We didn’t have the house water tested, though we did try to find out what kind of testing they do at the city level. Meaning, while it’s tempting to get really freaked out about the long term damages mercury can do, I am committed to turning my mind and imagination towards how incredible the human body is at healing from anything…including neurotoxins. , and effective. I listened to a couple. This is very well written. Kinda like antibiotics I guess. Mine were an additional 7 times higher…. People will spend thousands on supplements that the nutritionist is selling WHILE getting kickbacks or making a profit on the sale, it is dirty and underhanded. Because I am a coach, my Facebook feed is bombarded by unscrupulous ‘6 figure success’ coaches who are preying upon health coaches such as myself. I still think there are people in life who are gifted to help others and aren’t a qualified psychologist tho. he has worked intensely hard to develop a very robust skill set which many people benefit from. Oh and the one who had to roar like a lion . First of all I want to say to you congratulations for not being afraid to speak your mind about how you really feel. The other thing I’m noticing is that you recommend that if you haven’t seen any result with your persistent issue in a couple of months you should consult a phycologist og therapist of sorts. These small changes include: So far, all of that is legit. You fixed the NLP typo? Strong emotional charge, you feel like your life is going to change forever, it does change but not for long. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s about setting the world on fire. Get it here: Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain 9. I am guessing Tony Robbins is used in this article just as one subject to illustrate ‘trickery’ or the vulnerability of those who really hope for a quantum leap… I also believe that to really be able to help someone, you have to heal yourself first. Growing up in a far-east, communist country I didn’t know or learn anything about self-help. That’s not how I roll. Even I feel it’s a sham now. I’m looking very much forward to that. I encourage people for a living. The question for each of us to answer was “What takes you away from being with people?” There is a coal power plant in Boulder. As a Consultant and a Coach I’ve seen all of these quick fixes and it’s a huge industry. The difference between life coaching and therapy are made clear. Trainer and P90X founder Tony Horton’s Instagram account is filled with high-energy workout videos and inspirational messaging, but a recent post was definitely different. Surprisingly, it was a fantastic read. At worst NLP is copied from psychological interventions and is often used by unqualified individuals who do not understand it. As for me, I gain my validity as a coach by the experience I got after my degree, having undertaken numerous trainings whilst working in mental health and well-being for the last ten years, and through very dedicated personal practice in mindfulness, meditation and personal development alongside. If someone who I were confident I could help came along, I’d help them. The change in direction happened immediately. Full of scam artists that are only in it to line their pockets instead of helping people. I feel my point was not very clear so let me try to clarify. When I worked as a professional speaker, I often found myself coaching individuals, motivating large crowds, and speaking about the limitless potential resting within each human. The initial symptom is typically enlargement of the hands and feet. to trust her. About the time this interview went to print Tony Robbins publicly apologized for his controversial #MeToo comments after the founder of … It can be used to do good or harm. ImmunoBoost-C™ helps combat illness before it strikes. I think you are hitting the nail on the head with how a little bit of success goes a long way, and sometimes too far. Brianna – I really appreciate this comment and your earnestness in sharing your experience and encouraging people to trust themselves. I am getting results because the Sedona method exactly is that type of a process. I was in eternity for just 12 minutes, but of course it felt like I’d been gone for hundreds of years. Wayne Dyer? Although your impression is that people who are not making the changes they desire – or who have experienced long term unhappiness – need psychologists rather than “coaches” – my understanding is different. I actually agree with a lot of what you’ve written. I worked with TR for a long time… I mean a over a decade in various roles. It was the one thing about this article that felt off, and to me it’s because you have such a measured and thoughtful breakdown of the personal development industry that doesn’t seem matched when casting aside NLP. I love the PS: “Humans are messy, dynamic, imperfect creatures with glaring rough edges.” Isn’t that the beauty of being human? In fact, I’m not sure people should, and I wrote a whole article about it here.. we aspire and are capable of being. Let me give you one example i have been consistently practicing releasing . My husband and daughter we don’t think do and are doing pretty good. Thank you Jason. It’s about improving and growing. The best ones dont give a damn if its endorsed by the scientific community. The call is from the person of your dreams and they are in California. Tony Robbins somewhat famously had mercury poisoning recently (from eating fish) that was so bad (rumor has it) he was a week or two away from a heart attack or aneurysm. Environmental sustainability and protecting this planet has always been important to me; it’s even more personal now, and this entire experience has added a new level and depth to my passion for health. There is no need to deal with more suffering than is absolutely necessary. and reading books written by the ppl who were the teachers of many modern Personal development gurus give you more clarity on what to fucus and not focus. The reason you (and almost every other commentor) experienced a delay is because all comments are held in moderation so I can personally address them. Tony speaks of Happiness being Progress. I had just graduated and was trying to start a business. It must have greatly interrupted my pattern. Free As A Bird (and I totally respect your decision not to use your name) – this comment is really interesting to me. This is how Robbins supports people through assisting them to create a new reality. Eventually I gave up my practices. lol. In the past, my personal transformation occurred through the model of cognitive-behavioral therapy (i.e. @*/false; if (!IE) { return; } if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { if (document.getElementById("af-form-25795726")) { document.getElementById("af-form-25795726").className = 'af-form af-quirksMode'; } if (document.getElementById("af-body-25795726")) { document.getElementById("af-body-25795726").