). Image 3 of 3. Single Coil with Soapbar Cover Pickup $134.99. It replaces the original microphone of my Greco Les Paul Custom in 1977. The headstock is silkscreened with a gold Gibson logo and Les Paul Model. Probably an 8 and a half out of 10 on the grindy mids. I recently decided to try a reissued model in the bridge of an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. Those pickups are pretty sought after. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Gibson Accessories Dirty Fingers Pickup - Neck or Bridge, 4-Conductor Reviews. Those pickups are pretty sought after. Subscribe. ... Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to … If you are looking for the perfect Gibson pickup for your electric … Image 2 of 3. These Gibson bridge-only pickups … Gibson Dirty Finger Humbucker. I pulled these out of an 80s Gibson Explorer to restore it with period-correct dirty fingers pickups. I'm here to tell you, a part of that secret is the Dirty Fingers pick up. Now, I loved the feel and action of the guitar but wasn't too sold on the bridge pickup (Gibson … I install that pickup for a short spell in one of my Gibby Vs..IT SUCKED! I use it for 2 years on a squier showmaster. Is that your boy Adrian? Guitar Pickup Review . The Dirty Fingers is a fine pickup, but it is Gibson's highest output humbucker, so it probably isn't the most versatile thing on the market. Let’s have a look at some of the best pickups in a bit more depth… Gibson CustomBucker Pickup. The '70s Tribute SG has the same Dirty Fingers pickups we encountered on the equivalent Les Paul model a few months back, but fixed to a thinner, lighter guitar, there's a much less smothering response. These pickups appear to be from 2013 - one doesn't have a sticker on the back. This thing is hotter than a Tucson sidewalk in August. I had one for a while and couldn't figure out what to do with it. Whereas all of the above are based around Alnico magnets, the Dirty Fingers is based … These will push an amp into distortion at a much lower level and much quicker than almost any other passive pickup. Pic of the top later. Gibson does recommend the Iommi humbucker for both the neck and bridge positions. Bridge. It's a super loud pickup that retains the cleanest tone possible. The bass reaction is really well and it has lots of … item 4 Gibson Dirty Fingers Pickup Set (Pair Neck & Bridge ) 2013 w/ Mounting Rings 4 - Gibson Dirty Fingers Pickup Set (Pair Neck & Bridge ) 2013 w/ Mounting Rings. These Gibson bridge-only pickups are extreme-output units designed for more of everything. Single Coil with Soapbar Cover Pickup $134.99. I agree with eigentone, and were it not for really loving what I hear from my Throbaks, I'd likely still have the Custombuckers installed in my R8 and R9. I tried them in a few guitars and I could never get a good rock tone out of them. The Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker is the pickup so loud it refused to be silenced. Ok so I want to get some new pickups for my Les Paul, I need some opinions on the Dirtyfingers pickups and the Burstbucker pickups. Hello all, just a few questions about the gibson Dirty Fingers pickups. A unique sort of beast, the mini-humbucker is the size of a P-90 and kind of has that same sort of single coil/humbucker hybrid thing going on tone-wise. Because of its aggressive tone Dirty Fingers™ pickups will also appeal to those who play tuned down nu-metal. I'm not sure if it is the overall tone or elements of it but when I switch between my. 2 Options P-94T - Humbucker-Sized P-90 - Single Coil Pickup ... $24.99. Gibson's Gear division offers the extreme-output Dirty Fingers bridge pickups as replacement units that will max out the attitude factor on any electric guitar. I am interested in buying a Dirty Fingers Humbucker for my guitar and I was just wondering how versatile it is if anyone has it. Gibson has termed 2013 The Year Of The Les Paul, and numerous models have already been announced, such as a series of pretty affordable Tributes, subtly different from the previous Studio Tributes, including real rosewood fingerboards. Thanks for the info - helpful for sure. This thing is pretty wicked, very hot and has a massive thick tone to it. My MODEL is a single driver in "Vintage Clothes". User review from John Michael about Gibson Dirty Fingers : Booste it! Gibson SG '70s Tribute review. It's in your face and it will make every other pickup seem like a little school girl. (This content has been automatically translated from French). Appropriately named, the Gibson “Dirty Fingers” pickup is manufactured with three powerful ceramic magnets to produce massive output for maximum in-your-face output without compromising the original tone of your guitar in any way. It was odd because the pick attack was kind of weak while its response to fretting nuance was strong. The Dirty Fingers is more neutral and powerful bridge and can go from … There have been countless models since then, yet Gibson always strives for original P.A.F. The bass reaction is really well and it has lots of response to palm mutes and thumnpy thick tones. The bass reaction is really well and it has lots of response to palm mutes and thumnpy thick tones. Dimarzio super distortions vs Gibson dirty fingers , anyone tried em ?? Much more clarity and volume than a traditional humbucker and an incredible, aggressive, wide response. This pickup … They feature a unique steel mounting plate on the back of the pickup that differs from ALL other Gibson pickups… The Best Gibson Pickups. I mount the microphone with a 496R on my les paul studio and frankly the versatility of the guitar has a fawn amliore surprising. Loud and aggressive, this pickup is a favourite among those who like to drive tube amps hard. I think the 1984 Designer Series Gibson Explorer came stock with those pickups. I bought it for more output level and hope to have a big sound, result: a grain Crados cool enough for good punk rock distortion and very high BUT in fact mostly garish. Exterior show scratches from use, but the readings are strong and perfect. Discussion in 'The Tone Zone' started by LPMarshall hack, Feb 25, 2011. and while some have good individual qualities, none come close in versatility and sheer tone. DeLonge, frontman for alt-punk group blink-182, was given some sample pickups to spec for his signature model and he chose the Dirty Fingers. Having heard & played with the Dirty Fingers pickups, a slight reduction or change in tone may not make a large difference. sound, like their famous ‘57 Gibson humbucker pickups or their Dirty Fingers (reviews down below) Keep in mind most but not all Gibson guitars use humbucker pickups, as some of them use P-90 single-coils. In addition, a rare thing, he has vis-loving gold (even if well worn).
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