHEDS PAIR - DEER TAXIDERMY ANTLERS … Since deer would typically drop their antlers in a feeding area during the night, you’d have a great chance at finding a fresh deer antler before anyone else if you’re up against other public land shed hunters. This is an inefficient way for them to feed, and they will always seek out the easiest feeding method possible. With everything you can learn about the deer you hunt or the habitat you hunt them in, shed hunting can be a great learning opportunity. Last year's white antlers … Nine of them had new antlers growing; one of the nine had four new points per side, and the other nine bulls were still carrying last year's racks. Running the animals around is not good for your shed hunting opportunities or their health. Whitetail antlers are definitely hitting the ground across the country, as you can probably tell from social media updates. In addition, to further protect the Gunnison sage-grouse, the new regulations include a time-of-day closure in the Gunnison Basin May 1 - 15 from sunset to 10 a.m. © Copyright - Muddy Outdoors - Powered by, Shed Hunting | The Pros and Cons of Finding “Dead Heads”, The Power of Perennials | Spring Food Plots. As testosterone surges in male moose, around September, the velvet will shed (see video) and the antler bone hardens. I stood on the clutch and brake to get the tractor stopped, threw it in neutral and jumped out the door! After hours and hours of shed hunting, I found my first one from the seat of a tractor! Areas where … They make up the majority of a deer’s diet during certain parts of the year, and are full of carbohydrates and protein, respectively. Always let someone know where you will be and what your intentions are. Often times, in the agriculture country, that means antlers will be laying in plain view. The snow helps track the deer and … I also follow likely travel routes back to bedding cover. Many times, when moose are shedding their antlers, it is snowing, blowing or both, and sheds are quickly covered by snow. If you are interested in looking for moose sheds, but have no idea where to start, check out my article on 21 Awesome Tips for Shed … We parked at this little spot and found where a coyote had left a part of a moose skull. If you don’t have any fields, you can also try supplemental feeders. Fields of winter wheat or fall canola are probably the easiest places to find sheds. Sure enough, the curved piece of bone at one time belonged on the head of a whitetail buck. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Deer are in survival mode and don't want to use any more energy than necessary. If you can get to them before winter wheat and native grasses start to grow, you can cover these areas in a quarter of the time it takes once green up occurs. Spend time looking through your binos to see where bucks and bulls are feeding in the evening. You'll find we offer many different types of moose antlers, including shed moose antlers, antler parts and even full-sized mounts. Don’t just casually walk through the area; you need to almost stalk and use your eyes to really scan the ground for any part of an antler. Early season antler finds are accomplished by glassing. Extremely cold years seem to have an affect too. It makes sense then that deer are more likely to shed antlers in one of these two areas since that’s simply where they spend most of their time. States in the northeast have limited agriculture. They provide plenty of browse and good bedding cover. This shed antler hunting season, don’t take the scatter gun approach by looking everywhere. Always ask permission before going. We are starting off with Adam and Tana's shed hunting adventures for moose antlers. That particular “horn” just helped fuel the passion. It’s important to note that deer will normally only eat the young and tender new growth from the summer before as that is easier to digest than older, tough, and woody stems. The reason being that, it's easier for deer to eat browse that's 3-5 feet off the ground, than it is for them to dig through the snow to get to leftover corn and beans. In the winter, deer need thick thermal cover to protect them from the cold temperatures and winds. Your email address will not be published. Low elevation drainages also produce sheds. Deer that don't live in ag country will winter in sagebrush flats. I like to drive roads that get me close to these locations and glass. These trails are very easy to notice in the winter, whether there is snow on the ground or not. I like to glass these areas once a week if possible. Some habitat types to accomplish this goal include tall grass plantings or frozen, thick cattail swamps. If you can find a standing corn or bean field in the winter, you can be sure the deer will travel for miles around to gorge themselves. They use these wintering areas year after year. Picking up antlers without landowner permission is stealing. It's no different than actually hunting the animal. I've picked up three antlers in the median strips just driving down the highway. These ridges have very little timber. In order to find shed elk antlers there must be elk in the areas you are looking in, specifically bull elk that have dropped their antlers. It’s a warmer-than-average winter in many parts of the country, the snow has mostly melted, and it’s the perfect time to get out there and check the woods. In areas where deep snow and severe cold cause deer to “yard up”, you may want to try thick stands of cedar or other evergreen trees. Real Moose Antler sheds from Alaska for your log home decor or craft and carving project. Unlike elk, deer drop their antlers before much of the snow melts off., That being said, you’ll want to wait to check out any bedding areas for shed antlers until you know that bucks have dropped them, simply because you can chase them to a neighboring property before they’re ready. When you are ready to get started, just browse through our listing directly below and click on any of the moose antlers … Not all areas are created equal, but once you find a good area, it should produce for years to come. Not to worry though, the animals begin to grow new antlers … Winter food plots with corn, beans, tall brassicas, or cereal grains offer a similar attraction. Give them space and be patient, sheds won't run off once their on the ground. Every year during winter and early spring, groups of adventure seekers take to the woods in search of moose and deer antlers, also known as sheds. In 2018, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to prohibit shed antler and horn collection on all public lands west of I-25 from Jan.