"These are the best pickups I've ever used. What makes them better than vintage pickups is that each set is consistent. From 2020 with love: the best guitars, amps, pedals and accessories of the year. The October 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! style pickups. Even though this is the cheapest pickup on our list, it still provides the … You can always unsubscribe (so you won't receive any more e-mails) by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-mail. Attention has been paid to the typically Telecaster top end but the neck pickup, with its nickel covering, produces a warm, rich sound. I’ve been trying for years and with other pickups you don’t get that. They play just like butter & sustain forever. Broken-in vibe that's fun to play. I use them in my #1 guitar for gigs and sessions.”, “Fascinating recording the Les Paul Gold Top with the 57/61 Deluxe PAF's and comparing to my other Les Paul with stock pickups! Tone is something you feel. $1.56 MIX + SAVE (9) ... Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz Model Humbucker Pickup. Not having the perfect pickups for your style can be extremely frustrating. Many of our friends had the same issue too. Players with good ears seem to hear the difference right away. These responsive pickups catch the essence of my guitars & enables the musician to create the sounds he wants”, “Super warm & articulate with great sustain. I was shocked to discover they are even better than the Arlo's. Tone Specific is not in any way associated or affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments (FMIC) or DiMarzio Pickups. Each pickup is tailored to its position (neck and bridge) to achieve its individual sonic character. Demand for our pickups from Pro Players & Luthiers/Builders is enough to sustain us as a company. If you are thinking about Great Jazzy Tones………….Think Tone Specific! "I was knocked out by your pickups! It humbling but that was always the goal. Made RWRP to climate noise when both pickups used together. This frustration can limit your ability to create the tones and the music you’ve been hearing in your head. “They bloom just like a vintage tube amplifier. In the end, with the help of our friends and Beta testers, we got there! ", “It sounds like the have Tubes in them...almost three dimensional. The ‘67 Fender Stratocaster helped birth an entire subculture of guitar modding. Vintage Telecaster Pickup Set. I can’t put my guitar down...the response is very Tube like..very 3-D sounding. Learn more about Telecaster neck pickups in our guide and check out our picks of the best Tele bridge pickups. However, there’s always scope for a mod or two – so here’s our guide to the best replacement Tele neck pickups currently on the market. “Very present, warm & fat. We have a hard time making these quickly enough because pro's are putting these in all of their main guitars including their vintage guitars. Ohm readings are a useful way of roughly measuring the output between identical pickup designs. item 3 NEW USA Seymour Duncan SH-2n Jazz Humbucker PICKUP Neck White Guitar 3 - NEW USA Seymour Duncan SH-2n Jazz Humbucker PICKUP Neck White Guitar. These things are sounding better every day. Most pickups are made by big corporations in factories. So full, round and warm….really amazing. From upstart beginnings in the early 60s, Eric Clapton soon established himself as one of the decades’ most lauded players. At first I thought it was a subtle change, but the more I play, the more I can’t STOP playing! They just agree with all of my amps. They go in all of my guitars. Even chopped-down Charlie Christian pickups require some routing work. Fed up with over-hyped guitar pickups, we decided to take matters into our own hands. ... Great pickup for Tele neck position. There is reason you almost never see these pop up for sale on the used market. The Jazz Model is an incredibly versatile humbucker that will work for almost any style of music. These pickups are warm Tele Pickups that are very clear and do not get muddy when you roll off the volume. The most dangerous time of year for your wallets is here. This is why you rarely see a used set of our pickups for sale on an auction site. The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele / ˈ t ɛ l i /, is the world's first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar.Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. After we identified what made certain guitar pickups great, we had to figure out how to replicate this greatness. The Janelle Monáe, Prince and Earth, Wind & Fire collaborator owes his guitar love to a monochromatic Space Ace…. !”, “Amazing pickups. Words cannot not describe the great tonal pleasure that is achieved by these two pickups working together. Now every Guitarist can experience the joy of having vintage voiced pickups tailored for their preferred tonal style without breaking the bank. Adding the Vintage Tallboy Tele Neck Super Classic in a creamy "toasted nickel" finish, and boosted clarity and string definition bring it all home. They are better than vintage pickups. A big improvement over the other pickups I had. If you’re in the mood for some heft, then the Quarter Pound ought to satisfy that craving. The demand from Professional Guitarists & Luthiers is about enough to