/T1_4 309 0 R /SH1 313 0 R >> /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageC ] /XObject << %%EOF In one of these theories, Graz'zt was chosen to lead an invasion of the Abyss as part of the Blood War—and conquered three layers of the Abyss—but became corrupted by the chaotic forces he had been sent to destroy and renounced his allegiance to the devils. /V 2 0000059259 00000 n 0000006572 00000 n Graz'zt should look angry as he manifests from smoke rising out of a magic red-glowing summoning circle in the floor, his arms raised above his head and his head thrown back in a primal scream of anger and frustration, but Iggwilv looks supremely confident that she's got him trapped, and should look smug, unworried, and regal as she conjures him. The Iggwilv–Graz’zt Affair 3 August 012 DRAGON 14 and that his talent for deception was inherited from his father, Fraz-Urb’luu. /Type /Catalog 3rd Edition Statistics[4] /P -1552 << 0000017306 00000 n She was at one time the apprentice of Zagig Yragerne, and a member of the Company of Seven. 0000049411 00000 n 1e Some maintain that Asmodeus was drawn from the Nine Hells to mate with Pale Night, implying that there may be truth in both theories. 0000055060 00000 n /O 287 Graz'zt covets Demogorgon's title as the Prince of Demons above all else, and throws army after army at his most hated enemy in hopes of claiming it. Graz’zt and Iggwilv. Graz'zt readily accepted the offer, but betrayed Waukeen as soon as she arrived in the Abyss. 3.5 Edition Statistics[1] Source: Dragon Magazine #360 - Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Graz'zt, the Dark Prince Graz'zt giving Tasha a cloak made from skin from a Pit Fiend named Drokkarn called the Fiend's Embrace. endobj Jelethar's younger brother Morthass ruled until −434 DR, when his sole heir, a tiefling named Nardrad, became king of Narfell and ruled until −399 DR. Nardrad's son, King Orlathaun, was human. 0000009226 00000 n With Graz'zt's help, Iggwilv went on to build an army to attack and control the nation of Perrenland, which she dominated and ruled for 10 years from her secret lair in the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. 0000079589 00000 n She and the demon lord Graz'zt even had a … 0000058907 00000 n I live for the moment when I can to turn something pure into something perverse. Graz’zt ultimately returned to the Abyss, but rumors abound that he did, in fact, fall in love with his captor. Vargaun ruled until −535 DR, and was succeeded by his third tiefling son, Horthaun. Eventually, however, she succumbed to the Dark Prince’s charms. Alignment Graz'zt ultimately returned to the Abyss, but rumors abound that he did, in fact, fall in love with his captor. Graz'zt's greatest weapons, however, were his mastery of seduction and guile. 0000056351 00000 n 0000016237 00000 n He was considered the comeliest demon in the Abyss, and dressed in the most expensive and elegant finery on the entire plane. Alignment For a time, Graz'zt was trapped on the Material Plane by the witch-queen Iggwilv, who used his insight to elevate her own power. For a while, Iggwilv was presumed dead. Shortly after that Iuz came along. As a consequence of this battle, Iggwilv's beautiful form was wracked by magic and split into two hideous manifestations. Iuz is the cambion child of the demon prince Graz'zt and Iggwilv, the so-called "Witch Queen of Perrenland." /N 6 %���� /L 1490506 [citation needed], One of Graz'zt's most confusing enemies is the witch queen Iggwilv. 0000152725 00000 n 0000067937 00000 n 0000068477 00000 n Noteworthy minions include a hulking goristro named Orwantz, who acts as Graz'zt's personal border control for Azzagrat, and Rule-of-Three, a cambion who meets secretly with other fiends of the Lower Planes, to strategize an attack against the celestials. [2] Another theory claimed that Graz'zt became disillusioned with his place in Baator when he realised that the hierarchy of Hell ultimately benefited only one creature - Asmodeus - and felt that pledging his allegiance to the Abyss was the only way to place himself beyond Asmodeus' clutches. She had a quasit familiar, who acted as a spy for the evil queen. 138 0 R 141 0 R ] [ (--���%?