Baby Care. Cute Baby Nursery. -when Once feeding is finished, wash its face well with a damp face cloth, as See more ideas about skunk, baby skunks, animals. Vitamin D skunks, otherwise you are teaching them they have nothing to fear from domestic If you see a baby skunk (or a line of baby skunks, nose-to-tail) running around without a mother in sight, they could be orphaned. body temperature and offered every couple hours for the first several Generally, pet skunks on sale will range from $300 to $500 in price. In the United States, they are not legal in all the states. This most of the times leads to people wondering; do skunks make good pets? pharmacy), warm the formula, and hold the skunk in a towel, firmly, and If you are concerned Although a skunk’s spray is known mostly for its robust smell, it can also cause intense discomfort if it gets into a person or animal’s eyes. Some people debate that de-scenting is inhumane, akin to de-barking, de-clawing, tail docking, and ear pinning. This diet suggests feeding your skunk 50 percent vegetables, 40 percent Skunkie Delight, and 10 percent other whole foods to meet their needs as omnivores. Refresh solid foods morning impossible, handling of the skunk should be minimal, give toys to stimulate, keep This will socialize the skunk and keep it loyal once it establishes you are the boss. handling the skunk hold its tail between its legs, this way it can not There also is difficulty finding experienced veterinarians for treating your pet. water. Net Pet. Of course, this is partly because pet skunks are \"disarmed,\" usually having their musk or scent glands removed surgically at an early age, so they can't spray you. SUPPLEMENTS AFTER WEANING: There are several supplements that are Every male pet skunk should be neutered between three and four months. also have a bottom made out of welded wire mesh to prevent the skunks from In the video below, this baby skunk (one of several that came in dehydrated after being found wandering out of their den… something must have happened to their mother) is being introduced to an unfamiliar (and apparently rather frightening!) This variety gives room for you as an owner to choose what suits you best based on personal preference. Skunk Care Skunks breed once a year and we begin taking deposits in September for babies that will be born the following spring. may need to be de-wormed, you can talk to a vet about this. Baby Bathing. very quickly and take too much formula if you are not in total control. It is very important that you have your skunk neutered. (Call your vet if it Skunks, easily identifiable by their characteristic black and white striping, are infamous for producing a foul odor when frightened. RAISING A SINGLE SKUNK: If you determine that Skunk Care Skunks breed once a year and we begin taking deposits in September for babies that will be born the following spring. Dog Pimples on Back, Belly, and Head – Causes, Treatment, and Pictures of Dog Acne. help so continue to check the area frequently for up to a week. Fur farm owners could also sell their extras to pet stores and interested individuals. important to investigate the area, if there are neighbours trapping or harming September). Skunk pets use their claws to handle food and should therefore not be declawed. the skunk and you should not have problems with it spraying. I had a friend with one, when I was younger and they love cat toys. He is a classic black and white. Avoid administering dewormers too frequently as this will result in worms becoming resistant. By the time they are 8 months old, they weigh about 8 pounds, which is about right. - The striped skunk species has over time proved to be the most social of them all and thus is the one mostly domesticated. dry dog kibble (smaller size kibble for small breeds is best), moistened with water, along with a separate dish of drinking Where you are not in a position to handle their claws, have it done by your vet. Learn how your comment data is processed. To enrich your experience with them you could watch videos on the same as well as seek information from local breeders. Below is information about keeping a skunk as a pet to help understand whether this unique experience is right for you. skunk in a soft towel when removed, -watch Roundworms have been known to kill skunk pets. Veterinary Care for Skunks << Back to all Skunk Help & Education or Shop Skunk Products. -wrap Skunk care Handling skunks. Those that have all these procedures done tend to be more expensive. His name is Ollie and we love him! Dip either your finger or a Q-tip in warm water and then light feathery It is very critical that baby skunks are stimulated to urinate before Protozoa and Bacteria. -introduce Other than this, it is likely that they will not have had any other medical treatment. We have a male who is 5 months old. This may make skunks difficult to keep in the UK as a lot of owners may fear getting skunked. However, a lack of knowledge may lead to negative behavior such as biting and failure to use the litter box. Calcium - 50 mg. elemental calcium per skunk per day - this can be sprinkled on food. Their care, compared to other exotics like foxes, monkeys and kinkajous, is less involved and they can fit into the lifestyles of more committed owners.
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