sustain us but we really enjoy sharing our creations with the general public. Free shipping. If you feel your guitar sounds too bright, the overwound coils of Blues Special will bring some warmth and balance to the mix. If you've realized this, then you've arrived & we can't wait to make the last set of pickups for your best guitar. Neck for me! An Alnico 5 bar magnet and a special coil wind give the Jazz Model neck a glassy treble response and full, tight bass, while scooped mids help each note to sing clearly even under extreme high gain – or even more extreme speed. The whole set has that great 50’s sound and feel. TEL. (And '70s-style funk.) They really capture the harmonics of each instrument. Tone Specific pickups are more dynamic sounding, I'd say they're organic sounding. Many of these guys even ditch their vintage pickups in favor of our pickups. CONTACT. An idea that sounds great on paper, but how do you get there? I just played a gig with the Tone Specific’s and I got so many compliments. To help you make an informed decision we’ve posted video’s that show the different models pickups being played by the same guitarist using one amp. There were some original vintage electric guitar pickups from the 50’s and 60’s as well as dozens of sets from the most prolific boutique winders. Any pickup winder that has rigid specs on a pickup design is very likely to make pickups that sound different from one another even though they have the same name and basic measured specs. Unlike the rest of the herd of boutique winders that just wrap wire around a bobbin to achieve a certain Ohm reading, we've taken painstaking path to tonal perfection. There are harmonics coming out of the amp in the room I’m not used to with when using the Tone Specific's & it translate's beautifully when recorded! Some of the tonal answers were easy because of the special designs we uncovered in our study of vintage pickups. In part two of our look at the chord shapes and sequences which define Paul Simon’s sound, we focus on his early years as a solo artist. Pickup guru TV Jones is more commonly associated with his legendary Gretsch pickups, and so it’s perfectly fitting that this pickup is a hybrid of Tele and 50s-style DeArmond single coils. This design gives you the ability to achieve five percent fewer highs and five percent more mid-ranges when compared to the previous Stock Tele Pickup set. We use different types of magnets for the various styles. The goal is to make pickups that will not only inspire you when you get them but also 20 or 30 years down the road. We play old honky tonk and Western swing, so I have to cover a lot of ground between twang and warm arch top tones. This Lindy Fralin Blues Special Tele Pickup set features a 2% overwound neck with a cover telecaster. We took the time to learn and master the art of hand-winding fantastic guitar pickups. When comparing our pickups to other pickups, the great players hear the difference right away. It's kind of like plugging into and old Neve console”. Continuing our journey through the guitar styles of the legendary Three Kings, this time it’s the turn of Flying V-toting blue icon Albert. 2015 W. Laburnum Ave, 2nd Floor Richmond VA 23227 | (804) 358-2699 | [email protected] It’s really amazing what you guys are doing over there. Now the guitar pickups had to be dialed to nail Specific Tones. The best pickups you can get”, “Your pickups sound superb….they sound great in every guitar I’ve put them in…lots of sustain…clear”, “Tone Specific makes the best pickups. In the first of a series looking at the chord shapes and sequences used by the Beatles, we get inside the head of John Lennon and find a solid rhythm guitarist with an ear for original chord changes. In our final part of our look at the stylings of the legendary Three Kings, we tackle the searing style of Freddie King. The December 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! We have a special process that makes these modern Alnico's sound very vintage. The November 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! The style of pickup and desired tone will dictate which type of potting materials and potting methods we use. You deserve all the kudos you get. In an effort to reduce stress we've considered only taking orders from Pro's & Luthiers but a big part of the joy of comes from sharing great tone with the next wave of Pro's & other appreciative tone seekers from all around the globe. Adjusting your volume and tone knobs opens up all kinds of doors in exploring the tonal pallet of these pickups. ", “Hey Maestro, the pickups sound amazing. A set of pickups that capture every nuance of your playing style is rare find these days. Welcome to the home of Kent Armstrong® Pickups on the web! I imagine this is what new vintage pickups sounded like back in the 50's & 60's", "Something about the way they feel when you play...the way they make you play, "I love your pickups. The Little 59 tele pickup lets you play a variety of music styles, it is a very versatile pickup. These pickups are perfect for those who don’t want to stray too far from the classic Tele twang, but want just a tad more heat. Vote now! The January 2021 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Its nice and smooth in the mids, warm & round in the lows without forgetting