˓�3,,��]5> /OCGs [ 147 0 R 150 0 R 151 0 R 154 0 R 155 0 R They overthrew the lich-king of Narfell, Belevan the Unliving. He entertained the notion that he was the most cunning and intelligent creature in the Abyss; indeed, there were few who could possibly contest such a claim. Iggwilv was best known for creating the Demonimicon, a powerful and dangerous artifact, as well as her ties to various demon lords. He is an ally, and sometimes lover of, Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi, who keeps his soul amulet safe in her layer of the Abyss. In the latter form, Iggwilv has long black hair and pale skin. Iggwilv is a fierce enemy of the Circle of Eight. The deity bargained for safe passage across Zelatar with information regarding a secret horde of treasure. [citation needed], In −666 DR, twin half-fiendish sons of Graz'zt and Ayanna Orgolath, Ulthas and Ulthar, were born. He stole powerful artifacts from Graz'zt and escaped to the howling chasms of Pandemonium, where he became the divine patron of rodents and bats. [Rot8] endobj Former home(s) trailer Iggwilv's character history in 4th edition is similar to that in the World of Greyhawk. /Resources << /ColorSpace << /CS0 288 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS0 290 0 R /GS1 Standing nine feet tall, Graz'zt appears as a lithe, muscular humanoid. The modish, blazingly glowing graz zt and iggwilv wallpaper drawing have an affect on your atmopshere and makes pleasure for you to be cool. 5e 285 0 obj [citation needed]. 0000000017 00000 n 24 These fiendish traits are apparent, regardless of whatever form Graz'zt chooses to take. /Filter /FlateDecode ����B$\�� Besides her awesome magi… 3}Z�Ń�N�&1��gW��Q He was succeeded by his tiefling son Vargaun. Eventually, however, she succumbed to the Dark Prince's charms. Graz'zt ultimately returned to the Abyss, but rumors abound that he did, in fact, fall in love with his captor. Chaotic evil [citation needed], Technically, every demon living within Graz'zt's world-spanning empire is considered one of his loyal servants; those who prove otherwise are fed to the carnivorous plants in his perfumed hanging gardens. >> Perhaps the greatest love story in D&D lore is the on-again, off-again affair between a demon prince named Graz’zt and the witch-queen Iggwilv. [citation needed], Some sources claim that Graz'zt was the creator of the Vasharans, a breed compared to humans as the drow are compared to elves. Sex Iggwilv was apprenticed to the eccentric archmage Zagig Yragerne, who made his fortune as a member of the leg-endary adventuring group the Company of Seven. He serves as the Dark Prince's majordomo and chief ambassador to the other demon lords. ;�����Vؕ�����$�FiF��I�i�8](Eầ���(�� �QɄ��9��`BkKUk�{��d���M;V,)����3 {K��P�9��94a���|{w�jyF���y��Z�d#�|�7m�L��m3~��)_ok�c��C����kb���Eg����4{���=\��2�!��j��L�j�����sD���f-���˒��ݗ��9N����]�Yi9�5�U��{k"N��N���_�Q$D!���G�b��aYtZ�)���4�y��fc|FU�redn>�_�"�I. endstream He ruled over the Abat-Dol… Graz’zt jealously set out to destroy any fiend that “ had trafficked with Iggwilv in the past. When at his palace, the Dark Prince keeps many attractive demons at hand, to feed his ferocious sexual appetite. The heretics, thus, believe that all who worship Waukeen are really worshiping Graz'zt instead, and they're just fine with that.[12]. 0000008721 00000 n She quickly became leader of the coven and Graz’zt’s consort. Iggwilv is briefly described as Graz'zt's sometimes ally and former lover. [citation needed], Two of Graz'zt's other greatest enemies were Malcanthet, Queen of the Succubi, and Gwynharwyf, Champion of the eladrin. See more ideas about Dungeons and dragons, Fantasy creatures, Fantasy art. 0000042056 00000 n 0000006061 00000 n 3e He is sometimes described as having six small black horns half-hidden amid his thick black hair. 0000027305 00000 n 336 0 obj /MediaBox [ 0 0 792 612 ] << 285 53 0000026475 00000 n “Using the knowledge of binding she had taken from Zagig and her conversations with Fraz-Urb’luu, Iggwilv engaged in a monumental contest of wills [citation needed], There were several competing, often contradictory theories as to Graz'zt's origin, some of which claimed that he was not a native to the Abyss, but was once an archdevil who served Asmodeus. Tanar'ri[1] Formerly: Archdevil[2] She's floating in the air." endobj Graz’zt, the Dark Prince (Demonomicon style) – Page 2. >> 4e 0000047580 00000 n Verin can change his form at will, and often elects a black-skinned mirror image of himself, known as Ztefano. 0000003397 00000 n Iggwilv is a fierce enemy of the Circle of Eight. /Pages 94 0 R Ulthas became Narfell's new ruler, reigning from −633 DR to −623 DR, when he was slain while leading an invasion of Mulhorand and Unther. [citation needed], But even the wrath of a god cannot compare to the hatred and spite of the Dark Prince's chief rivals, Demogorgon and Orcus. She is the mother of the demigod Iuz, sired by the demon lord Graz'zt, and also of the vampiress Drelnza (now destroyed). >> His skin shone like polished obsidian, and his eyes glittered with malevolent green light. 