According to the Player’s Handbook, the most common character races are dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans. Dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans rule over the land of Wildemont with a stone fist. Lotusden Halfling (Wildemount) Long tied to the natural heart of the Lotusden Greenwood, these halflings have adapted to live synergistically with the chaotic laws of the wilds. It occurred to me (for whatever reason) to ask what weapon they were wielding, and they said their main weapon was a maul, and their backup was a warhammer/shield combo). The best choice in general. Core Races: The Big Four. Druid. Lotusden Halflings gain a +1 to Wisdom and innately know several druid spells, including Druidcraft, Entangle, and Spike Growth. The center of Halfling culture was, until comparatively lately, the kingdom of Luiren. Another new subrace is the Lotusden Halfling. Personally, the way I would run it is that between humans and Dwarves or Halfling, the child born is the race of the mother (So a human mother will give birth to human children from a Dwarf or Halfling Father, and a Halfling or Dwarf mother will give birth to a Halfling or Dwarf). Oh and it has a Supernatural Gift: Hollowed, a taste of what we can expect from Mythic Odysseys of Theros. What DnD 5e Races Can I play? The Lotusden Greenwood is vast, leafy forest along the southern portion of the Ashkeeper Peaks on the eastern (Xhorhasian) side of the mountains, and is surrounded by somewhat swampy land.1 1 Description 1.1 Mouldered Grove 2 Notable Locations 3 References The Lotusden is considered a very dangerous forest holding unbridled corrupted fae magic.2 It is a darkened wood that is … For the Lotusden Halfling, the Cleric is a great option and the innate spellcasting can add some interesting druid options. Stout Halfling As a stout halfling, you're hardier than average and have some resistance … Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted cracked open a fresh copy of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount to go over the new player options for races for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons characters. Pallid Elves and Lotusden Halflings seem pretty cool btw and well designed mechanically. For the Ghostwise Halfling your best bet is a trickery cleric with rogue-like skills, but you may do fine in other domains so long as you can avoid using weapons. lotusden halfling 5e. These races all skirt around the Dwendalian Empire, the Menagerie Coast, and Xhorhas. Ghostwise halflings make excellent moon druids. I believe Dark Sun had a Half Dwarven race. Halfling 5e Homeland. Their relatively good Dexterity makes them not abysmal at Stealth. The Halfling race had lots of traditional homelands, though as a whole the race was normally nomadic. Slow, low AC. It gains the usual +2 DEX that all Halflings receive along with a +1 WIS bonus, similar to the Sword Coast Adventure Guide’s Ghostwise Halfling. I'm wondering if Pallid Elves have found their way to Evermeet yet. This Halfling subrace is a more nature-based Halfling. Technically the highest damaging creature, and the only CR … A party member in a D&D 5e game I'm in is playing a halfling paladin. Halflings who didn’t wander lived mainly within human-dominated states. There are more uncommon races such as Dragonborn, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and tieflings. Let’s do a quick look at them all, and see how Wildemont changed some of our beloved 5E races. Pseudodragons have better Perception than Imps… and that’s about it!