And we see our Saviour’s direction in the place spoken of before, Matt 26:41. "Ease slays the simple." Jesus said, "I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith might not fail. Take every virtue, every grace, ), Praying (4336) (proseuchomai [word study] from pros = toward, facing, before [idea of definiteness and directness in prayer with the consciousness on the part of the one praying that he is talking face to face with God] + euchomai = originally to speak out, utter aloud, express a wish, then to pray or to vow. The purposes for trials include…, (1) To test the strength of our faith (e.g., Ex 16:4, 2Chr 32:31), (2) To humble us (2Cor 12:7, cp Dt 8:1,2,3, 16), (3) To wean us from our dependence on worldly things (Moses allowed to spend 40 years as a shepherd after 40 years as an Egyptian prince, Ex 2:11-25), (4) to call us to eternal and heavenly hope (Php 1:23, 24, 2Co 4:16, 17, 18), (5) To reveal what we really love (cf Ge 22:1-12 re Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac, cp Ex 16:4) and will obey Him (Dt 13:3, Jdg 2:21,22, 3:1,4) (Love God ~ obey God = ), (6) To teach us to value God's blessings (cf Ps 63:3, 4, 5, 6, 7), (7) To develop enduring strength for greater usefulness (2Co 12:10). Five coats of lacquer are applied and hand rubbed to give the piano its outer glow. Praying always gives us access to the only strength that works—God's. Then the soul-life as we know it now, will be a thing of the past. Our food, our raiment, our comforts of every kind, and even our dearest relatives, are apt to engross our affections too much, and to become the objects of an idolatrous regard — The cares and troubles of life also are frequently sources of unbelieving anxiety, or murmuring discontent… —To these temptations incalculable force is given by the corruptions of our own hearts ("fallen flesh nature" inherited from Adam). Bengel on the "flesh" in Mt 26:41 states…. But Peter was weak in the flesh, and he was not able even to keep awake long enough to pray. Sex is God's precious gift when used rightly; but when used wrongly, it becomes immorality. That it is not in our power to keep ourselves—. Matthew 26:41. Whereas, being without temptation, flesh and blood are weak. Spurgeon explains…. We cannot resist temptation The engagement of the grace and compassion of God, who hath called the fatherless and helpless to rest upon him; nor did ever soul fail of supplies, who, in a sense of want, rolled itself on him, on the account of his gracious invitation. Sense of the danger of temptation—, (2.) I. It was truly kind on Christ’s part to find an excuse for his weak and weary disciples; it was just like Him to say anything that He could in their praise even though they had slept when they ought to have watched. Such exercise (watching and praying) will give governing power to the spirit, and enable it to impose its will on the reluctant flesh. When the trial comes, we quickly see whence is our preservation, by standing or falling. We cannot walk too carefully; we cannot be too jealous over our souls (cp Jas 4:5). Phil Newton summarizes Jesus' first command to be continually alert writing that…. If a Christian yields to it, he will get involved in the "works of the flesh" (Gal. So pray. [2.] O deny your ease! What a Savior! : Garden of Gethsemane - from Gath = Hebrew = upper trough where grapes were pressed by treading (Neh 13:15) + Shemen = Hebrew word which means "oil". Rather they should be a spur to our watchfulness and to our prayer. An imitation stone, on the other hand, will have almost no sparkle at all. Notice what name Jesus uses in the parallel passage in Mk 14:37. The New Testament contrasts these two natures and gives them various names which are more or less synonymous…. 5:19, 20, 21 gives us the ugly list). To pray that we enter not into temptation is a means to preserve us from it. In OT times the presses for making wine were usually cut or hewed out of rock (Isa 5:2) and were connected by channels to lower rock-cut vats where the juice was allowed to collect and ferment. There is great comfort for suffering saints in knowing that their sufferings are neither purposeless nor fruitless. He stands in this respect, like Lot’s wife (Lk 17:32, Ge 19:26), a monument to future generations; but vigilance on our part will counteract the designs of Satan. The world is very ensnaring; the devil is very busy. NRSV Text Edition With Apocrypha Hardcover, blue w/jacket. Call us at 888-634-2038. How gentle a rebuke was this, and how kind an apology! We know the results. Christ prays his Father to keep us, and instructs us to pray that we be so kept. In this condition, leaving them but a little space, like men forsaken of all love towards him or care of themselves, they fall fast asleep! He goes on to make an interesting (a bit difficult to understand) distinction that the spirit is. The case was referred to Napoleon himself, who decided that the country had no legal claim on that man. (NLT - Tyndale House), Phillips: Watch and pray, all of you, that you may not have to face temptation. To reiterate, when God is the agent, peirasmos is for the purpose of proving us, never for the purpose of causing us to fall. We are of our own selves prone to evil (Jas 1:14-note). What Jesus Built by Rising from the Dead Easter Sunday. This, then, is the first direction:—Always bear in mind the great danger that it is for any soul to enter into temptation. He had been commanded to pray lest he should fall by the temptation (Lk 22:40); but he slept when he should have been praying (Lk 22:45, 46). So he tempted Abraham by calling him to that duty of sacrificing his son;—a thing absurd to reason, bitter to nature, and grievous to him on all accounts whatever. Mt 26:35). Matthew 26:41. The commands to watch and pray precede the warning about temptation. Act like men And if it can't even fight off this "temptation" to fall