And I’ll definitely become the Entertainment Duelist who will surpass Dad someday! Descend now! Geo Gremlina! I believe in Reiji Akaba: He’s different from you, who only thinks about saving your own skin! Yusho has black hair with inky-green shading and a purple top hat with green goggles on the bottom side. Level 12. Yuya Sakaki (榊さかき 遊ゆう矢や, Sakaki Yūya) is the main protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! your own Pins on Pinterest Zuzu Boyle: "I admire your resolve." Fusion Summon! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! Pierce with the cursed spear of rebellion! My desire is to let the mortals who forced me to fight and treat me like some plaything have a taste of what fear. Obtain a new power and return as an invincible army. Come forth! He wanted to make everyone smile through Dueling! Chibi Naruto Cute Anime Fictional Characters Kawaii Fantasy Characters. Yuya is more hesitant to participate in war. Both boys care for their friends, both care for their respective female counterparts, and both do not want to hurt others pointlessly. Fusion Summon! Since I lost, I don’t deserve it. Then, why don’t you try it? Synchro Summon! His father learned of the incident and reaffirmed the statement that Yuya should look up and laugh whenever he felt like crying. ARC-V anime. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Level 6!Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlin! Foolish mortals! yugioh yugioh arc v arc v incorrect yugioh quotes zuzu boyle yugioh zuzu boyle yugioh zuzu yuya sakaki yugioh yuya yugioh yuya sakaki source: red vs blue 8 notes Underneath the jacket was an orange-colored shirt with a small pocket on the sleeve, black choker, and short green pant… My feelings are finally reciprocated! Yuya Sakaki is on Facebook. You feel that you’ll be powerless once again when Ray is resurrected, right? ZEXAL. In that case, I’ll take you all with me… No, I’ll take this entire City with me! The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin! Synchro Summon! to become like his father, Yushou Sakaki who is a Dueltainer. Not one bit. Show yourself!Level 6! Fusion Summon! From the depths of purgatory, sing the song of rebellion dedicated to the restless souls! Synchro Summon! Dragon that shines in the depths! Whenever he is in troubles he remembers the words of his father. This is a book of one shots NOT a request book! Level 8! Yuya Sakaki’s Professional Test will now commence! Discover (and save!) Follow. Created by Kazuki Takahashi. Come forth! In order to save Reira and the world... you must surpass me! Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Jenilyn Frye's board "yuya" on Pinterest. The Pendulum Summon that I founded, would not even evolved this far by my strength alone. Just like brother, she aims to become a pro entertainer just like her father Yusho Sakaki, who mysteriously disappeared 3 years ago. Michael Liscio Jr. is a voice actor known for voicing Yuya Sakaki, Clemont, and Inkay. That’s the most important thing! If it were going to be this fun, I would have preferred that we get to fight each other sooner! ARC-V anime. Sparkling dragon with the heterochromatic eyes. Begone! You can make many more people smile. Yuya Sakaki. 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Ships 3.1 Het 3.2 Slash 3.3 Femslash 3.4 Poly 4 Fandom 5 List 6 Gallery The series follows Yugi Muto and his group of friends as they battle other players in a game of cards to become the best duelist in the world. I am... Zarc wanted to entertain people with Dueling. Level 10! Wind Witch - Crystal Bell! Awaken right now in a flash of light! He has very short, thick, pink eyebrows and purple eyes. Yuto is serious, stoic and dark. Appear now! You two were able to make so many people smile. It was an awesome show. After all, it’s all over for me. After all, I’ve already revealing the Professor’s most closely guarded secret. "The fun has just begun!" Ten thousand warriors entombed forever in darkness! Disappear! This is wonderful! Yuya wants Declan Akaba: "So you're his son." You haven't lost. In his childhood, Yuya sat by himself crying when his father, Yusho Sakaki came in to cheer him up. No matter how many times I got separated from you, you kept chasing after me! Harden your resolve and fight me! Become one with the one sealed inside the earth and seize control of the earth! "Swing! Hardships, pain, take all into your banal body, now strip it all away, and cross over the path of thorns! yuya sakaki, yuya, yuto, yuto arc v, conterpartshipping, yugioh arc v, yu gi oh, yu gi oh arc v, arc v, satan, 666, demon, goth forced fusion 666 Sticker By onlydugetsaduel However, can you put a message that will shake the hearts of the audience into that flashiness? Fusion Summon! Yuto lost the duel with Yugo, saved Yuya from an attack from Yugo, and was absorbed by Yuya. Sweet smelling flowers that invite the abyss! I won’t let your powers be used to hurt others or annihilate the world: I will use them to protect everyone’s smiles! I’ll show you my last entertainment act! I’ve been treating you like a nuisance all this time. It's where your interests connect you with your people. I’ll fight you, since you care so much about your son. No! Your heart is always swinging back and forth... Hmph. Level 10! You’re a human who wanted to bring smiles and happiness to everyone in the world! He wears a performer's outfit; a red jacket with a purple lining and red pants over an orang… I can't return to Academia anymore. Come forth! Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. Michael Liscio Jr. is the English dub voice of Yuya Sakaki in Yu-Gi-Oh! But from now on, we’ll be together... forever. Fairy that clings to the earth. Come forth! Supreme King Violet Dragon — Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon! Yu-Gi-Oh! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from your own Pins on Pinterest Let it echo for all eternity, and appear! Master Spirit Tech Force - Pendulum Ruler! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Become the strength who leads the supremacy! Beautifully ringing crystal bell! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuto: Yuri’s an asshole, he doesn’t count. Supreme King Violent Dragon — Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon! I thought you’d say that. Until the world is annihilated! Read at your own risk. Retrieved from "ūya_Sakaki/Quotes?oldid=67968". Whenever he is depressed he covers his eyes with his goggles. The King and the Devil, here and now, shall become as one. It’s going to be thrilling. Fusion Summon! Yuya wants to become like his father, Yushou Sakaki who is a Dueltainer. If you're reborn, I'll be reborn as well! His opponent... A Professional is someone who is perfect in every aspect. Poisonous dragon with venomous fangs! Come forth! I can’t do that. The more I tortured your father, the more attention you will give me! But I’m glad you are the first one to beat me. I’ll pray for your success in saving them. Yugo: I would astral project across the dimensions just to kick Yuri in the face. ygo yugioh yugioh arc v ygo arc v arc v yuya sakaki sakaki yuya yusho sakaki declan akaba reiji akaba bad parenting yusho's a bad dad joke leo's still a bad dad leo will always be a bad dad leo akaba shay obsidian shun kurosaki incorrect yugioh quotes inccorect yugioh arc v quotes source: Tumblr Come forth! He is a born-entertainer who attends the You Show Duel School to advance his Dueling expertise and become an "Entertainment Duelist ", a specific type of professional Duelist similar to his father. Just like how my father fought proudly as the one who founded Entertainment Dueling, as the one who founded Pendulum Summoning, I'll speak my own words with pride, and. But there’s no longer any need to run away. I'll accept it, Yuya. I understand now, Jack. That’s why Pendulum was created. View and download this 598x800 Sakaki Yuya image with 19 favorites, or browse the gallery. If you want to, feel free to check out the other 2 books ^ ^. Appear!Level 8!Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken! Arc-V Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh! If you’re going to be a nuisance, I’ll deal with you. From beyond the peaceful depths of time, release your light throughout this world and be reborn! With Mike Liscio, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Daniel J. Edwards, Matt Shipman. Soaring dragon! Everyone! Supreme King White Dragon — Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon! Rank 2! Become one with the inner voice and cry more intensely! If you’re going to annihilate this world, I'll stop you! Fusion Summon! Good grief. Of course! The four cards father created return all powers back to nature and purify them. As a Professional, do you have the resolve to keep fighting!? Soon after the duel Yugo came and dueled Yuto. Become one with the giant born from soil and revive as a new race! Everyone… It’s because of everyone, that I was able to made it this far. Arc-V fandom. They're scared of Ray. Pendulum Summon!" Level 10! Fusion Summon! TV anime series is set for April 6, Anyone is welcome here, you can roleplay, chat, and just have fun. Besides, I’m going to be able to turn a father into a card right in front of his son. Yuya: I would make fun of Yuri’s eyebrows, but no one deserves to be made fun of! You want it back, right? Dragon of dual-colored eyes! Dueling that can't be borrowed… Dueling that isn't self-satisfaction… I understand what it is now! Apr 27, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by DawnStar007. You are me, and I am you. You’re torn between these two conflicting emotions! Level 8! Noble isolated night bird! Shake everything that exists with your mysterious power! Spirits residing in mechanical soldiers. Achieve the radiant wings of light! At another unknown point in his childhood, he lost his Pendant in a park, and cried when he was unable to find it. This wallpaper has been tagged with the following keywords: arc-v, magician, performapal, timegazer, trump, witch, xiangsheng, yu-gi-oh!, 2667x1500, 878056. Mar 14, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Jade celeste. Xyz Summon! Be reborn from the bottom of the earth. However, Yuya is cheerful, bright and silly. Saved by Caitlin. I lost? Academia can change. Show yourself! angustia. The fifth installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The vigor of your life! I want you to fight without fusing! Applause is only reserved for the victorious. Fusion Summon! Not just the spectators, but his opponents and their monsters as well. I felt it when we were fighting. Very well. CommentsShare. If you ignore that, you’ll bring pain to everyone's hearts. Become one with the compass of time and point to a new path! ... Yuya Sakaki. Dual-colored eyes who illuminates the darkest night! Yuya is a boy full of energy, that in his Action Duels, he cannot sit still, and saying his favorite phrase: "Here comes the fun part!". You mortals created me! My great beast with wings that deliver punishment. No, I get it. Yuya: I hope it’s not a math problem. Yusho has black hair with inky-green shading and wears a purple top hat with green goggles on the bottom side. This is an illusion! Show yourself!Level 10!Earthbound Servant Geo Glasya-Labolas! Yugo: "I'll take you on, no good Nogo!" I am the one who created Pendulum Summoning! The blazing dragon called by calamity! Fly down! That’s right! I’ll keep bringing everyone smile through Dueling from now on too! Now, devil and demoness become one, and emerge from the great abyss at the bottom of the earth. Now that you have passed the test, your real battle will now begin! Yuto: Yuri’s an asshole, he doesn’t count. I know. Synchro Summon! They cheered even when people were getting hurt… That’s why we Dueled more violently than before. Arc-V (TV Series 2014–2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. But don’t even think this will be easy! 35 notes. Yuya Sakaki: "There isn't any point in us fighting." I was able to smile! Whenever he is depressed he covers his eyes with his goggles. Yuya Sakaki. I'll try to post new things every day.And if you want to say me something or ask me something, I'll gladly answer ^_^. Fusion Summon! Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yūya's motto. Become one with the inner voice and echo even louder! See more ideas about words, quotes, life quotes. Appear! And Zarc can communicate with the hearts of monsters! Because you are me... Take it. If you run into Yuya, I want you to tell him this: The days I’ve spent with the Lancers, were truly fun days. 1 Canon 1.1 Anime 1.2 Manga 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia Yuto and Yuya first met when Yuto was dueling Sora. If you can’t get me to see why you’re worthy of the title, you won’t be able to pass. Yuto: "I won't become a monster!" Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem! Leo Akaba: "I'll avenge my fallen friends!" Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon! Arc-V, and Kensho Ono is the Japanese voice. Even so, I won’t allow you to become the Supreme King Dragon and let Zarc’s soul awaken within Reira! Follow. Farewell! yugioh arc v yugioh arc v yuya sakaki yuzu hiiragi incorrrect quotes of course i forgot the source again yusho sakaki yusho is a bad dad jokes continue to be funny i guess. Dragon of dual-colored eyes! I'll finish this right here, right now! Yuya: I would make fun of Yuri’s eyebrows, but no one deserves to be made fun of! Like his counterparts, his hair is two-toned, in his case being uniformly violet with pink underneath - his fringes extending to frame his face, with two pointing upwards.His outfit appears to be an officer's uniform of sorts, consisting of a purple and light blue waistcoat, pink cravat, a two-part cape of red and purple that resembles Yuya … Xyz Summon! You’re torn between these two conflicting emotions! Yoko Sakaki - Arc V. Ancient Gear Chaos Giant! 112 notes. That’s right. They were turned into cards because they're weak. Yuya! And then... we turned into a "devil". My partner, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, will become stronger thanks to the support of its companions! ygo yugioh yugioh arc v yuto (arc v) ygo arc v arc v shay obsidian shun kurosaki incorrect yugioh quotes inccorect yugioh arc v quotes source: pinterest yuto has insomnia this is canon shay is worried about his bff good older brother good shay. You’re not a "devil"! What are you doing? You’re torn between these two conflicting emotions! Whenever he is in troubles he remembers the words of his father. You're both Yuya and Zarc! Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings, and strike down our enemies at speed of light! Enlightenment Paladin! He has light blue-grey eyes, pale skin and blonde hair that curls up in a point with a dark green spiked front and bangs. Feel free to absorb me... How laughable! Very dirty. Destroy your enemies with that radiance! Their voices are not angry.
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