​​ 1 through April 30, annually. As a general average, brown mule deer antlers fetch around $10 per pound and brown elk antlers average $12 per pound. Get the best deals on Moose Horns & Antlers when you shop the largest online selection at Shed hunting has become very popular over the last few years. These tall grasses shield deer from icy winds and stay upright through ice accumulation and heavy snows. Some states require a warden visit the site of the find, while others require you to purchase a salvage tag when bringing it home. Perfect Pet Chews Moose Antler Dog Chew All Natural Grade A Premium Antlers, Long Lasting Dog Treats, Organic Dog Chews, Naturally Shed Antlers from USA 4.3 out of 5 stars 17 $24.95 $ 24 . Rodents, squirels and porcupines will chew the antlers to gain the protein or minerals from the bone. Deer are adapted to have reduced metabolisms in the winter, and their digestive tracts even adapt to include the microorganisms to efficiently digest fibrous browse. I plan on going out for some hikes to try and find moose and deer antlers. Frozen cattail swamps offer a similar level of protection as they will grow extremely densely to protect deer from any cold winds. I like to follow game trails up the mountain as they parallel the creek bottom and zigzag the side hills on my way back down. Deer will feed on the baled hay and eventually knock them off during the process. Moose Antler / Shed Antler / Natural Antler (#569) TheAntlerStack. These are the first places I look. I like to glass these areas once a week if possible. This is a great time to test out new hunting gear, especially boots. Simply grab your chainsaw and cut down several trees in a small pocket (anywhere from a tenth of an acre to an acre or more). When you start searching in these high-priority locations first, you can eliminate huge areas that have very little potential. People often overlook food plots for shed hunting. They are crepuscular animals, meaning they excel at dawn and dusk (i.e., low-light situations), but their eyes are adapted to see well throughout the night too. Make sure you check the regs before venturing out. They are often planted with switchgrass, big bluestem, or Indian grass, which are very tall, upright, and clump-forming. If it hasn’t happened on your property yet, it’s likely to happen very soon. I was addicted to antlers long before that find. Every state is different on how to legally handle this. 5 out of 5 stars (150) 150 reviews $ 87.00. Finding a moose shed is a great treat for anyone that is of a mind to find them. The wind blows hard enough to knock the doors right off your truck, which also means, it blows the snow off the grass that the elk feed on. In late winter, after the rut is over bucks shed their antlers. High efficiency is critical if you’re dealing with huge properties and want to find some deer sheds before the mice, squirrels, and porcupines chew them up or another hunter finds them. Drainages are often overwhelmed with thick cover. You may walk miles and miles to find such spots but to the antler addict, it's worth it. If not, I already have a good feel for where to start looking. Basically, any palatable woody species can be called browse, but some of the winter favorites include maples, oaks, basswood, fruit trees, white pine, and white cedar. Favorite Add to Previous page Next page Previous page Current page … If you’re a deer hunter or any kind of outdoors-lover, you’re probably racking up some miles on your boots right about now in the pursuit of shed antlers. In much of the Midwest, corn and soybean fields are king when it comes to deer nutrition. I heard Turtle and looked over to see him coming back with an antler… I glass these areas with my spotting scope and once I see the bone glistening in the sunlight, I start hiking. Country music played on the radio as countless windrows of hay were consumed by the New Holland round baler. Make sure to check out any of these areas for shed antlers. Many western states have seasons for shed hunting on state and federally owned land. On years of deep snow, we find more antlers in these areas than we do in fields. Finding antlers before they become sheds can greatly increase your odds. Keep your distance so you don't disturb them. That makes Bloomquist's benevolence to the Ericksons and Pionks even more remarkable. Now, you can browse through a broad range of authentic moose antlers for sale. That makes spring thaw one of the better times to find sheds. Lots of snow usually means a pile of bone in a small area. It's no different than actually hunting the animal. EDIT: I have received confirmation from fish and wildlife that it's perfectly legal to pick up antler sheds. But when they are harvested each fall, deer need to instead scavenge waste grain on the ground. Rather, it’s about the shed antlers of deer and moose that you may find while wandering around in the boreal forests of this continent. Shed antlers are big business, and buyers are out there looking to pay you to find them. Tips on finding shed antlers for someone with an untrained eye. Haystacks and known fence crossings are good spots too. While you might be able to find young growth areas on your property, they will likely be scattered around and hard to pinpoint a specific location. The air conditioned tractor was a welcomed relief from Summer's early heat wave. The freshly felled trees will provide lots of young tender browse that was inaccessible to the deer, but the sudden infusion of sunlight will also produce lots of stump sprouts next summer. Those after moose antlers may pour over aerial maps or study GoogleEarth to find openings and disturbances such as recent logging … It's a pretty safe bet to start walking your best areas out by mid-March. Most Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) fields are perfect for this purpose. The Pro-Cam 12 is a great trail camera that you can use throughout the year to keep tabs on the deer herd. Spring also brings violent thunderstorms and blizzards that can leave you stranded for days. It can be really intimidating if you own a very large property or look primarily on vast public lands; where do you even begin to search for something so small in an area so big? Deer will also stay near highway right of ways during years with heavy snowfall and penetrating cold. Since they are usually located in close proximity to agricultural fields and make for a convenient bedding area, it’s always worth checking out one of these fields. Twenty some years ago, I was baling hay for my uncle. If I ever get so lucky, anyone know if there are buyers up here? Not really, but there are things you can do to increase your chances. The last thing you want to do is go walking through their primary feeding grounds before the antlers hit the ground. This is about some of the ungulates (hoofed animals) … While shed hunting, there's a good chance you may come across winter kill or other ‘dead heads’. Thanks for the tips . Cleaning and cutting the antler is an important to ensure that your pup has the best antler … I have found antlers as early as mid-January, but I’ve found that March and April are the best time to find white-tailed deer sheds. Our dogs are highly trained in locating shed antlers through the forests of Maine.
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