asleep, how is it going to fight off the greater spiritual tests? We see, then, that he gives them the praise of willingness, in order that their weakness may not throw them into despair, and yet urges them to prayer, because they are not sufficiently endued with the power of the Spirit (Ed comment: And I think this realization was to prepare them for the receipt of the Holy Spirit). To watch without praying is presumption, How is this possible? It is, then, temptation in its special nature, as it denotes an active efficiency towards sinning (as it is managed with evil unto evil) that I intend. Font Size. Secondly, Temptation in its special nature, as it denotes any evil, is considered either actively, as it leads to evil, or passively, as it hath an evil and suffering in it: so temptation is taken for affliction, Jas 1:2; for in that sense, we are to “count it all joy when we fall into temptation;” in the other, that we “enter not into it.”. How vain are all admonitions and exhortations to them to take heed of such persons, debauched in themselves, corrupters of others, destroyers of souls! When Jesus spoke of his impending death, indicating that the disciples would forsake him and scatter, Peter protested. NLT Dancing in the Desert Devotional Bible: A Refreshing Spiritual Journey with God's People--imitation leather, sienna. The process is not always pleasant, but we can persevere with hope, knowing that our lives will increasingly reflect the beauty of holiness to the eternal praise of God.—D C Egner, Thomas a Kempis has a needed reminder on the process and progression that occurs when we are tempted…, First there comes to the mind a bare thought of evil, then a strong imagination thereof, afterward delight and evil motion, and then consent… Withstand the beginnings. Now you can see how the world operates. It might work for a while, but eventually the temptation will overwhelm the human will, because in and of itself, without the enablement of the Spirit, it is weak and will fail to keep one from falling into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Shortly thereafter Peter steadfastly denied His Lord three times (Jn 18:25, 26, 27). This is another means of preservation. Take heart, every believer is a divine "work in progress" and we can be assured that what He has begun in each of us, He will be certain to complete! Follow God’s Redemptive Plan as It Unfolds throughout Scripture. (NASB: Lockman)Greek: gregoreite (2PPAM) kai proseuchesthe, (2PPMM) hina me eiselthete (2PAAS) eis peirasmon; to men pneuma prothumon e de sarx asthenes.. Amplified: All of you must keep awake (give strict attention, be cautious and active) and watch and … Adam Clarke makes the point that if the disciples (and applicable to all saints) could not.. endure a little fatigue when there is no suffering, how will they do when the temptation, the great trial of their faith and courage, comes? Matthew 26:41 Bible / Bible Versions / KJV / Matthew / Matthew 26 / Matthew 26:41; Previous Book Previous Chapter ... Scripture Formatting. The context determines whether the intended purpose of the "temptation" is for good or for evil. Vine says that proseuchomai carries with it a notion of worship (but see the Greek word for worship = proskuneo) which is not present in the other words for prayer (eg, aiteo, deomai, both of which involve spoken supplication). God has all the strength, and we have none to fight spiritual battles of any kind. (5) Be continually engaged in prayer, for all your strength must come from the Lord—and God, when He is to do something, wants to be inquired of. Faith in promises of preservation—Of prayer in particular. The most of the treatise is occupied with the last topic,—the means of prevention. (5). A Christian is to put no confidence in the flesh (Php 3:3). 13:34, 35, 37; 14:34, 37, 38; Lk. Later James uses the related verb peirazo explaining that no one should, say when he is tempted (peirazo), “I am being tempted (peirazo) by God”; for God cannot be tempted (apeirastos from a = without + peirazo = tempt > incapable of being tempted) by evil, and He Himself does not tempt (peirazo) anyone." "Weak" implies little strength, while "without strength, powerless" suggests no strength.The difference is significant. by Dennis Rokser. (An Expositional Commentary – The Gospel of Matthew, Vol 2: The Triumph of the King). Sin will not long seem great or heavy unto any to whom temptations seem light or small. So men can keep themselves from sin itself in open action, they are content, they scarce aim at more; on any temptation in the world, all sorts of men will venture at any time. Matthew 25 Matthew 27 ... Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. And therefore consider what weight he lays on it: “Praying always,”—that is, at all times and seasons, or be always ready and prepared for the discharge of that duty, Luke 18:1, Ep 6:18; “with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,”—putting forth all kinds of desires unto God, that are suited to our condition, according to his will, lest we diverted by any thing whatever; and that not for a little while, but “with all perseverance,”—continuance lengthened out to the utmost: so shall we stand. Preaching. It is the mark of faith to keep nothing back from our best Friend: so doing, we may be sure we shall have an answer. Young's Literal: watch, and pray, that ye may not enter into temptation: the spirit indeed is forward, but the flesh weak.'. So is the soul kept in uncertainty; we fail in our trials. Remember Peter who said, “Yet will I never be offended” (Matthew 26:33); “Yet will I not deny Thee” (Mt 26:35). Keep watching (1127) (gregoreuo [word study] from egeiro = to arise, arouse) pictures a sleeping man rousing himself from slumber and so means to refrain from sleep and by default to be awake, alert, and watchful.
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