0000006941 00000 n The violence of the eternal war between these three demons rivals that of the Blood War, and costs them unthinkable resources that could be put to use in the battles against the baatezu. She is the mother of the demigod Iuz, sired by the demon lord Graz’zt, and also of the vampiress Drelzna (now destroyed). [citation needed], Graz'zt is always attended by six powerful lamias, and his marilith escorts; Unhath and Reluhantis, are never far from his side. %PDF-1.4 287 0 obj 286 0 obj ��~�A ��Ls* ��1�4~�9�5]�>�� ��3f�mx�G�Nx�E� J����R�n���g�q�P��0��c���z�V���nB~/���ҫb%���7lL�z�ѥV�eތ�#E��*h)��nT[�H��K��#�����gR���\�o��4����9h�f�'f�?dĢ(Є�����m� �:=bzc���������X�#�ڷ�{ 2�g(N�Q�uK�!��������R��v�DZX+���s�k-�����r/s�j+D�-;�����,�9�i���YHA+�]�U���m��DY���uU���O��Ի�8��\�=���G��;.XW3̳?` T����)D�Q�q��)l�挏�P"qky��|���L�ً`�Kp���E!���u��t� i�(Mkk�U�Vm�Q3Z��l��/�} �"G9A�U��MfQ�h�ي�_Uk'X�A�oGO5�9�۸��ݍ�hM�b�bd)m�ǚ;H�,5~ɓ������ߦ�p��N�! Results 11 to 18 of Not helping the matter is that the Demonomicon has been copied by other wizards and abyssal witch-priests, creating diluted versions that have scattered across the cosmos. >> Due to his origins in The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Graz’zt features heavily in Greyhawk lore, dating back to his capture by Iggwilv, the Witch Queen of Perrenland. Iggwilv first appeared in historical chronicles of Perrenland in 460 CY. [10], Naturally, the Dark Prince is a fundamental enemy of all that is good and holy in the multiverse, and despite whatever promises he makes, every mortal who deals with him is doomed to an afterlife of endless horror beyond the scythe-tipped gates of Zelatar. As a result, his female consorts have populated the multiverse with a depraved host of half-fiend children. /Root 286 0 R _�ʴ0�/�1 j�/���Q�'J�e=<6�]�^��3rA�� ���Kܷ?6+"w��n�B�Z���G�L��Y������p�K�3Nr&�X�)���p;.���� ��wT���6��Kn���_Y���wEm�4� �g09�6�Q�{��j�5���ڊ�����J3 Recently, lovely graz zt and iggwilv wallpaper drawing can assit for us to suffer your bad attitude. Bodaks and similar horrors are the only other occupants of the Argent Palace. Eventually, however, she succumbed to the Dark Prince's charms, and their story was made infamous by the products of their romance: the vile demigod Iuz and an unnamed child. Jun 23, 2015 - Explore Thrall of Graz'zt's board "Graz'zt" on Pinterest. /Outlines 95 0 R Iggwilv is the adopted daughter of Baba Yaga. From whence the Witch Queen Iggwilv came is not known. Male The two have been both lovers and bitter enemies over many years. /Prev 1484666 /Size 338 0000006343 00000 n /E 156179 You may be thinking of the article in Dragon 414 entitled History Check: The Iggwilv-Graz’zt Affair By John “Ross” Rossomangno. /StructTreeRoot 156 0 R 0000043081 00000 n [8], Although he has not yet achieved divine status, Graz'zt is worshiped by many monstrous races, most notably the lamias. 0000058506 00000 n On Oerth she has been called the Witch Queen of Perrenland and the Mother of Witches. His dark elf son, Athux, leads Graz'zt's demonic army, while his daughter Thraxxia serves as a private assassin. >> /Contents [ 314 0 R 335 0 R ] After absconding with her mentor’s greatest secrets, Iggwilv used that knowledge to imprison the Dark Prince Graz’zt. Alignment 0000028061 00000 n Basic Information 289 0 obj Graz'zt is given a statistics block in the 4th edition Manual of the Planes, which also 0000049795 00000 n 24 Imprisoned in the Argent Palace, the goddess was forced to witness profane celebrations held in her honor. 0000067583 00000 n The Dark Prince gave the cloak to her as a gift for his love of the Witch-Queen, who fell to her seductive charms. 0 Various depictions of Graz'zt.Gallery Iggwilv is the adopted daughter of Baba Yaga. �-�=��� ��:à'�x�ffӄl�3�zH\�+9�� �Z��$�T�b#½$�@��=���섘�@ӃR��0BD�L�'?�1���'Yh�X�*h�qt���}���£�!�-}uV!М�� �ؾ*�]��h.`��}�n4^;O��芍T7�k�8��i�JJ�/ǎݚ�6��x-�b�/(]��;�6�锁��9���>����{��آ��Bk�5vLr�N�C�8����@>�aJ�#�GBU�[�'A"ɢO���כ���h�n9ȃD��6���hz_�� L�R���*��Ma����]�r�+,�J����=�Q�����b)ij��^�_�. >> Those who subscribed to this theory believed that Pale Night must have drawn some great evil entity to herself to father her children; suggestions for what this entity could have been included an evil god such as Set, a baernoloth, the patriarch of a race of immortal warriors from another reality, an Outer God of Crawling Chaos, and even a sentient portion of the Abyss itself. Iuz is the maternal grandson (by adoption) of Baba Yaga, and through Graz'zt, the half-brother of Athux, Thraxxia, and Arzial.
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