It was reported earlier this month by the Mirror Online that a woman was pulled over by a fake unmarked police car earlier this month - which could have landed her in a dangerous situation. When police lights start flashing behind you, your responsibilities are clear — or are they? Technically, no. Generally speaking, law enforcement officers must be in marked patrol vehicles in order to make ordinary traffic stops. They say you should keep your doors locked until you can be sure the person who has pulled you over definitely is a police officer. They say you should keep your doors locked until you can be sure the person who has pulled you over definitely is a police officer. I was pulled over by an unmarked police car in New York City one … Mr Boundy said if there was any doubt about the information supplied, the driver can be asked to produce a photographic ID — generally a driver's licence. "The overwhelming preponderance of these incidents are going to be authorised police officers.". As i go this way every day im used to the corner and you can go round it well over 40 if you take a good line (its 2 lanes, no traffic coming from the other direction). However: the state laws, local ordinances, or department policy may or may … When lights come on behind you, it can … Officers require reasonable suspicion to pull you over. Our. Support the BLUE. Dispatchers will be able to tell you if it’s the real deal or not,” Sergeant Prouty says. Police do not have to issue a ticket if they detect you speeding with the radar in their car or a handheld device. He said every police officer was empowered under the road laws to ask a driver for identification. The warning comes after the Mirror Online reported that a woman was pulled over by a fake unmarked police car. Earlier this year, three men pretending to be police made headlines after pulling over and robbing a man in Adelaide. The following advice was issued after a driver claims she was once followed by a fake unmarked police car, which could have landed her in a dangerous situation. … If an unmarked car flashes a red light at you and you are unsure if it is from a legitimate law enforcement officer, there are a few things you can do: Wait until you get to a busy area … A warrant could be issued over the phone by a magistrate if police believed you were concealing illegal items. **Washington State Patrol Troopers ask that you please pull over safely before dialing 9-1-1 for three main reasons: Eliminates distracted driving. In more remote areas, at a push, the driveway of a house which is clearly occupied would also work. Again, in short, the police do not need a reason to stop a vehicle. Ebby Tremain saw a Vauxhall in her rear view mirror with flashing blue lights on the dashboard, so she pulled over, believing it to be a police car. Being pulled over can be a very scary experience. Keep your car doors locked until you are happy you have definitely been pulled over by the police. Several listeners called and texted to question the validity of a driver's licence for identification. She reported it to the police, who said: "If this happens to you, and you have reason to believe this is not a genuine police car, do not stop. Police have issued advice on exactly what you should do if an unmarked police car signals you to pull over while you're driving. ABC Radio Adelaide listener Karen of Wingfield said: "I have told my kids if an unmarked car tries to pull them over, drive to a well-lit place like a service station and pull over there." What matters is whether the individual in question is an officer with jurisdiction, not whether the car he's driving is decorated with lights or not. However, the police officer must have reason to suspect that you have committed, are committing, or are about to commit a crime or a traffic violation. Unmarked police cars exist, but there is some suspicion regarding them, which is completely understandable since anyone can easily access a set of flashing red lights and attempt to pull you over so they can rob or assault you. Mr Boundy said you are within your rights to ask to see official identification. The incident sparked fierce discussion and some drivers began to question their safety at road stops. You can be pulled over by an unmarked police car in Texas, and it can result in a valid arrest. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Mr Boundy said you should pull over when directed if a car displays flashing lights. Anyways, the car infront doesnt slow down and neither do I we both take it nicely at 60 mph. He said that, unless there was a need to control or direct traffic, police could only pull over a vehicle that appeared defective or if they believed the driver had or was committing a crime or a breach of the road rules. "Use of this permit/licence for identification purposes, other than for policing road traffic laws, is not intended or authorised, and is solely at the risk of the user.". This is contrary to what a lot of people believe in Counties such as Kitsap, Pierce, Mason and Jefferson. Mr Boundy said it was important to remain calm and be cooperative. So, it is a Catch-22 and I can certainly understand your concern. Advice from police states that if you are unsure whether the car flashing you to stop is the police, do not stop. Ultimately, yes. Pull into a convenience store or somewhere where there is other people.Do slow down and turn on flashers and if possible call 911 and advise the dispatcher that someone in an unmarked vehicle is trying to pull you over and you will do so as soon as you find a place that you feel safe to do so. 