Make the change! For an unguided root chakra meditation, visualize a glowing red light at the base of your spine. Root Chakra Healing Meditation: Meditation is an ultimate powerful way to heal any chakra. Stretching will invariably lead to exercising. [do not record] Pro Tip: Allow your breathing to be natural, here. So we have completely avoided jargon and have simplified it for you. If during your first stage of life, childhood you felt incomplete of the necessities of life, the root doesn’t take complete grounding. Encompass you. It is situated at the end of the spine, very close to the coccyx, at the middle of the perineum area. As you sit upon the rock you feel the ruby-red light radiate down through the crown of your head. You are connected with Mother Earth and she loves you. Alternatively, you can follow along with this guided root chakra meditation video: The following script is intended to be a guide for you to be able to follow on your own while healing your root chakra. Understanding is the enhancer (the protein!). The four petals also symbolize the four stages of evolution of our life on this planet. All of these things point towards an imbalanced root chakra. It is also ok to do any meditation while lying flat on your back. You will feel safe and secure in the chaos that is Life. Now, look back at the mountain. It is important to recognize, understand, and utilize the tools available to us to lead a prosperous and happy life. This can be your favorite. Bad habits and poor vices. As you step deeper inside, you notice the sounds of the songbirds are disappearing into the distance. Begin now, by imagining yourself in a beautiful, expansive field. Feel the red light of Muladhara coursing up the vertebrae of your spine. You notice that this white light permeates every cell of your body. You tend to express strong will, high vitality, and a high level of energy. And don’t forget your palo santo! As you approach the mountain you acknowledge and appreciate the glorious beauty of Life happening around you. Root Chakra Meditations*: Root Chakra Meditation: I am Here, by Leah Guy (8 minutes) Root Chakra Meditation by Lee Papa (12 minutes) Root Chakra by Elizabeth Phillips (18 minutes) *Note: all of the meditations recommended in this post are accessible through Insight Timer. As you breathe, breathe the air into your belly. All these necessities need to be present in your life so you can grow and evolve. The root chakra is … Breathe deeeep into your belly and exhale through your chest. Allow your eyes to gently close into a half-closed position or fully-closed position. Allow the light to exit your feet and connect down to the core of Mother Earth. Bring the healing light across the expanse of your chest and back again. So, how to heal this? But more specifically… the Lam mantra is used in the cleansing and balancing of your root chakra. All Rights Reserved. Spend time here and recognize that everything is ok. You are safe. Example: Your feet will turn brown from the dirt of the earth as you leave behind the skin cells of your feet in the path that you walk. Spend some time here, now. A direct exchange. We are growing. Root Chakra Meditation And Yoga Techniques. Start by wearing red colored clothes more often. Move down through your neck, into your shoulders, and down your arms into your palms. Move the light down through your crown and filling the space in your head. When you are ready, allow your eyes to open naturally. [do not record]. There are several techniques to work on balancing and opening chakras varying from food, crystals/gemstones, meditation, yoga poses, chanting, and physical activity. Part of Mother Earth. These subtle changes will arise in the form of thoughts like “I would rather say this or be like this instead.”. You see the illuminating light of Muladhara still spinning with exuberance. Bi-polar. Put your healing the root chakra pants on. Every morning. Now take 3 deep breaths to end our meditation. The Root chakra is associated with the feet, legs, tailbone, and hips. This is similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which engages a more scientific perspective on reaching enlightenment, or “self-actualization”. Put things in order. Yes, this is the goal! Focus your attention on your breath. When it comes to overall healing, root chakra meditations can also help you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Right now. Try this simple but effective root chakra meditation: push the pelvic bones down into the seat or into the floor; observe how the spine looks like it stretches. [do not record]. The key element of the root chakra, to me, is that it is most connected to the physical reality that we experience. We occasionally link to products in our posts to help the reader find relevant items they may be looking for. See that light get brighter as you inhale and bigger as you exhale. Just relax. You feel drawn to this mountain and you begin taking steps toward her in rhythm with Nature’s Song happening around you. Allow your inhalation to fill your lungs completely. It can be helpful to journal these things when you begin visualizing your desires during meditation. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature and we sometimes earn a small commission if the item is purchased. Down through your legs into your feet. Root Chakra Meditation. Move your body slowly and calmly until you are back to your Self, in this world. Have you heard of the root chakra and are curious about how to effectively balance your root chakra? [do not record] As you end your chanting you bring your attention back to the ruby-red aura of the Muladhara. They help you set an intention for rebuilding your thought processes and behaviors. They are reflective and smooth to the touch. As the womb creates the perfect environment for embryo development, this chakra forms the basis and starting point for our spiritual development, the foundation of the chakras‘ ladder. Kundalini energy is a feminine energy that lies dormant in the root chakra and is best described as universal life force. When you learn about your 7 chakras you will learn that your root chakra, the Muladhara, is the chakra located at the base of the other chakras.
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