that it is still a neck Tele that needs to remain clear. This will also enable you to hear the previously hidden harmonics from your guitar. Rather than opt for an exact copy of the vintage Tele sound, the alnico V Twang King uses that tone as a launching pad. They have this 3-D thing going on. Best sounding humbucker I’ve played in the neck position of a MIM Tele. This scatterwound CC sound-alike has a blade polepiece and large magnet assembly, but it fits into a regular Tele body and pickguard. We dissected these special pickups and unlocked their secrets. The September 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now. They give you all of that warmth, bloom & sustain you’d expect in a vintage pickups without being overly wound.”, “These pickups sound absolutely fantastic. There are few boutique winders doing some very special work, but what we've found is most of the big names are just wrapping wire around magnets as quickly and cheaply as possible. They just sound huge”, “They sound great & complement each other very well. Other pickups seem very stiff compared to these.”, “These are the quintessential sounding P.A.F. Smaller than a Stratocaster pickup, the stock Tele neck pickup sports a closed metal cover and is usually installed with two wood screws that tap right into the body underneath the pickguard. We use several different vintage based potting methods. I think they even send better than the Arlo's. These things make a solid state amp sound like it has Tubes in it. Do Fender’s American Professional II instruments set a new standard? There’s a boat load of sustain too.”, "I can't thank you enough for my pickup set. Inside this issue: the best gear of 2020, Fender's new American Professional II Series reviewed, and a free 2021 vintage guitar calendar! Many Jazz Musicians own this set but lot's of other guitarists have fattened up a weak Tele with these. $79.00. Being just average was never a consideration. I want these in all of my guitars.”. See all results ({ suggestion.results_count }). Stratocaster® , Strat®, Telecaster® and Tele® are licensed trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments (FMIC), these marks are only used as descriptive terms. I've used this pickup in a bunch of guitars, bought the pickup in '89 and it has moved house a few times. At some point in time, you probably came to the uneasy realization that “Close enough would have to be good enough”. We put this knowledge to use in every set we make. We care about your tone. Keep doing what you do! These pickups are overwound to give a fatter sound with more attack. you will need machine screws to mount the neck to the pickup guard. The important thing is the tone stays the same as the result of our constant attention to tone. There is no need for tricky wiring gimmicks when you have a set of pickups of this caliber. Sound The DiMarzio is a very versatile pickup, perfect for blues, chicken-pickin country, funk, and even jazz! We do, however, recommend pairing it with a bridge pup of a similar output for a cohesive configuration. We don't disclose Ohm reading for several reasons. $9.71 MIX + … from $79.00 (0) Benedetto S-6 Suspended Jazz Pickup. Perfectly matched and more versatile than my vintage pickups”. I use them in as many of my builds as possible.”, "I wanted to thank you again for making these great pickups. The answers were found in our study of the original vintage pickups from the 50’s & 60’s. To get it just right we had to really understand each part of the chain of tone and how each part interacted with the other parts. I’ve tried every pickup you can imagine and the these pickups exceed everything else. Billy Corgan’s first great tearing of the script led to a bold and ambitious album that put the guitars up front and loud. If you realize this, then you've arrived & you'll be blown away by our work. If you are thinking about tone………….Think Tone Specific! If you are like most Guitarists, then your Pickup Drawer is probably full. Whether you like to put them closer to the strings our further away, your tone will remain dynamic, warm and touch-sensitive. Guitar.com is the world’s leading authority and resource for all things guitar. PC-0953 Pickup Cover Set for Jazz Bass® $6.00 Pickup cover set (neck and bridge) for J. Bass®. While the sound of each neck pickup differs depending on the magnet grade, wire type and number of winds, I handwind every Revel Tele neck pickup in a way that makes them very open, dynamic, clear and complex. I now own 2 sets & I can't get enough. These pickups are designed to musically respond to you. The Infamous Telecaster Neck Pickup Now that we’ve explored Telecaster bridge pickups, we’ve arrived at the final stage of our journey: the neck pickup. I'm so happy to have these in my guitars. All of our pickups are potted to avoid unwanted feedback or the hated squeal. Great Tone has the ability to move you & the audience too. Some pickups that really need to breathe are very lightly potted, while other in other pickups we employ different methods to help achieve certain tone and functionalities. Product Details. We buy large quantities of everything but when we open a new batch of anything, we have to go back to the drawing board. Don’t let the name fool you though, this is a very articulate and well balanced