Sydney AUS Oct 16, 2020. Mistakes through the Golden Gate are hard to recover from. *Dialogue is ongoing to reschedule in June. Boat is equipped with all required safety gear for the coming LongPac this summer. Anyone interested in sailing the double-handed Farallones with me? I checked in with Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea, via email, about their campaign to represent the USA in the 49erFX at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics amidst a pandemic that has complicated travel and typical Olympic preparations. "Double" in More Ways Than One at AYC. While I was there, I was surprised at how many boats had dropped out early due to a lack of wind. Daylight and warm temperatures might be in short supply these days in most of North America, and rainfall might be abundant here in the Pacific Northwest, but that sure doesn't mean that the international sailing news cycle is in hibernation. We’re in our third year of reducing the length of the race instructions, which down from 72 pages, we hope by now has saved some trees! I checked in with Kevin Morin, the founder and creator of MarkSetBot, via email, to learn more about RaceOS technology and how it can improve sailboat racing. In April 1917 Woodrow Wilson decided it would be a good idea to join the ‘war to end all wars’. 9 likes. In the olden days, Opening Day had a more literal meaning. Menu. The Double Handed Farallones Race . At some point back in the past, someone sat down and drew the lines for the boat, normally with a particular purpose in mind! That said, there’s enough people that fly in to do the race that this year we’ve moved the skipper’s meeting back a day, to Thursday night, to make it easier for traveling teams to attend the meeting. As we have said in a couple of the Rialto stories, the Challengers' Version 2 AC75's are all very similar in performance - and to our eye don't look like they are any quicker than Emirates Team New Zealand's Version 1 AC75, Te Aihe. No tacks and only the ‘Farallon Jibe’ on the backside of the Island.". The event, which is organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Multihull Association, begins just off of the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) and takes the fleet of monohulls, catamarans and trimarans out and around the Southeast Farallon Islands (skippers can opt to round in either direction) and returns to a finishing line off of the GGYC. The distance of the course over ground is approximately 58 nautical miles. Given that the race is held annually in the early days of spring, skippers and crews must be prepared for conditions ranging from light zephyrs to heavy airs and accompanying seas. Double Handed Offshore - Events Offshore sailing is a universal discipline that every World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA) can participate in. The Farallones looked like they’d been washed and rinsed clean, with green poking through and hardly any surf at all." Kevin Morin on MarkSetBot's new RaceOS technology, David Schmidt checks in with the founder and creator to learn more. They summarized the day: 2020 Double Handed Farallones Race September 19, 2020 From the start inside San Francisco Bay alongside the Golden Gate Yacht Club, the fleet heads out to sea and around the Southeast Farallone Island, and then to the finish. But, more importantly, the race itself connects the racers to the sea, with regular sightings of murrets, seals, sea lions, pelicans, whales and the occasional shark. [During] one of the more lively race years, the first finisher and the last finisher came in to the club to thank the race committee. ", Skipper of the Cal 20: “Twenty-foot boat, twenty-foot square waves... Not a good idea.”. It's impossible not to feel sorry for Alex Thomson having to pull out of the Vendée Globe. If this sounds enticing, the 58 nautical mile Double Handed Farallones Race could be the next addition to your bucket or annual to-do list of sailing events. My wife’s favorite conditions are four-foot swells every 12 seconds and seven to 12 knots of breeze from the south, since smooth, low waves and low-moderate wind reaching is super-efficient for a multihull. Regatta Message Board: [Post new message] No current messages. Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea talk to David Schmidt in the build-up to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. In the fateful race of 1983 winds started from the east and as a cold front passed immediately shifted to the southwest and then veered to the south, which stranded the bulk of the fleet offshore struggling to stay off a lee shore overnight. Results . 2019 40th Doublehanded Farallones / April 2, 2019 by Karl Robrock. I checked in with Team Barely Legal Racing, via email, to learn more about their plans to take on the 2021 Race to Alaska with a youthful team of talented sailors. Cabbage Tree Island Race. The Doublehanded Farallones [DHF] race is a rite of passage for sailors on the Bay. As a group, BAMA members are open to share information in the spirit of camaraderie. Skipper of the F-31: “There were rainbows in the spray over my bows almost the whole way home. Uncategorized. It’s not unusual to get low-pressure fronts in March, with sustained winds in the 30’s and 12-to-18-foot seas, sometimes in close period and often with more than one set. This site and its contents are Copyright © 2020 Sail-World Sail-World USA and/or the original author, photographer etc. Posting the fastest corrected time for the full Farallones course were Greg Nelsen and Randy Miller on Nelson’s Azzura 310 Outsider. Tuttle, sailing his first Farallones race, saw some whale spouts near the rockpile. It's pretty special all year round. What’s the standing course record, and-looking at this year’s scratch sheet-are you seeing any potential history-book disruptors? The weather conditions were awesome. Hands down, sailing out under San Francisco’s fabled Golden Gate Bridge is one of the coolest experiences that any sailor can have. Double Handed Farallones Race The J/111 Aeolus finished in the top three (second after time correction) of 80 boats in the Double Handed Farallones Race. Definitely the message of 2020. In strong NW winds beating out in the open ocean takes a lot out of you. Newcastle Bass Island Race. Also, there’s virtually zero chance of seasickness. The current flow through the [Golden] Gate [Bridge] and variety of wind and wave to the north and south of the shipping channel makes it tactically challenging. Doublehanded Farallones Race 2019: . At the Golden Gate Bridge, instead of going out the Gate, strong currents rushed sideways toward the San Francisco shoreline and bouncing back off it. I checked in with Dave Wilhite, race chair of the Double Handed Farallones Race (Saturday, March 28), via email, to learn more about this year’s event. Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC) organizers were thrilled the inaugural Double Handed Race in 2019 attracted 17 entries in two classes. In your mind, what are the racecourse’s toughest segments (or biggest challenges)? Dougal Henshall gives us an introduction to the upcoming video series! This race is a test of human and boat not to be taken lightly. The course record for monohulls is Mongoose, a Santa Cruz 70 sailed by Stan Honey. The predicted ebb was behaving strangely. Singlehanded Farallones Race Postponed. Bird Island Race. Sometimes the route and conditions you mapped the week before the race work, other times the wind isn’t where you thought it would be, or doesn’t fill in how you were expecting. Patra GRE Oct 24, 2020. Archives . No current messages. Both pairs of crew were equally pale and soaked through with saltwater. Cup news, Vendee Globe update, US Sailing staff, Latest newsletter from Sail-World's David Schmidt in the USA. The sequence, slated to begin at 7:55 a.m., was delayed for 40 minutes. It's pretty special all year round, and it's also a good springboard. 2012 Double Handed Farallones; SEASTIG, Santa Cruz 40; Shawn Price & Mark Pretorius; March 31, 2012. New this year were three alternate shorter courses, called the Race to the Weather Buoy (Lane Splitter),To the Bar and To the Sea. It's impossible not to feel sorry for Alex Thomson having to pull out of the Vendée Globe. Receive emails when 'Lectronic Latitude is updated. If this sounds enticing, the 58 nautical mile Double Handed Farallones Race could be the next addition to your bucket or annual to-do list of sailing events. Weird and wacky currents near the Golden Gate Bridge. Double Handed Farallones So, I helped out (or really just stood around) the race committee deck) during this past weekend's Double Handed Farallones Race. While we understand that the Doublehanded Farallones Race is mostly an offshore race, can you tell us about any steps that you and the other event organizers have taken in the last couple editions to help green-up the regatta or otherwise reduce its environmental footprint? This is "Bullet Double Handed Farallones 2018" by Laurence Baskin on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The trimarans Mama Tried, an Open 8.5, Hammer, a Seacart 30 and a couple of F31r’s are all capable of taking the race. I think the willingness for someone to speak out in defense of a natural resource increases with exposure. How important is previous racecourse experience (read: local knowledge) in performing well in the Doublehanded Farallones Race? Looking at the entry list, are there any teams that you have shortlisted for podium finishes? Little did we know that the port hatch was leaking. Help > BAMA Double Handed Farallones Race Update- Tuesday, March 20 - Archived. We just opened registration so not yet, but I will say the Moore 24 and Express 27 fleets bring out some really good competition [in the] One Design [classes] where finishers are [sometimes] overlapped after 11 hours of racing! The 40th edition of the Doublehanded Farallones Race saw 58 teams take on the 58 nm course that starts and finishes inside San Francisco Bay alongside the Golden Gate Yacht Club and takes the fleet out the Golden Gate … © PICYA Archives Saturday 31th October 2020 We are delighted and thanks to COA Chairman Ms Cynthia Wong to sponsor this event. It was a reach/close reach out and a broad reach turning into a run once we were inside Lands End on the way back. PS contributor Skip Allan, who has raced in both the single-handed and double-handed Farallones races, offered his take on Saturday’s accident: The best I can tell is: The course record for multihulls is Tomcat, a Formula 40 sailed by Zan Drejes. (If this is starting to sound like a great doublehanded adventure, you’re on the correct tack.). If you’re borrowing a boat for this race-make sure it’s seaworthy and well-equipped with safety gear before you go, and that both of you know where your gear is and how to use it in an emergency (see for example: This race has been attended by a who’s who of Bay area ocean racing. We know people who buy boats and learn to sail with the hopes that they’ll be confident enough in their skills to one day race the DHF. The Bay Area Multihull Association (BAMA) is excited to announce the 41st running of the classic Doublehanded Farallones Race, now re-scheduled for September 19th due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever your favourite dinghy or boat may be, they all have one thing in common! 2018 Double Handed Farallones: March Goes Out Like A Lamb Kurt Hoehne Racing March 27, 2018 March 27, 2018 Double handed racing 0 Comment Our friends at Pressure Drop down in San Francisco do a great job of covering Bay Area races, and (with our wholehearted support) share some of’s stories with their audience. 2020 Double Handed Farallones Race Confirmed Date: September 19, 2020 . The abundance of food attracts migratory marine predators from as far away as New Zealand and Indonesia (see:; Farallon Followers, NOAA’s forecast started today and here’s their Saturday guess for wind at the S. E. Farallon Island – from 4 days out. The afore mentioned Stan Honey, Commodore Tompkins, Dee Smith, John Kostecki, Mark Ruddiger, Billy and Melinda Erklins, Chris Corlett, Chris Watts, Rob Moore, Ian Klitza, Peter Hogg, Carl Schumacher, Jim Antrim and many I’ve failed to list have all done the race.