It can be used on the Eglu Cube or on your own chicken coop (you don’t need an Omlet coop to enjoy this product – it works with all coops). Eglu/Cube vs Wooden Coop and lots of other chicken questions ... (30 Posts) Add message | Report. And they can survive without feeding for up to nine months. For those that are not familiar with this little devil, it's a small ectoparasite that feeds on the blood of poultry and other bird species. All this makes red mite the bane of the poultry keeper's life and something that is capable of killing your flock. I looked into the Eglu, mainly because Omlet are so user friendly (bringing the whole set up to you, including the hens). Need help choosing a chicken coop? ). The Eglu Cube is a large chicken coop that is ideal for backyard chicken keeping.You can comfortably keep a large flock of up to 10 hens in this predator resistant chicken coop. We cannot leave any doors or windows open and we are not enjoying our chickens at all because of the rats. The cleaning of plastic houses is much easier than wooden housing, and maintenance is practically zero. In fact it is so bad I am considering asking my landlord to take them away.The chickens live in a very nice purpose built run and wooden hen house but rats tunnel under the fencing and dine at will on the hen food. Does that sound okay? From reading threads on here, it sounds like 3 is the right number to start off with. Wood absorbs water, does it seem heavier to move in the winter? That anti-plastic article mentions plastic houses blowing over - I honestly can't imagine an Eglu blowing over, not sure about a Cube - and being badly insulated - but that's why Eglus are double-walled. Omlet designed the Eglu Cube from the ground up to be the best hobby chicken coop in the world. I'm almost tempted to call Flytesofancy and ask them! Considered features, insightful design and a robust structure make this hen house comfortable and secure and the inspired choice of plastic for its fabrication revolutionizes your poultry housing maintenance routine. Our rats did that with a pile of bricks near our run. We have a large garden with orchard being established at one end so plenty of space although I'll start them off in field until the grass gets a bit thicker in orchard, and even then I'm thinking an area fenced off with electric chicken fencing to save not only my beds but also the chooks from foxes which may or may not be passing by. Best Large: Little Hen Big Chicken Coop. It has no grass, the poo just accumlates and flies breed and it stinks in summer. If not, then I'd consider doing that but I know DH won't even consider burying the fencing underground - it's too permanent IYKWIM.Okay - going to read that article. We haven't had any rat problems, and the way we have combatted them is to have a heavy wooden coop that sits on paving slabs. The Omlet Eglu Cube coop and run is an outstanding package that provides everything needed to keep pet hens in the lap of luxury. However, it depends on whether your hens would have access to free ranging as to whether its suitable IMO. I have a Maggies Dozen, and Yes I did have some redmite issues - both times when someone else has been looking after them when I'm on hols, obviously not liberal enough with the poultry sheild!I have mine in a large poultry protection pen from the same supplier but also the have access, or rather did, to a 50m diameter electric fence pen. Takes no more than twenty minutes. If you're serious about raising chickens, this is the prosumer poultry palace for you. We have one, which is part of the problem. £200 voucher to be won. If the rats cannot get to the food or hen manure/bedding they wil go elsewhere.Sorry to be so alarmist but since July last year I have poisoned, trapped or shot about 20 rats in our garden and the children are frightened to go out. Stopping the rats getting in and eating the eggs is another problem we have as teh bob hole is always open. Wooden Coop and enclosed run v Eglu and run. My current coop stands on slabs, and the new one will also be slabbed. May 27, 2014 - Eglu Classic Chicken Coop is a plastic hen house and fox-proof chicken run in one. If you have a large army of egg layers, … Based on my research and what I want for my chickens, I have decided to go with the Omlet Eglu Cube with 9 foot run. An added bonus is that it is equipped to work with any wooden chicken coop, but can also be attached directly to the Eglu Cube Mk1(model bought before 2016) and Mk2 (model bought after 2016). Designed to work with the best-selling Eglu Cube as well as any wooden chicken coop. In the right conditions it can complete its life cycle of egg to egg-laying adult in seven days, so populations can explode if they're not dealt with quickly and effectively. Let's face it, the other widely-held belief is that wild birds transport red mite. Buy on Wayfair. But according to the Country Smallholding index here it doesn't exist... And googling doesn't turn it up either. Millie1 Wed 17-Mar-10 21:15:35. I need to go & study some more.Riven ... you've had bad luck with wooden houses and redmite ... the cleaning of the cube/eglu is what's very attractive. May 27, 2014 - Eglu Classic Chicken Coop is a plastic hen house and fox-proof chicken run in one. Maybe they have got the wrong date or something. An easy to move starter chicken house for 2-4 birds. I have the bigger one, the nest box comes off, there is a good sized door at the back, there is a sliding panel on the other side and removable perches - I do not use the poo tray.I wish I had coated the inside in something before I put the chooks in, some sort of clear sealant, as it can be hard to scrub the walls off.I mostly use jeyes fluid now, I stand the ends of my perches in it neat and this sorted out the red mite as they were living under the perch ends.I can get right inside it crouching, to scrub or spray into the roof etc.I clean it once a week (until last week I had 11 birds in it) but it can go longer, When ds was in hospital in Dec it went 3 weeks - yes it was a bit mucky but nothing too serious.I put my poo and easybed on my compost heap. Have been up there a lot with the mad rabbit catching hound - she would put off anything...animal, vegetable, mineral...due to her excessively, ahem, determined and spirited personality - she must be an indigo dog. The Omlet Autodoor is designed to be easily fitted to any wooden coop as well as the Eglu Cubes – both the Mk 1 and Mk 2 models. I've read it's great for veggies - can you just chuck it straight on or does it need to compost down a bit first? I take my coop apart every week and scrub it. Cleaning our cube is so ridculously easy.
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