pickup that is a great match for many styles – from blues to metal. To start off our list, we had to choose an official Fender Telecaster pickup that can exactly replicate the sound that we’re looking for. It was a very difficult process that took years to master. The result is a fantastic, Strat-ish level of clarity and twang that’s a different kind of Tele neck. The Middle Position is so funky. The copper plated bottom plate is made from steel and has height staggered magnets. Check out our review here. The perfect jazz pickup based on the Johnny Smith floating mini humbucker. Part of Kinman’s popular Broadcaster set, the AVn-48n brings to the table a Fender-like chime with zero hum, according to the brand. Bridge Pickup is crisp & clear and as bright as a Tele bridge should be but is very full and round. Unlike the rest of the herd of boutique winders that just wrap wire around a bobbin to achieve a certain Ohm reading, we've taken painstaking path to tonal perfection. Some players have an idea of what their guitar needs to sound it’s best, others need a little help in deciding. They sound like vintage pickups”, __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Our building process takes a little longer than most pickup winders and we have rigorous testing that is performed on all pickups before they ship. The feel of a pickup is much more relevant than this specs, pro's understand this & Joe Cocker's former guitarist explains this phenomenon in the video below. With this pick up your music remains limitless … Seymour Duncan SJB-2 Hot Jazz Bass Neck Pickup. Let’s get started with the most affordable tele neck pickup that has the capability to provide good quality results. As with all Lollar pickups, we pay attention to every detail and are uncompromising when it comes to materials and construction. This chrome-covered neck pickup delivers vintage-flavored Tele tones that spank, sparkle, and bite! This means comparing a Telecaster Bridge to another Telecaster Bridge, or a Stratocaster Neck to another Stratocaster Neck. You can produce an endless amount of tone by changing your pick-attack and picking location. ", “They sound amazing. $154.55 (6) Gibson Historic Pickup Rings, Set of 2. Now, it is fabulous. When it comes to the neck pickup, this one picks up the signal closer to the neck. Whatever tone you’re after, the Tele can be as versatile as you need it to be. These pickups are so much better than everything else out there.”. © 2020 Guitar.com is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Bottom line, sound is something you hear. Just pure tone…the only pickups I’ll ever use”, “You guys are Geniuses. The latter is responsible for a “non-aged sound” that the boutique company describes as “more alive, open and louder”. You've made all other pickups obsolete. Tone is something you feel. This one’s wound to 7.6K and it’s designed to work with regular Fender pots and caps. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the Vintage Guitar Pickups were great, but there were a few very special examples. From eye-catching straps to dual-function pedals that both look the part and free up pedalboard real estate, there’s something for every type of guitar player this festive season. Plugged straight in, it sounds like it was going through a top shelf tube compressor—only better. There's nothing else like them. Now every Guitarist can experience the joy of having vintage voiced pickups tailored for their preferred tonal style without paying crazy prices for inconsistent vintage pickups. We welcome you to join us on this path. PAF® is a licensed trademark of DiMarzio Pickups and only used as a descriptive term. Vintage pickups sound great for a reason and we try to recreate our pickups to be as historically correct as possible. They are just amazing”, "Just like vintage pickups only better. Select a destination from the menu at the left. She performed a heartfelt rendition of Alice in Chains' Black Gives Way To Blue. This is the same reason so many pro's equipped all of their guitars with our pickups. This is to demonstrate that you can use a stock Tele neck-pickup to play jazz. At higher gain levels the Tone Specific's has great definition. We are sure you will appreciate the attention to detail when you hear your new pickups. Most self-respecting guitarist would rather cut off their hands than sell their Tone Specific's. We work hard & in a mindful way to make the perfect pickup, this is why you rarely see our pickups for sale on the used market. We welcome you to join us on this path. Choose Options Compare Quick view. Anyhow, I am totally in love with these! Hirsute humbuckers modelled on the PAFs in Pearly Gates, the ZZ Top man’s legendary 1959 Les Paul, Billy Corgan and company return with escalation the name of the game, but despite the classic line-up, this is not 1995…. The bridge pickup is the first one that has made me happy other than an original 55 bridge pickup. Sometimes it seemed like a road without an end. They’re really easy on the hands...they just feel, right. "Your pickups are killer. During beta testing, many of the top Pro's we work with could not tell the difference between their vintage pickups and our freshly-wound gems. But the pickups are where it gets really interesting, with a Seymour Duncan Secret