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-header-25795726")) { document.getElementById("af-header-25795726").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-footer-25795726")) { document.getElementById("af-footer-25795726").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; } } })(); // ]]>, As a thank you, I’ll send you the subscribers only “How confidence, It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life – and it happened while I was completely alone. What a waste. We are not the kinds of people who defer our empowerment to authority figures like the  government, or even doctors for that matter. Nothing else made sense. Before we begin, we need to establish a few facts about Tony Robbins, the world famous “Peak performance” coach. Luckily I have 14 years sales experience and so when I come across people like Tony Robbins I can spot immediately what their pitch is, what type of pitch it is, and how they’ll close the deal so they can get people on board. Imagine for a moment that you’re attending a seminar led by a talented speaker. It is constant “happy happy happy” – and despite trying to get relatives to see sense that other emotions are just as valid and important – they don’t seem to get it. Let me see here. Step 4 Change your strategy… make a new plan, make a decision, and take massive action. Instead of building my company with sales calls and other marketing activities I found myself spending 5+ hours daily on Personal Development. Because there is always one or two filters between you and reality. Sometimes we (people) can be very manipulative even if we don’t intend to. What qualifies me? Sadly, for every great coach, trainer or therapist there are some who are drawn to the field of PD to heal their own wounds but haven’t quite made it yet and bring their issues to the client relationship. Of course! I sense, yet can not be sure, that is has something to do with how badly we want a shift when we attend. If he were selling some sort of widgets, it wouldn’t matter as much. I noticed that too. It was a powerful reminder of a message, I heard from Brené Brown for the first time, you got to dance with the one who brung ya. Even Tony recommends total immersion 1-2 times a year. As you said so well at the end, he should stick to what he knows. I loved this article. I can point to the moon, but you must open your eyes before you see it. There were many incredibly valid points, and other points I think I’ll need to sit with a little longer to fully appreciate. You can’t just read or listen to his thoughts the way you would watch a movie or listen to music. I love your statement that “A high attrition rate is a good sign”. Several years ago I was depressed, and what made it worse was studying a lot of personal development. In most of these cases I have done this through employment but in many simply to support, assist and guide friends, colleagues and family. Amazon_Floozy_Goddess December 19, 2005, 4:33pm #11. Ditto on how long it took for psychedelics to get mentioned I’ve personally dabbled with a good deal of mushrooms + LSD / acid and I can say it probably shaved months (if not years) off my self-actualization. I couldn’t watch the full You Are Not My Guru doco, its just too cringe worthy for me now. .that is the problem. It is true that many people live in fear however there is lots of quality help out there. Thank you for chiming in. I personally have experienced several life changing events and deep emotional change in an incident. However, it is completely irresponsible if the goal is to find the source or cause, and create a healing program from there. But, i’m corious, what are your ways of works which make a difference? I even published a book that includes some of the things I coach with. NLP is not a science, never mind a pseudo science. I’m still a fan. Lets bring tony robbins. Needless to say their relationship ended on much the same day. Your line, “I’m sober myself, have faced trauma, but I am not going to write about it, jump around, and make up a bunch of “programs” for the purpose of monetizing.” nearly made me spit out my coffee. One point I would add that I learned about seeking coaching for myself in different areas, and learning what I could do to always improve as a coach, is to really appreciate the ones who are great boundary setters. Isn’t this the definition of a coward. Really it seems to be more about producing these peak emotional experiences I people rather than looking at the day to day drudgery of doing the Work of self actualisation. Think about it… You can’t get fit by reading or watching videos on fitness and nutrition. I would look into doing an ERMI test on your home or wherever you are living now. I’ve used it personally and professionally and have both had – and seen – some life-changing moments. To keep clients Catherine created disabilities so they will keep paying her. I’ve not become a parent but have seen that as a classic example. I will be open and transparent here, when I first saw the title of this blog I was put off because I don’t generally appreciate or support people who write blog posts with the intention to put someone on blast while using that name in a headline title to drive traffic to their own blog and I have always liked Tony.