There’s no question about it, the Hyundai HYMT5200 is definitely one of the most versatile and complete gardening tools I’ve seen in a while. I’ll be entirely honest with you, the HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool is among the newest models from Hyundai. This multi tool is both a cutter and trimmer. Garden multi tools are the Swiss army knife equivalent for landscapers. This is a very powerful and effective tool that’s easy to both use and assemble. This multi tool comes complete with safety gear, including safety glasses, ear defenders, safety work gloves and a double shoulder harness. All these are powered by a high power efficient 900 W motor that starts quicker than any petrol multi tool. If you've got an overgrown garden, or one filled with coarse ornamental grasses that need to be cut back, try a 13- or 18-in. You have to acknowledge the excellent construction and practical workmanship that makes it super easy to assemble and use. I hope you will learn more about gardening with me. The 5 attachments include a grass trimmer, pruner, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and a 1 metre extension to give you the advantage over higher branches. Similarly, I also noticed it was a bit tenuous to use the multi tool with the extension attached. The eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool boasts of the latest design with a super tough but extremely light split shaft system. Both feature a rust-resistant curved blade for quick pull cuts, and a coarse saw edge for removing tough branches and grasses. £21.99 £ 21. Get gardening with the best rakes on the market (Spear & Jackson) The raking of lawns and gardens is an important – albeit slightly onerous – part of maintaining your patch. If you really have nowhere indoors and dry to store your multi tool, cover it securely with a waterproof cover such as a tarpaulin. Weeding Tools. Saws and Loppers. Some multi tools will be trimmers, cutters, pruners and chainsaws all in one – although these will be a lot more expensive. More about us. This incredibly versatile tool is suitable for a range of jobs, fitted with a high performance and powerful 2 stroke petrol engine. The length of this tool can be adjusted by up to 75cm, meaning no task will be out of reach. That’s why most garden shedsoften fill up with all sorts of redundant junk. 10 of the UK's best treetop walks to visit after lockdown By Cinead Mcternan 29 Nov 2020, 12:00pm Enchanting fruit trees for every type of garden, from clay-based and sprawling to patio size The purchase includes all the attachments a gardener needs to keep a lawn in peak condition such as a hedge trimmer, brushcutter, pole chainsaw, 800mm extension shaft, and pole grass trimmer. Garden tools for beginners: 10 essentials to kick-start your green-fingered journey . If you’ve just purchased your brand new Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool, you might be wondering what those headphone looking doodads are. On top of all that, there are no emissions or loud noises to contend with. 3. Armadillo Sun design and make amazing luxury bean bag chairs and furniture for use outdoors and indoors. 1 of 20. However, I’ll admit that it might not be as tough as some of the petrol powered models on this list. Here’s what to look out for. So while we really appreciate the power provided by the 2 stroke, 52cc engine, our ears weren’t really that impressed. If your garden shed is leaky or exposed, you should consider keeping it elsewhere – after all, if you’re investing in a good piece of gardening equipment then you should do your best to keep it in one piece and working as well as it can! Ergonomic garden tools help you maintain your favorite outdoor hobby with ease and maximum joint protection.People with arthritis are gardening with pain and overburdened joints. Finally, this multi tool is cordless for ease of use with a soft grip handle. A hand fork is an essential tool for weeding beds and borders. Our experts have considered the pros and cons of each model, plus ease of handling and assembly, performance and value for money. The Mitox 28MT Petrol Garden Multi-Tool is one hardy piece of gardening equipment, no one’s disputing that. Bulb Planters.
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