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AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Capsule carrying first ever sub-surface asteroid sample lands in SA outback, When Helen's boyfriend vanished, she feared the worst. You can wait to pull over right away if it’s not safe. In emergency circumstances, peace officers may have to pull someone over even in unmarked vehicles. It doesn't happen very often, but there have been reports of people impersonating police officers driving unmarked vehicles. "Drive to your nearest police station, or if you have a passenger or hands free, please do not hesitate to call 999 and we can check if the police are actually behind you and wish you to stop.". They do have some discretion, and can … Over the last year, we have heard this statement more than a dozen times. As you are pulling over, evaluate where you can safely park to be out of the way of traffic, while also not endangering the police … Googong now recycles 60 per cent of its water — why can't Canberra do the same? If the car pulling you over does not have legitimate blue and red lights, it might not be a real police car. If in doubt, call 999 and the police can check whether one of their cars is following you. It is possible that they could have done that but not likely. First, any good LEO in an unmarked car, will not get upset if you do not pull over. Normally they just pull people over onto the hard shoulder. You have to stop at police checkpoints if you’re selected. Since the introduction of the random breath test, a police officer can pull you over anytime they’d like. "- Liar Liar, Jim Carey. Most unmarked police cares will have lights in the grill, the dash, and behind the headrests of the backseat for the back window. If you decide not to stop straight away and wish to wait to pull over until you reach a safe place, you are advised to signal to the police that you have acknowledged the request. Our sister site, the Mirror Online, reported that a woman was pulled over by a fake unmarked police car - which could have landed her in a dangerous situation. If you are ever concerned about an unmarked vehicle attempting to pull you over, there are exceptions that allow for a motorist to get to a safe and/or more public location . To decrease the danger to the public of an unauthorized person (a criminal impersonating the police) is able to conduct a stop with the potential to cause harm to the public. It is recommended you drive to the nearest police station or public place, such as a petrol station. It's a nightmare scenario - you're signalled to pull over by an unmarked police car late at night. "Stop breaking the law A**hole! Police were allowed to search a vehicle when there was a belief that something in the vehicle contributed to a crime, Mr Boundy said. So that's the … Mr Boundy said if people found something unusual about a situation, advise the person they want to double check details and call their local police station for confirmation. So what should you do if you suspect an unmarked police car is signalling for you to pull over? Lights. If you do not have those documents to hand, they can usually be shown later at a police station. You don’t have to take a roadside breathalyzer test. While it may seem like a dirty trick, there is nothing illegal about the use of unmarked police vehicles. TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Police Department is still looking for a man who used a fake unmarked police car to pull a woman over. I.e. And at all times, in an emergency, do not hesitate to call 999. "They are not allowed to search you personally unless they are exercising a warrant or have a reasonable suspicion you have been involved in a crime or a traffic accident," he said. The criminal used fake unmarked police cars to pull over the unsuspecting victims. 1 If the vehicle with the lights then pulls in behind you the same law forbids you from moving your vehicle. "It is a serious offence to impersonate a police officer, with a maximum penalty of up to $10,000.". Undercover cop cars sure look like the real thing. Undercover cars may pull you over. If a car flashing for you to pull over or stop is unmarked, unless you are certain it is the police, do not stop. They have the power to stop any vehicle and ask for the driver's name and date of birth, or to see their driving license, insurance and MOT documents. If you are pulled over and the car is unmarked and there is no recognizable law enforcement attire, you have the right to only roll your window down a little bit. And they can request to inspect your mobile phone only if they believe it was being used at the time of driving. Because of this, it’s important to understand a few things about ghost-marked patrol cars in Texas. 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Police Need Reasonable Suspicion to Pull You Over When a city is exempted, police officers are permitted to patrol in unmarked vehicles and to pull you over from an unmarked vehicle. You can unsubscribe at any time. Unmarked police cars may be used in traffic surveillance operations such as speed traps. Drivers of vehicles heavier than 4.5 tonnes must carry their licence at all times. Sign up to our newsletter for daily updates and breaking news. So, YES, these officers, deputies, and troopers are making lawful stops and YES, should you receive a ticket or be arrested, you will have to answer for it in court. Generally, for the states mentioned in the subheading, unmarked police cars can stop you for routine motor vehicle offenses. Do not pull away at speed, as this could cause the police to think you are trying to get away. The capacity will be either a VASCAR or it will be measured by travelling along side or behind your car and measuring your speed by reference to his own speedometer. "[The driver must provide] full name, the place where they are living and they may be required to name their place of business.". 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