Agent neck pickup sneakily hidden under the black and paisley pickguard, as well as a custom-wound ’64 Tele bridge pickup.. They sound very fat but very clear. There are just really vintage sounding pickups. But as aggressive as this single-coil gets, it never sounds too harsh. In fact, just about every pro we've dealt with has ordered multiple sets altering hearing how these pickups transform the feel & the tone of their instrument. If you are like most of our customers, you'll order multiple sets upon hearing these. Type 1, Std (Neck/Bridge) - Reviewed in the March 1999 edition of Bass Player Magazine, Aero's J Bass 4 String pickup won a "Top Tone" award.The complete comment, "Heavy lows, distinct upper mids, and round top that's cool for fingerstyle rock, blues, and country. They just sound really sweet. Sounding fat and loud, it’s also clear, exceptionally smooth, woody and jazzy. $46.8000. They were nothing like any Tele set we ever heard. Jazz. Featuring: an Epiphone classic, a Charvel rock machine, a Rivolta baritone and more. This includes sound test. Fearful of repeating the same mistakes of other winders, we took the time to find out why some of those pickups were so lifeless. Our painstaking design and testing process has yielded pickups that that sound great with tube amps, pedals, solid state amps, digital devices and even software. We use vintage style bobbins and metal cover materials as well as other materials. There’s more depth to these than the stock pickups for sure. There is also a chrome cover for only the neck pickup device. Early 50's Telecaster Neck pickup. We speak to the 25-year-old about their journey from busking to sold-out world tours, their hope for a more uplifting guitar culture, and why new album Terra Firma shows that they’re “not just a looper”. Sound is something you hear. You can play jazz, country music, blues, classic rock, funk, and heavy rock. Taking this extra step enabled us to create pickups that sound great with vintage tube amps, modern tube amps, pedals, solid state amps, digital devices and even software. We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the guitar industry for all genres and skill levels. I've played a lot of guitar in my life but these pickups are the best I've played. I wind Revel neck pickups to make them wildly more usable than what is typically considered a Tele neck tone. They are directly between you and your amp and interact in a very musical way. They destroy all other pickups. To order click the "Add to Cart" at the top of the page. All of our pickups are equipped with Alnico Magnets. Here are our picks of the best Telecaster neck pickups that are ideal for vintage-voiced chimes, that P-90 bite, or heavier modern tones. and here Larry talks about the story behind his Telecaster (starting at 6:45) 05-14-2015, 03:38 PM #37. mad dog. Big improvement over thin sounding stock pickups. During the learning process, we dumped our pickup drawers and started to reverse-engineering everything. “It's like plugging into a nice Studio Tube Compressor...you hear every nuance of every note. There is a lot you can do with this pickup. On this list, the Tele ’52 Neck from Lollar is the most faithful to vintage specs – the maker says it’s wound “exactly” like the pickup on a 1952 Telecaster. This pup is the highest output Tele pickup out of Seymour Duncan’s kitchen, and is overwound for huge, full chords and fat leads. These pickups let the sounds in your head shine through the speaker with sweet tone and singing sustain. They are an answer to a prayer that I could create the perfect guitar. The Best Tele Pickups for Jazz will make your Tele the Best Telecaster for Jazz. These pickups have enough output to drive an amp and sound great when distorted, they are super smooth and can really nail that liquid fusion lead tone. I don’t use any pedals and the combo sounds awesome plugged straight into my Princeton. Man you are a Genius. Neck pickup has the softness of a nice vintage PAF. This knowledge drives everything we do. The output of the pickup is affected by the number of turns of wire, and the magnet strength. I know you've worked hard at your craft but you should be very proud. There's nothing else like these on the market.”, "They sound better than all of the other pickups I've used. Most tonal solutions were quite elusive and required a serious amount of trial and error. See our entire line of Telecaster pickups below. They are wound five per cent hotter than the brand’s stock T pups, and the result is a thicker tone with the same amount of Tele sparkle. Fender Vintage Reissue ’62 Telecaster Neck Pickup. The V V G tele neck pickup has higher output and more tonal character than you're use to hearing in a neck pickup. Tone is something you feel and the reading on a multimeter has no place in a legitimate conversation about tone. This is due to many failed attempts over the years to nail your desired tone. With other pickups you don’t get that. Interesting! ", "I freaked out when a first heard the Tone Specific's...very musical pickups...your can actually hear them bloom. For example, all of our Tele neck pickups have threaded baseplate holes for 6/32" mounting screws so you have the option of pickguard mount or body mount.
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