The training system provides specific areas of development, including trend analysis, customer needs, sales obstacles, and new opportunities. The content writers at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau are Experts on the Experts. These game changing tools allow clients to learn strategies, on a personal and global level, that impact the way they see out decision making. In his talk, Eric speaks about the future of cybersecurity, cyber espionage, and how to protect yourself from the threats of today and tomorrow. One of the Top 21 Speakers For the 21st Century by Successful Meetings Magazine. If you want to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, consider one of these Top Booked Futurist keynote speakers for your next event. The Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System, The Anticipatory Leader™: Predict Change and Create Extraordinary Results >, Accelerating Growth: Leading With Strategic Foresight and Certainty >, Leading with Strategic Foresight and Certainty >, Business Process Transformation: The Megatrends that Are Changing Everything >, Accelerating Innovation: Using Hard Trends and Exponential Technology >, Using Hard Trends To Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage >, Transforming Retail With Strategic Foresight and Certainty >, Transforming Healthcare With Technology-Enabled Innovation >. Empower audiences to take positive action. A member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. The basis of the system is the ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION™ Model, which gives organizations the knowledge to detect which trends are sure to happen within their market. When IBM launched IBM Global Business Services with their top 40 industry experts to plan a game‑changing future for IBM, the only outside resource they used was Daniel Burrus. But who knows what the future will bring? Founder of, Glen is an internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future.An inspiring and deeply experienced … There is no predictable end to the innovations that will arise through the changes of technology, making it a critical indicator for what the future may hold. Zurich, Switzerland About Youtuber Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Author, Strategist and CEO of The Futures Agency. Kevin Surace is a top TED speaker, CEO, futurist and disruptive innovation speaker. is a business expert and author of two bestselling books, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age, In Ben’s talks, he discusses the future of work. Our expert futurist speakers are the perfect choice to give a new perspective to the changes that technology can bring. Le speaks about the implications of neuro-technologies, on the future of scientific and academic research, advertising and media, and the lives of people with mental and other neurological conditions. The WSJ calls Futurist, Author, TheFuturesAgency CEO Gerd Leonhard 'one of the leading media-futurists in the world'. With Mr. Burrus’s dedicated research on hand, companies big and small can be prepared to reform their business through use of the Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System. Informing and inspiring you with the latest news and views from the world’s top business speakers, CEOs, motivational speakers, celebrities, and leadership experts. He has been voted by his peers and clients as one of the Top Five Futurists and Technology Speakers every year since the award program started. is a top keynote speaker in artificial intelligence and the creator of Siri. Technology futurist Ross Dawson can help by pointing organizations to current and future tren… Futurist and speaker Volker Hirsch has been at the forefront of technology since the 2000s. Peter authored two geopolitical strategy books, looking at the United States relationship with other superpowers: . Steve’s virtual keynotes are carefully crafted to be as seamless, engaging and inspirational as … Burrus Research has created an online learning platform that allow any corporation the ability to use the world’s leading tech futurist’s methodologies in their business strategy. Michael is also expert in … He worked for the FBI as a counterterrorism and... Kevin Surace. His talks guide leaders on how to best balance technology and human effort to make processes more efficient and effective. , cyber espionage, and how to protect yourself from the threats of today and tomorrow. Daniel Burrus, of Burrus Research, has been predicting future global market trends for over 30 years, making him a prominent tech futurist across the world. Learn how to leverage the skills and talents within your organization in new ways. ICMI's Futurist Speakers will take your audience on a fascinating journey into the future, providing them with the tools to adapt and protect themselves to the changes that lay ahead. Tan Le. Technology Futurist FUTURIST: TECHNOLOGY, TRENDS & INNOVATION KEYNOTE SPEAKER Discover how to craft powerful business strategy and build competitive advantage by exploring the … in business design, human resources, data, and the Internet of Things. (The meeting was a great success, and he has continued to work with IBM). Our technology speakers ranges from the co-founder of Apple and former vice president of Yahoo! He has delivered over 2,700 keynote speeches on six continents to audiences from 25 to 12,000. Meet Glen Hiemstra. As a futurist, global speaker and author, Mike Walsh can captivate your audience with a mind-bending keynote tailored to the future of your industry. In his talks, Peter looks at the future of global energy, global finance, and who will be the new powers of tomorrow. One of the Top 21 Speakers For the 21st Century by Successful Meetings Magazine. He has keynoted hundreds of … BigSpeak Motivational Speakers Bureau: Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers and Celebrity Speakers. Joel Comm hits the top of the list with his almost 25 years of doing business online. Steve Brown brings over 30 years of experience in high tech, strategic planning, innovation, and as a futurist. Spearhead your company’s efforts with the insight of our futurist speakers. A More Beautiful Future: Why it Matters and How to Create It; In this powerful and inspirational new keynote, leading global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich cleaves together today’s tectonic technological shifts with yesterday’s timeless principles to craft a clear-eyed and compelling vision of the future. (Based on the success of that event, Deloitte has changed their industry-forecasting model to incorporate Burrus’ Hard-Trend methodology. to the talent at companies and universities like SpaceX and Stanford University. David Houle has been a leading keynote speaker about the future and global trends since 2007. Follow @DanielBurrus// Stay Blackpink Chords, Research Project Topics On Education, Rtx 2060 Coil Whine, Trex Start/stop Clips, Baked Halibut Recipe Mayonnaise, What Is The Science Of Cooking Called, Ken Garland: Structure And Substance, Bumpy Ankylosaurus Plush,